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Round 6 - Winter 2036
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Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, and Slade Willis are 22 (Kayla Knowles and Mindi Mason are 22)

Shouldn't be so complicated
Oh just hold me and then
Just hold me again
Can you help me I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
Get put back together
Keep breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me bent

Brian was going to go to jail. He couldn't believe Taesha was pregnant! And she didn't even tell him! His mother was the one to make the call. She said it was because Taesha thought he would yell at her. Well of course he was going to yell at her! Why the hell wouldn't he? And Gordon Nott was definitely a dead man. He didn't care how much his mother told him to calm down.........

He called Mindi and she insisted that they go out to take his mind off of things. He really cared about Mindi, but that spark he felt for her just wasn't there anymore. It was more like they were simply good friends. He knew that she didn't feel that way and he had been trying to think of ways to break it off with her.....he just didn't know what to say that would make it okay.......Kenny told him nothing would make that any easier to accept......but he had to try.

"You can't kill Gordon, Brian," Mindi said.
"And why the hell not? I may not even get the chance if DeJuan kills him first!"
"Mistakes happen. I could get pregnant too you know. How would you feel if my family acted this way?" she asked.
Brian hadn't even considered the possiblity of Mindi getting pregnant. That would definitely complicated a friendly breakup!
"We are careful, we take precautions. It's different. We're both out of school. Taesha hasn't even finished school yet. And now it's going to be so much harder on her," he said.
"I could have gotten pregnant in school too."
"It's just different, Mindi!"
"No, you're just a hypocrite," Mindi said laughing.

"I'm so tired of this," Mindi said rolling her eyes.
"What do you want me to do about it?" Brian asked.
Mellow Metal had gained a pretty good reputation around LaQuest Beach and there were constantly people staring when he went out. He had even signed a few autographs for people. This annoyed Mindi, regardless of whether it was a male or female staring at them.
"Shouldn't you be happy that we're doing so well?"
"I am, but I would like to go out once without getting stared down by some stranger!"

"I don't remember the last time we had a regular date! What if you guys get really big? Then what?" she asked.
"What do you mean, Mindi? I mean we're doing good. And it's not like we get mobbed by fans every where we go! So some people stare sometimes. I think it's more because they are trying to figure out where they know me from. If you can't handle this, how will you be able to handle our band becoming a REAL success?"

"What is it? You know I care about you, we are friends as well as lovers. You know that I'm not cheating on you, why does this little bit of attention bother you so much? I don't understand it," Brian said.
"Because you want to be with me now.......that doesn't mean you always will. Things are so different with us now. I hardly see you, you're always at the club or practicing with the guys. And I know it isn't because you don't have the time. Kayla sees Kenny all the time and......."
"Whoa, let's not compare us to those two. We're not Kenny and Kayla. And Kayla sees Kenny more often because she's willing to come sit through our practices," Brian said.

"Okay, maybe I could take more of an interest in the band. But you could make more of an effort to spend time with me outside of that. Like today. This is nice," Mindi said.
"Okay, I'll try."
"Why has this gotten so complicated? It used to be so easy with us. Hell, even Slade is doing better than us. He and Kimberly seem pretty happy," Mindi said.
"Looks can be deceiving," Brian said.
"What do you mean?"
"You didn't see Kimberly sitting outside when we came in?"
"She's eating here? With who?" Mindi asked.
"Good question........."

Kimberly was in fact sitting outside of Cafe Petite with some guy Brian didn't know. He wasn't even upset to see her out with someone other than Slade. Slade was simply stringing poor Kimberly along. He had been since that night he brought her home back when they stayed on campus. Seems that she had decided to move on! He didn't blame her, Slade only called her when he was unable to get anyone else to come home with him.......

Which didn't happen very often these days. While Brian was taking his partial celebrity in stride, Slade was reveling in it. Shortly after they moved in, Slade had already gotten himself invited into their neighbor's apartment and had even spent the night!

"Seems you have another fan," Mindi said.
"Just ignore it. He'll either go away or come over and speak. It's not that big of a deal."
"I want to get married," Mindi said.
"WHAT?" Brian said spitting out his drink.
"We've been together for a while. It's the next natural step. Kayla is talking about marrying Kenny and they haven't even been together as long as we have. Just think about it," she said.
It was then that Brian knew, without a doubt, that it was time to break things off with Mindi......it was the best thing to do.......

Kenny and Kayla were in fact thinking about marriage, but neither of them had brought it up with each other. Kenny felt like something was wrong with Kayla. She hadn't said anything, but he could feel a shift in her, a change. She kept telling him things were fine, but he knew something was up with her........

Yes, life had gotten no easier since they graduated, but at least they still had their music when nothing else made sense........

* This was more about Brian than anyone else, but I'll address Kenny and Kayla's issues during Kayla's update.

* People kept stopping and staring at Brian! It was a bit creepy lol. Mindi seems like the kind of girl who needs alot of attention and who doesn't like to share the spotlight. Brian barely had wants for her on their date while she had the persistant want to marry him! They aren't even engaged lol

* Kimberly is Slade's "One" sim but he never really has wants for her. They are always generic makeout and woohoo wants. So I guess she decided to have her a little fun too :)

* I forgot to mention this in Taesha's update, but her pregnancy was not the ROS for this round. It was just an accident. I'm excited about the sim who's gonna get pregnant and I hope they have a girl :)


  1. I think Brian is shooting himself in the food stringing Mindi along. He should have broken up with her instead of taking her out on a date and giving her advice on how to improve their relationship. Sloppy Brian.

  2. Heredon - Mindi is Brian's first girlfriend and I think he's just inept lol. He doesn't really know what to do or how to not be seen as asshole for dumping her.....he'll get it right eventually.....I hope lol

  3. I liked how you wrote in the creepy staring that Sims do! I always just move them out of the way, lol.

    Poor Mindi. She doesn't seem to have any idea what might be coming.

    It sounds like Slade's post college life is going exactly the way I thought it would! ;)

  4. I hope Mindi don't get pregnant! He should have ended this when he had the chance. How ironic that Kimberely is on a date of her own. Serves Slace right ;p not that he would be broken up over this, but then again maybe... I had a aim who had moved on but when he saw that the original girl was, he flipped out, and wants to drink her. Pretty freaking hypocritical since he fooled around first.

    I wonder whats up with Kayla, and who the ROS baby is going to!


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