Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fix You

Round 8 - September 2041
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Donna Foster is 57, DeJuan is 54, Taesha is 25, Gordon Nott is 25, Lyria is 4 (Brian Johnson and Joanna King are 27, Kiara Ellison is 4, Lorelai is 36, Gallagher Newson is 12)
Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you 

Gordon was still in awe of the relationship between DeJuan and Donna. He would never have put the two of them together, but somehow they worked. He really thought Charday's reappearance would cause problems for them, but it didn't. It seemed that they were just truly happy together. He wondered if he and Taesha would still be that in love when they were older........one could only hope........

Taesha had gotten close with the principal of the elementary school, Lorelai Ellison. It's funny, they had worked together since Taesha graduated but it was their daughters that influenced them to have a relationship outside of work.

The girls got along very well, both of them liked to brag about their famous family members. Whenever Kiara talked about all the awards her father had, Lyria countered with how successful her Uncle Brian was. Gordon didn't know if this was a good thing, they were good now but teenage competition was a bit different. He supposed he could just cross that bridge when they got there, the girls were only 4 now after all.

Brian had actually gotten pretty serious about a journalist named Joanna King and Donna, excited to see her son settling down, decided to have the whole family over. Gordon envied the easy relationship between Brian and DeJuan. Sure, it had been four years now since Taesha was pregnant with Lyria, but Gordon felt DeJuan still harbored bad feelings about him. The psychologist in him knew that it was something he needed to address, especially since he had been thinking more and more about marriage now that he was finished with his master's degree. But the frightened boyfriend in him did not want to cross DeJuan!

Joanna seemed like a nice enough girl. She was tough, which she would need to be with Brian. He had matured a lot over the years but being in a band left lots of room for more growth. But he had talked to Gordon about asking Joanna to move in with him once he bought his house, so that was more telling than anything else about how serious he was about her.

He also saw a different side of Donna. She had been relatively easy on him, despite the fact that he had impregnated her step-daughter. She was a lot tougher on Joanna, which he found funny. He may not like the title, but Brian was definitely a momma's boy!

But it wasn't long before she was back to her nice, smiling self. Joanna really was a very nice girl. And Donna was just happy that Brian brought her to meet the family. She was the first girl he had ever brought home. They met Mindi by chance at his graduation!

All in all it was a wonderful day. And it was days like this that made Gordon realize that he wanted to become a permanent part of this family. They didn't have to welcome him in just because of Lyria. But they did. And he was very glad.........

Taesha had begun work on her master's degree now that Gordon had finished. That had been the deal. She worked on her drafts in the evenings after grading papers up in the attic. He knew that she actually wanted to teach at the college level and he would do all that he could to help her reach that goal.

They had talked about getting their own place, but Taesha didn't want to uproot Lyria right now. And it was a big help to have Donna and DeJuan around while they finished up their educations. But there were times when he really wanted a place of his own, just the three of them.........

He had made so much progress with Gallagher Newson. The young man was much more well adjusted and no longer had the issues he had been having. But he still had a standing appointment with Gordon to ensure he kept up the good progress.

"So what's been going on?" Gordon asked.
"Nothing........well I mean I started high school."
"That's right! How's that going?"
"It's okay. Just kinda weird. Me and Kayden are the only new kids. It's like starting all the way over," Gallagher said.
"Change isn't always bad, you know."

"I know that. But I've had enough changes, you know? First Gavin gets married, then he leaves, then Gretchen has this new baby, and now I'm tossed into a school where I only have one friend," he said.
"I know, you've been through a lot lately. But you've done a great job, Gallagher. You've helped take care of things at home while your brother has been away which is not something all 12 year olds would be willing to do," Gordon said.
"I know.........I dunno I just want things to be boring for a while, you know? I mean it never stops! I live in a house full of people, there's always something going on. I wish they had kid vacations or something."

"I know what you mean. I live in a house with my girlfriend, her parents, and our daughter. It's tough sometimes. But maybe you can get away........You're friends with Kayden right?" Gordon asked.
"Yea, why?"
"Well have you ever thought about spending a weekend at his house?" 
"Why would I want to do that? First of all, I can't leave Gretchen home along with the baby and the other kids. Gavin would skin me alive. And as far as Kayden's house, he lives with his mom and dad and brother Javion and his twin toddler sisters. They have a bunch of people in their house too!" Gallagher said.

