Monday, March 21, 2011

Spend My Life With You

Round 6 - Summer 2038
Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 31, Ryan is 5, Ricki is 4

Now baby the days and the weeks and the years will roll by
But nothing will change the love inside you and I
And baby I'll never find any words that could explain
Just how much my heart, my life, my soul you've changed

Kinsley Knowles had finally taken the plunge and bought a store to sell her clothes. Now that Ricki was in school, she had the time to run a business outside of home. She named it Escape and was able to find a wonderful building near the coastline. Which meant that she got lots of customers who were coming to or from the beach.

After a lengthy interview process, Kinsley found August Sadler to run the register for her. August was a very smart woman and Kinsley had no doubt that she would soon get a chance to groom her for a position in sales. Until then, Kinsley worked the floor.

She loved helping customers find just the right look. It was why she named her store Escape. She was able to help people escape themselves for a little while and try something new. And she was finally able to have adult conversations. She had been inside with the kids for much too long!

Her mom even came down to check out her store. She was unable to convince her to buy a new outfit. Her mom was pretty particular about what she wore. Kinsley figured it was the military life that caused it.

She was even able to talk the mayor's wife into something new! Alana Brown was a beautiful woman and Kinsley didn't know why she insisted upon dressing like some soccer mom all the time. But she planned to help her change all of that.

Ricki had gotten into her head that she wanted to be a ballerina. Before they had kids, Kinsley and Kevin decided that if their children showed an interest in something, they would allow them the opportunity to explore it. So Kinsley bought Ricki a leotard and a ballet barr. So far she seemed to really be into dancing.

Ryan hadn't showed an interest in much outside of video games. Kinsley was sure this was something he picked up from his dad since, for the moment, Kevin was his idol. And Kevin loved his video games too. The two of them would sit on the couch for hours on the weekend if Kinsley didn't make them get up and do something constructive!

Kinsley often times took the kids to the beach. It was the summer break and she knew they would get into mischief if she didn't keep them occupied. While Kinsley wouldn't let Ryan and Kevin play video games all day, she did let them play for a while since sometimes it was the only time Kevin got to spend with Ryan. His hours at the hospital could be a bit erratic at times.

She made sure that they spent as much family time together as they could. It was important to Kinsley that they always remain close. Even if it meant they could only fit in breakfast together.

They had even talked about maybe having a third child. They had one of each and it wouldn't be so bad if they stopped with just Ryan and Ricki, but they both wanted one more. They decided that Kinsley would stop taking birth control and see what happened!

Kevin was really close to his boss, Joe Carr, and had him over after work sometimes. It wasn't very often now that Joe and his wife now had a set of twin girls on top of the two sons they already had. The idea of  having twins made Kevin really think twice about another baby with Kinsley! But even if they had twins, he knew that their family had enough love (and finances) to surround to the baby.

* They are just a really sweet family and a great break from the drama of some of my other households. Something tells me that Ryan and Ricki may change that peace as they get older lol.

* I am proud to say that I built Escape from the ground up! It's by far the best thing I've ever built, imo. I'm not very good at building but this turned out better than I thought it would. I was excited to play it for the first time :).

* If Kinsley and Kevin have another baby, great. If they don't, great. I'm ok with it either way and I'm sure they will be too.


  1. Ooh I hope they do have another one, it'd be sweet if they did, but I can see how they would be complete with the two they have. Escape is a great building, you did awesome with it. I really like the colors of the exterior and the signage is awesome.

    I like this family, they are sweet, and well-balanced, and seem to really get along well.

  2. When did they enter their 30s!!! I remember them dating in high school and now they're working on a 3rd child...time really flies.

  3. Escape looks fantastic; you did a great job with it. It looks like Kinsley is very successful so far as well.

    I agree with Maisie that it would be so nice if they had another baby. I can't wait to see if they add to their family. They're such a sweet couple.

  4. Thanks for reading :)

    Maisie - Thanks for the compliments on the building. I really suck at building stuff but I think the more I build the better I become. I'm not opposed to downloading lots when I can find one I like though lol. The sign and decor came from the booty but I can't remember who it's by.

    Apple Valley - I know right! It's crazy how sometimes it seems to be that I'm progressing at such a slow pace and then I look up and wonder where the time went lol

    Carla - Thanks! They really are a sweet couple and it would be nice to for them to have another baby. Time will tell if it happens :)


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