Saturday, January 1, 2011

Everybody Knows

Round 6 - Fall 2037
Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, and Mindi Mason are 23 (Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, and Slade Willisand Adam Broaden are 23)

And I hope one day you'll see
Nobody has it easy
I still can't believe you, found somebody new
But  I wish you the best.........I guess
Cuz everybody knows, but nobody really knows
How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt
We've heard it all before, and everybody knows
Just how to make it right, I wish we gave it one more try
One more try, One more try
Cuz everybody knows, but nobody really knows

It all started with Mindi and Brian.........
"I just want to know why he's been avoiding me, Slade. I just don't get it! Was it the talk about marriage? Because we don't have to get married right now if he doesn't want to......." Mindi said.
"Look Mindi, I don't want to get in the middle of this with guys. When he's ready to talk about it, he will. You just gotta chill out," Slade said.
"I want to know what I did!"

It was at that moment that Brian came out of their apartment.......
"It's over Mindi! You're way too jealous, and you keep talking all this crap about marriage! We're only 23! Why are you so obsessed with this? You know what? It doesn't even matter, it's over!" Brian said.
"Brian, think about what you're saying! We've been together for almost 4 years......."
"And it's time to move on, Mindi. I'm going to be involved with my music and that's obviously not something that interests you. You want a family......I'm not the guy to give that to you, I'm sorry," Brian said.

"I don't have to have that right now! I can wait on that! You'll eventually get tired of this music thing......"
"Music thing? You mean my career? This is exactly what I mean Mindi. Just forget it, it's over, I'm sorry," Brian said walking away.

Mindi couldn't believe it was over.........almost 4 years down the drain, and for what? What was so wrong with her wanting to spend her life with the guy? Just because he wasn't sure what he wanted didn't mean she should feel bad because she was.........

Kayla and Tippy decided to take Mindi out to lunch to try to smooth things over.......
"He was my first everything! Love, woohoo, public woohoo......."
"Ok, too much info there Mindi. He's a jerk. Forget about him," Tippy said.
"Come on, Tippy, you know it's not that simple. What if Casey dumped you?" Kayla asked.
"Easy.......I would kill him. I would mess him up so bad, no other woman would ever want him again!" Tippy said.
"Damn, Tippy........"

"He acts like I'm trying to lock him up, like loving me is a prison sentence. Is it that bad to want to be with someone forever? I just don't get it!" Mindi said.
"It's not.......but maybe he just wasn't ready for that just yet........" Kayla said.

"Look, the truth is that he's a jerk. I could have told you that. But it's also true that you were being too clingy. I would love to get married to Casey one day. But I don't bring it up in every conversation that we have! It's no wonder the guy felt trapped. You should have calmed down with that!" Tippy said.
"Tippy! Come on, don't be so hard on her," Kayla said.
"It's the truth, I'm sorry........"

"You were in love with a guy who has aspirations to be a rock star. A 23 year old guy with aspirations to be a rock star. He's not going to be thinking marriage right out the gate hun, I'm sorry. If what you're looking for is marriage and babies, Brian Johnson is not the man for you anyway........" Tippy said.

"Kenny is a member of the same band. You think he's not going to want to get married either?" Kayla asked.
"Kenny is a whole other guy entirely. Anyway, HE isn't what is going to stand between you and him getting married. Adam is," Tippy said.
"I'm going to handle that as soon as possible. I've entertained his nonsense long enough. He didn't decide he wanted to be with me again until after Kenny and I got together," Kayla said.
"I told you to let me handle it," Tippy said.
"I don't have money to bail you out of jail, Tippy!"

So that night, Kayla finally had it out with Adam Broaden........
"You know you still love me Kayla. I have a real job, I'm not out here pretending I'm some big rock star. I'm the better man for you and you know it!" he said.
"Better man? Kenny and his band are doing very well actually. You should know since they play at the club you manage! And you dumped me for no reason, now you expect me to just give up what I have with Kenny to come back to you? Please!"

"Look I already apologized for that! I just wasn't ready for a serious relationship at that time...."
"And what makes you so sure you are now? I just don't understand it, Adam."
"What's to understand? I want to be with you, end of story," he said.
"As romantic as that sounds, I think I'll have to pass," Kayla said.

"What do you want from me? Some grand declaration of love? You want me to write you a song? Is that what rocker boy would do? Because that isn't me Kayla, I'm sorry," Adam said.
"I'm sorry too. Sorry that I even allowed myself to think for a moment that you had changed. Because you haven't. You want me now because you see how happy I am with Kenny. Well you can bite me!"

"If I leave here tonight Kayla, I'm not coming back!"
"Good! Because if you ever come back around here, I'm going to let Tippy do what she's been dying to do since college: play hacky sack with your balls!" Kayla said.
"Fine. Enjoy poverty with your rock star....."
"You forget one thing Adam......or maybe you didn't forget, maybe that's what this is all about......I'm a trust fund baby, we'll always be fine!"

Tippy really did feel bad for her friends. Her and Casey had their problems, but nothing like what the other girls were going through. She had really gotten into yoga and got up early every day to get in a little before she began her day. She had even considered opening up her own gym  and giving yoga lessons one day......

Modeling was a lot of pressure to stay in shape and eat right, although Tippy had always taken good care of her body.......she was too cute to let it all go to waste..........

When Mindi got up for work the next day, she had decided it was time for a change. She would not be getting dumped again anytime soon!

She headed to I N Clothing as soon as she got off and then took a trip into the city to a salon. A new look was just what she needed to start this new time in her life.......

She felt like a million bucks after a trip to the eye doctor for some contacts. There was a new Mindi Mason in town, and the guys better watch out!

Kayla felt like she was finally back on track as far as Kenny was concerned. Kenny had no idea what had gotten into his girlfriend, but he was happy to have her back!

* Mindi and Brian's break up was a long time in the making. They only had one bolt and he stopped rolling wants for her long ago......on a positive note, I love her make over :)

* Kayla rolled the ROS "Completely understandable fight". I figured she would still be a bit confused since things with her and Adam ended so abruptly. She's completely over him now though and her and Kenny can move forward.

* Did I mention how much I love Tippy? :)


  1. Woohoo! Tippy is amazing and I feel a bit sad about Mindi and seemed so sudden.

  2. "I would kill him. I would mess him up so bad, no other woman would ever want him again"

    LOL, Tippy is awesome.

    I feel bad for Mindi but if it's not right, it's not right. I think they'll both be happier in the long run.

  3. Tippy is hilarious! And Aww Mindi... she was a bit clingy, but still, the break up was harsh. Hope they both find what they want. And I like her new makeover too, but I really liked her before as well!

    Glad to see Kayla doing so well, though I felt a bit bad for Adam too! So many love hiccups in these early years!

  4. Apple Valley - I alluding to them having problems in Brian's update but it was so long ago lol. Mindi isn't really ready to be the girlfriend of a musician, they want different things.....hopefully it will work out for both of them.

    Carla - Tippy is awesome :). I think Brian and Mindi will be happier separated

    Maisie - The early years are when they should make the hiccups lol. I hope they aren't still in all this drama when they get older :). I did feel a bit bad for Adam although I don't know how noble his intentions are with Kayla.

  5. Kayla, Beyonce said it best, "Don't be mad when you see that he wants it, if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!" lol


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