Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bless the Broken Road

Round 8 - February 2042
Tippy Dean, Casey Addler, and Mindi Mason are 27 (Marcus Burns is 27)

Every long lost dream, lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God bless the broken road, that lead me straight to you

Living with Tippy Dean experience. Casey decided long ago that his life with Tippy would never be boring. It was part of the reason he wanted to marry her. She was an amazing woman, albeit a bit scary at times! He turned the wedding planning totally over to her and she turned all business dealings over to him. They had to decided to open their own gym, Tippin' the Scales, where he would be a personal trainer and she would be a yoga instructor. It was an expensive venture, but Casey was confident that they could make it successful........

Mindi was happy for them. She really was. But she knew that she couldn't continue to live with them after they were married. Oh, Tippy told her she was crazy, told her that there was no way she was moving out. But Mindi knew it would be weird living with a married couple. Besides, it was time that she was on her own for a little while......

She knew she wanted to stay in LaQuest Beach though. She had come to really love the beach and knew that she couldn't live too far away from it. She'd heard whispers of Brian's new girlfriend. She told her friends countless times that she was over him, that it was SHE who turned HIM down this last time, but they still treated her with kid gloves. It was getting a bit annoying. She was totally over Brian Johnson. And as soon as she met someone who could hold her interest, she would definitely be moving on!

She ran into Taesha as she was heading home.
"How excited are you for Tippy's wedding?" Taesha asked.
"Pretty excited! You know Tippy, it will definitely not be your average wedding," Mindi said laughing.
"So it's just you and Kayla in the bridal party right?"
"Yea, and Kenny and Adam Broaden. Tippy still isn't too happy about that."
"He and Kayla dated SO long ago! Kayla is a happily married woman now," Taesha said laughing.
"Tell that to Tippy.........."

"There is an adorably handsome man staring at you," Taesha said.
"At me? Or at you?"
"Definitely you......and he's coming this way........"

"Hi.......I uh......I'm Marcus Burns."
"Mindi Mason."
"This is going to sound like the worst pick up line ever, but I'm are so pretty," he said.
"You're right....worst pick up line ever," Mindi said laughing.
"I'm new in town and don't really know anyone and I've always been an outgoing person. I see something I like, I go for it. And you, I definitely like," he said.
"Does this kind of thing usually work for you?"
"Hasn't failed me yet," he said smiling.

Marcus Burns turned out to be a pretty interesting guy. He had just moved to LaQuest Beach from Crystal Bay so that he could work more on his acting. He had been in a few commercials but was really interested more in movies. He started pursing acting right after high school, skipping college all together.  He had a love of dogs and planned to get one as soon as he could afford to buy his own house. Dogs shouldn't be cooped up in an apartment all the time, he said..........

"I've really enjoyed talking to you," Marcus said.
"Me too.....but it's getting kinda late, I should really be heading home," she said.
"Well......maybe we could exchange numbers and go out sometime? Since I'm new and all," he said with a smile.
"Well......since you're new and all......I guess I could take pity on you," Mindi said laughing.

"It was very nice meeting you, Mindi Mason."
"And it was nice meeting you as well Marcus Burns........"

"Can you believe Mindi wants to move out?" Tippy asked.
"Well......yeah Tippy, I can. You know how she can get sometimes when she's around makes her sad."
"So? She's around us now right? What's the difference?"
"Tippy......we'll be MARRIED. How many married couples do you know that have single friends living with them?" Casey asked.
"Who cares? Where is she going to go? She works as a deejay for goodness sake! She can't afford a place on her own!"
"She can't afford a place like THIS on her own. She'll be fine Tippy," Casey said.
"I'm not letting her do this. It's stupid."
"Whatever you say, dear," he said laughing.

Tippin' the Scales was an abandoned warehouse building in the warehouse district that Casey and Tippy had renovated. Tippy planned to still model occasionally, but she knew that this was definitely what she wanted to do.

They hired a local teen to handle membership fees for the time being. Tippy wanted to hire someone more experienced eventually, but they really couldn't afford it right now.

Tippy had only one student in her yoga class that first day.
"I'm sorry, but I just had a baby and there's no way I can do that! Actually, I couldn't do that BEFORE the baby," Gretchen Newson said.
"Don't worry. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be as limber as a child. It may even come in handy in making your next baby," Tippy said laughing.

"That won't happen for quite a while! Me and my husband are also raising his four little brothers and sisters," Gretchen said.
"That's awesome! I don't know if I could do that. But hey it doesn't matter........practicing making the baby is way more fun anyway," Tippy said laughing.

