Friday, February 25, 2011

Gives You Hell

Round 6 - Spring 2038
DeJuan Foster is 50, Donna is 53, (Charday Martin is 50)
*Just an FYI: Bit of profanity in this one
When you see my face hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you find a man that's worth a damn
And treats you well
Then he's a fool, you're just as well
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

"DeJuan Foster. Still got the cutest butt I've ever seen."
DeJuan knew that he must have been dreaming. He had not heard that shrill little voice in almost a decade. There was no way that Charday Martin had tracked him down............

"You ok? You look like you seen a ghost or somethin'," Charday said.
"What the hell are you doing here, Charday? How did you even find me?"
"Now you know me better than that. When I want something, I get it."
"And when you don't want something you just walk away right?" DeJuan said.

"You still bitter about that? I'm not a mother DeJuan. You wanted to get a little house with a picket fence and live this little dream life. That wasn't for me. I don't regret my decision to leave."
"So to hell with me and your daughter right? You're still the same selfish, ghetto woman you always were."

"You look pretty hot when you're all mad. Remember all the fights we had?...........the making up afterwards? Don't you miss those days even a little?" Charday asked.

"Are you serious? Whoever gave you my address should also have told you that I'm a happily married man now!"
"Yea they told me that shit. I don't believe it. You're out here in the suburbs playing house. This isn't you, DeJuan. You may not want to admit it, but you're alot like me. We're from the streets. We breathe the streets. We NEED the streets," Charday said.

"That was always your problem, Charday. You were content with that life. And I admit that I was too. But then you had Taesha and I knew I wanted more. That she DESERVED more than that life could offer her. So I grew the hell up and did what I could to make a life for my daughter while you ran off to be the hoodrat you love to be."
"Take care of her? Please! She just had a baby didn't she? Guess you skipped the safe sex talk with her huh?" Charday said.
"You have some nerve questioning how I raised her! Where the hell were you?!"

"Hey, I thought the little snot would end up knocked up in high school so you did a better job than I would have thought. She is her mother's daughter after all right?" Charday said laughing.
"Taesha is nothing like you! Yes, she had a baby. But she stayed at LBU with the baby and with the help of her boyfriend, she'll be graduating in a few months. With a degree. Something you could never have hoped to do!"

"A degree ain't shit! It's a piece of paper that you pay thousands of dollars for. All my street knowledge came free. No need to get all defensive because you did a piss poor job raising her!"
"And how would you know? Where the hell have you been for the last ten years?" Donna said once she came outside to join the conversation.
"Oh, is this wifey? Geez, DeJuan could you have picked anyone more boring? You really wanted to get away from me huh?" Charday said.

"Boring? I suppose since I chose to get married and raise a family with the man I love, that means I'm boring. I've lived in poor neighborhoods and busted my ass to achieve something better for me and my kids. Its women like you that make the rest of us look so bad!" Donna said.
"So where's hubby? How'd you end up with DeJuan? Hubby get tired of you? What, you dull in the sack too?"
"He died you bitch. And then I met DeJuan. Who is a great man. I suppose I should thank you for being an idiot so I would have the chance to meet him," Donna said.

"You think you know DeJuan, but you don't! You think he was always this fine upstanding citizen? Please! DeJuan has skeletons in his closet too!"
"No. DeJuan has a rough past that he has dealt with and came out a better person for it. So you see, it's you who don't know him. Now I'm asking you nicely to please get off my property."
"Or what?"
"Or I'll have to go and get my military issued rifle to help you along on your way. Your choice."
"I don't need this shit! I'm out of here. Tell the kid I said have a nice life!"
"Taesha is no longer your concern. That's the way you wanted it, remember?"

What DeJuan saw in that awful woman, Donna would never know........

"Was she the only woman in Englewood or something?" Donna asked.
"No. But she used to be really gorgeous. Taesha looks so much like her too........I don't know, I was young and in love," he said.
"But with her? I just don't see it!"
"I can't explain it. It's just something that happened. The only good thing that came out of the relationship was Taesha."

"What I can't figure out is why she's come back after ten years!" Donna said.
"If I know Charday, she's run out of money and tricks. She's always been able to hustle her way through life. But we're all getting too old for that shit now. But see, she never learned to do anything else. She's probably at the end of her rope by now."

"Are you going to tell Taesha she's back?" Donna asked.
"I don't have a choice really. I don't even want to know what would happen if Tae just ran into her somewhere. She really doesn't care much for her mom. I have to tell her."
"I just don't want her blowing in here disrupting our family. Things are going really great right now," Donna said.
"She won't. I promise, babe."

"She better not!" Donna said as she cleared the table.
"You just don't go pulling out that rifle anytime soon," DeJuan said laughing.
"No promises........."

"Go change into something sexy. I'm taking you out," he said.
"We just ate," she said laughing.
"Yea, well we didn't have dessert. Go put something nice on. For me?"
"Oh alright. Trying to butter me up," she said.
"You're damn right," DeJuan said laughing.

It's not like she didn't know about Charday. She had heard enough stories about his ex. She just never thought she would have to SEE her. Donna didn't care what kind of hard times that evil witch had fallen on. She was not sinking her claws into DeJuan again. And she wasn't going to hurt Taesha anymore.......

He took her out to Fish & Chips for some fancier desserts. He had always appreciated the stability that Donna had brought to his life. But he appreciated it even more today. When he saw Charday, he saw the life he would have had had he followed her. Had he put his infactuation with her above what was best for Taesha. Hell, he had really dodged a bullet!

When they got back home, Donna finally took a deep breathe. Life was so funny sometimes. DeJuan had gotten Gyzer for her because she missed the kids and was getting a bit bored with her life as an empty-nester. Now she was grateful for the mundane aspects of her life. She would leave the drama to Charday!

Yep, he had come a long way since his days living in Englewood. Sure, he and Donna weren't rich and sure he was having to restore an old car instead of buying a new one so they could furnish what would be Lyria's room once Taesha and Gordon moved in. But he was happy. He loved his life. And he was not going to let Charday Martin take any part of that away from him...........

* So that is Charday. Again, I just took Taesha and made her older and changed a few facial features. I wanted Charday to really look like Taesha. Poor DeJuan, imagine having to look at your daughter and see her no good mother all the time!

* Charday will not become a playable character, but we aren't done seeing her just yet. I have her living in a seedy apartment complex in Englewood for the time being. DeJuan's Blast From the Past isn't over just yet :)

* Taesha and Gordon will be graduating this spring ( 1 more update and then they'll graduate). They are going to move in with Donna and DeJuan while they save to get their own place. I still plan for them to get married as well.


  1. After meeting Charday, I think DeJuan and Taesha were lucky she took off! DeJuan has done a pretty good job raising her.

    That was a low blow from Charday, referring to Taesha's pregnancy. :( Everyone makes mistakes and no one can make their child's decisions for them.

  2. Oohhhhhi really liked this!!! Charday is soo real! Lol on the ghetto reference. Wow on Donna holding her own. I liked that! I didn't know how she would act with all of it. I wonder how Tae will handle this news and if Charday is going to try and hit her daughter up for money.


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