Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School Yard Antics

Round 6 - Winter 2036 - LBE
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Principal/Teacher: Lorelai Ellison, 31; Pre-K: Connor Gray, Ryan Knowles; Grade K: Javion Carr, Gabriella Newson; Grade 2: Kayden Carr, Gallagher Newson; Grade 4: Imani Coners, Imara Coners, Kali Knowles; Grade 6: Christa Brown, Raven Vance

Lorelai had to admit that she had been a bit nervous after meeting little Connor Gray and speaking with his parents. She didn't buy their silly story of little Connor having a skin disorder that caused his skin to be a pale, sickly green. Being something other than human herself, she knew when something wasn't quite right. She was concerned how the other kids would take to his differences but so far he fit in quite nicely. In fact, he and fellow pre-schooler Ryan Knowles seemed to be getting along fairly well.....

Ryan was a bit curious as to why his new friend was green.....
"I dunno, I was just born this way," Connor said.
"Dude that's so cool! You're like a alien but a human too! Do you have special powers?" Ryan asked.
"I'm not an alien!"
"If you say so......."

Lorelai had both the first graders and sixth graders together today and was having trouble keeping Javion Carr and Raven Vance on task. Javion was excited to meet a boy older than his brother Kayden and asked Raven all about being a sixth grader. Raven was very unimpressed!

Christa Brown was still very moody and Lorelai wondered how the girl would do next year in junior high. She was still very reserved and quiet and not very interested in interacting with the other kids. Lorelai had tried to talk to Mayor Brown about it but he insisted Christa was fine.....Lorelai wasn't so sure......

Kayden Carr and Gallagher Newson had become best friends and took all of their classes together. Kayden was more into sports than he was music, but he like to make beats on the synthesizer in the music room.

But music never held his interest for long and he could always talk Gallagher into playing a fun game of hot hands until Lorelai came into the room to check on them!

Imara, Imani, and Kali spent their morning in the art room painting pictures. The twins had become pretty good friends with Kali, but Imani was closer to her. Imara simply accepted Kali because her sister did and she didn't want to be left out of the group!

The bell for lunch rang and many of the kids wondered off to play instead of heading to the cafeteria. Christa stood outside the front of the school playing catch with Gabriella Newson. It seemed that Christa forgot that Gabby was only in grade K and was throwing the ball a little too hard for her!

Ryan and Javion also ended up outside, but it didn't last very long at all. Ryan wanted to play cops and robbers and Javion wanted no part of it!

Kayden and Gallagher hung out in the bathroom telling secrets about the girls while Raven and Connor looked on.......
"That Imara girl is so weird! She's always playing with bugs and stuff.....what kind of girl likes bugs?" Gallagher said.
"Yea I know right!" Kayden said even though he kind of thought it was cool that Imara liked bugs......but he would never tell Gallagher that!

Eventually Lorelai was able to round them all up and herd them into the cafeteria. She hoped to be able to get another teacher before the next school year. The enrollment was steadily increasing and she needed some help!

Lorelai made sure to check on Connor to see that no one was giving him a hard time. But her and his mother seemed to worry for nothing because the other kids were really intrigued by him, not frightened or confused. He was fitting in just fine.

All the other kids wanted to meet him and see if they could figure out why he was green. Lorelai was sure that it would cause problems later on, but for now they were simply intrigued. Even Christa seemed to take an interest in him......

Connor was really happy that none of the other kids made fun of his green skin......but he knew they wouldn't like him as much if he didn't wear his contacts.....he vowed then and there that he would never take his contacts out for as long as he lived!

Lorelai hadn't been feeling very well and made a mental note to get a check up asap. It was always tough going to the doctor and not allowing them to draw blood. Her DNA was a bit different with her elf blood. Maybe she would visit Austra back in Vasadori, it would be a lot less trouble. As she looked at all the smiling faces of her students, she realized just how badly she wanted a child of her own..........and there was no better time than the present to start trying!

* I was worried that the other kids wouldn't take to Connor well, but they all wanted to greet him and talk with him. I figure they're all intrigued and trying to put a story behind his green skin :). I plan for Celeste to slowly introduce him to his alien heritage, which will end with a trip to Peragama when he turns into a teen. I think he's a little too young right now to be hit with the "you're an alien" speech lol.

* Christa is just very anti-social and withdrawn.....I can totally see her being emo as a teen. She'll be 12 Fall of 2037 so it will be interesting to see how she acts then.....

* Kayden and Gallagher are the two biggest children gossipers I have ever seen! They were constantly whispering to each other laughing at other people!

* Christa and Raven (townie) will be moving up to the high school next school year. I completely forgot to age up the Newson twins (Georgia and Garrett) in my Fall bday post so I'll have to make them one. They should have been in my pre-K class this time but oh well......I'll do them a little bday post so you can see what they look like now before I play their house.


  1. I hope Conner continues to have a good time at school. I hope Lorelai gets better.

  2. I love when kids gossip! At the school I teach at, that's pretty much all the kids do! Just whispering about each other, the teachers, anyone - all day.

    I'm so glad Connor is fitting in well at school. It's a good idea to not talk about his alien heritage with him just yet. He's still just a baby and it's a lot to take in. When he's a teen, he'll be better equipped to handle it.

  3. lol Carla on kids gossip, I think it's pretty much what all people do. Yay for everyone liking Connor, he's so cute, how could they not!

    I'm looking forward to Christa being a teen, it'd be interesting if she continued her withdrawn ways.

  4. Carla - That's all those two wanted to do! It was more Gallagher than Kayden though :). I think Connor will be able to handle the truth about his heritage as a teen too.

    Maisie - I don't know how Christa is going to turn out. She was also wanting to torment other people too! She's just a very unhappy girl right now :(


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