Casey also had only one client that first day.
"Ok, we'll do five more reps and we can wind down with some running on the treadmill," Casey said.
"So........will I........look all this?" Nelson Kramer asked.
"Buddy, you work hard and eat right and you could totally have a body like mine," Casey said. He would never tell him that it would be a LOT of hard work.......Nelson was a pretty scrawny fellow........

The couple decided to end the day with dinner down on Pirate's Beach.
"So I think it went pretty well right?" Tippy asked.
"Yea it did. We really need to get the word out so that we can increase our membership. That's where the bulk of the money will come from. That, and private training sessions," Casey said.
"Yea, well no private sessions with women," she said.
"Are you crazy? Tippy, we're just starting out. We really aren't in a position now to turn down business."
"Fine. But you know what will happen if I catch any hanky panky going on, right?"
"Yea, hacky sack with my balls, I remember. You know, I'll need those if we ever plan on having kids," Casey said laughing.
"Then I guess you better watch your step then, Mr. Addler," she said laughing as well.

"And how are the wedding plans coming along, soon to be Mrs. Addler?"
"Great! I've already picked out my dress and the bridesmaid dresses. And we're doing an outdoor ceremony at the botanical gardens in Camden Park," she said.
"You want to explain to me again why you chose black and white for the wedding colors?" Casey asked.
"Because black is dramatic. And who is more dramatic than me?"
"You are so right about that! Imma take a dip before we head home," Casey said heading towards the water.

He knew that they didn't need to turn down business, but he would definitely be careful when accepting female clients......he had no doubt that Tippy was not making idle threats!

Tippy ran into Slade while she was waiting on Casey to finish his swim.
"So it's not long now huh?" he asked.
"Nope, just four more months."
"I just want to say that you guys have really made me believe in true love," Slade said.
"Really? Because we're so awesome together?"
"No, because for that poor sucker to promise to spend the rest of his life with YOU, it can't be anything but love," Slade said laughing.

"I can't wait until you fall in love. I have a feeling you're going to totally be taken through the ringer with all this bad karma you've been putting out," she said.
"Love? Me? That will never happen. I'll leave that marriage and kids stuff to you guys. I love my daughter, but unless her mother has another kid, she's going to be an only child. I'll die a bachelor," he said laughing.
"We'll see, Slade Willis. We'll see........."

* I SO dislike country music.....but I just love that song! Go figure *shrugs*

* Tippy and Casey will be getting married in July, it'll be the last post of this round! I'm excited for this, I want it to be fitting of Tippy lol.

* I'll announce Mindi's fate when I do the round summary, thanks again to those that voted. Marcus is pretty cute and he really did just come up and talk to her when she was at the beach. I think they have two bolts so she may have found her match.

* I'm going to make a sign for Tippin' the Scales, I built the building myself. The only areas you didn't get to see where the bathrooms/changing areas and the office. I have the ticket machine on the lot and it has a juice bar. Since both Tippy and Casey have the fitness hobby and like working out, so a gym made perfect sense.

* Tippy will always be a favorite of mine :)


  1. Oh gosh, Marcus is more than pretty cute, he's darn sexay!! :P I hope to see more of him and Mindi. Tippy and Casey are great together and lots of fun, love those two. Can't wait to see their wedding

  2. Tippin' The Scales (love the name) looks amazing! I still don't have a gym in Sullivan - that probably says something about my RL priorities. ;)

    I am cautiously optimistic about Marcus and Mindi! I hope it develops into something good for her - she deserves it and it's hard being the only single one in your social circle (Slade doesn't count, lol!)

    I am unbelievably excited about Tippy's wedding! I can't wait to see what you do with it. It's very appropriate that she'd take over the entirety of the planning.

    And Slade...that boy's going to eat his words one day, I just know it!

  3. Apple Valley - Marcus is pretty sexy :). I'm trying to use my slim body builder mesh a little more. Tippy and Casey are definitely one of my more fun couples to play

    Carla - The name just came to me once I decided to build a gym :). I NEVER work out, Tippy truly inspired the gym lol. I think Marcus will be good for Mindi, even if it doesn't lead to marriage and babies. I'm just glad she's getting back out there. And yes, I think Slade will eat those words one day :)

  4. Marcus is one good looking guy and I really hope him and Mindi work out at least for a bit. It'd be nice for her to have a date to the wedding. Love tippy and her lines, she makes me laugh and yep, slade will definitely settle down one day! He just made sure of that! You can't talk that way and not know it's gonna happen. Can't wait for the wedding!!! Loved the gym too!

  5. I love the name of the gym, too! I've got one in my hood but I've never really played it - this is tempting me now, it looks like fun.

    Looking forward to the wedding!


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