"Okay, well maybe that won't work. But Gallagher, you're twelve. I don't think your brother expects you to stay at home 24 hours a day. He just wanted you to help out. Do you have any hobbies?" Gordon asked.
"Not really. I mean I like computers and stuff. And fixing up things."
"Well have you ever thought about pursuing that a bit more? I wouldn't suggest running around the house trying to fix stuff, but maybe doing some reading on information technology. You never know, maybe you can go to school and get a degree in it or something," Gordon said.
"Yea, maybe. I haven't ever really thought about college. You really think I could go?"
"Of course! Just keep your grades up and learn all you can. You're much more intelligent than you give yourself credit for," Gordon said.

"Hey......Mr. Nott.......I just wanted to say........well, thanks. I don't really remember my life before my foster mother adopted me. So I've always just been a face in a sea of bodies. And I didn't really have anyone to talk to.......not anyone that listened anyway. And that's not their fault, I see that now. We all had it bad. But now I can talk to you........and you listen. You don't have to run off and break up an argument between the other kids or rush off to work or school or whatever. It's nice, being able to talk to you. So I guess this is like a mini-vacation too. I get to be Gallagher, not just another one of the Newson kids," he said.

"You're not just another kid, Gallagher. You may not know the specifics now, but you are your own individual person. And you'll discover who you are one day. And don't worry about it, I enjoy talking to you. You're a great kid," Gordon said.
"Thanks, Mr. Nott."

And that was why Gordon chose this profession. It was a great feeling, helping people. And Gallagher really was a great kid. He knew that not all cases would be as simple as Gallagher's, but this was his passion, what he loved to do. He had a great job and a wonderful family. What guy would be foolish enough to ask for more?

* Original song is of course by Coldplay, but I like this version better

* Big thanks to Maisie and Carla for the idea of changing my hospital to residential with a place holder. It was SO much easier to play! I will definitely use it for my future pregnancies now lol.

* I really like this family. The Fosters are really connected in LaQuest Beach. Donna is the mother of Brian and Kinsley who is married to Kevin who is the brother of Kayla who is married to Kenny who is the step-son of Tabitha who is the sister of Tessa who's married to an elf lol. Confusing, yes? I'm definitely watching how tangled up it gets with this next generation lol.

* Gordon is now an Assistant Counselor (thanks Shana for the career!). In order for him to become a Developmental Psychologist he'll have to complete a doctoral program. I can see him doing this eventually, but not right now. I do want Taesha to become a professor though. She seems like she would be better suited to that position. I really love the job stopinator. It really comes in handy when trying to keep them from going past a specific level.

* Lyria and Kiara are too cute lol. They talked a lot about music and never had a bad conversation........do I see becoming best friends in their future? :)
* Brian will be getting his own place next round and I'm pretty sure Joanna will be moving in with him. Where it goes from there, who knows. It's up to the two of them!

* Donna is going to be my first sim in LaQuest Beach to age into an Elder! I can't believe it's been that long! Time sure does fly sometimes, doesn't it?


  1. Wow, I hope Gordon gets the courage to stand up to DeJuan about his feelings and to clear the air. Maybe DeJuan is waiting for Gordon to step up.

  2. Oh my gosh, yes, the job stopinator is awesome! I can't imagine playing without it now.

    Sounds like Gordon could be planning a proposal, with all that "permanent member of the family" talk. Although, with Lyria around, he's already a permanent part of the family, married or not.

    Good to see Brian and Joanna going strong. I'm glad Donna wasn't too hard on her and that Joanna was able to win her over without too much trouble.

    Gordon seems like he's a great counsellor. It was good to see one of his sessions with Gallagher. That kid needs a break!

  3. Apple Valley - I think Gordon will, it's been four years, but he's still quite terrified of DeJuan lol. You may be right about DeJuan waiting for Gordon to speak up

    Carla - I <3 the stopinator!!!!! Gordon rolled the want this time, but Taesha didn't. They are both knowledge sims so it may take a little longer. Gallagher definitely needs a break and hopefully he can get it once Gavin returns

    Thanks so much for reading :)

  4. I was glad to see Brian and Joanna make an appearance in this update, and I'm really happy to see they going strong and are even thinking about living together. They really do make a cute couple.

    It's good to see that Gallagher has found some one he can talk to, even if it's a councellor, he really needed some one like that!

    I'm hoping Gordon and Taesha eventually get married, he really wants to be a permanent part of the family, and even though he already is, getting married would be great :)

  5. Tanja - They really are a cute couple, I'm hoping they'll be together for the long hall. Gordon has been really good for Gallagher. And I would LOVE to do another wedding so let's hope they do end up getting married :)


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