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The Point of It All

Round 1 - Fall 2023
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Tanner and Keisha Knowles are 35, Kevin is 17, Kayla is 9

Tanner and Keisha Knowles are lucky. They know it, and the rest of LaQuest Beach knows it. Tanner was a trust fund baby who made wise investments with his money and became very financially stable. He and Keisha met while they were both vacationing with their families and they have been in love every since. Tanner doesn't need to really work, but he's always wanted to be a police officer and so he has joined the academy. Keisha was dedicated to making their home the best it could be for their children and so she never got to follow her dreams. But she is now studying fashion design and hopes to start a small line one day. They live in one of the nicer beach homes.

Little Kayla is her parents pride and joy. She really loves to paint and is getting pretty good at it. Tanner knows that the teen years are right around the corner for Kayla, and he's glad that by the time she is a teenager, he'll have a license to legally carry a gun!
Kevin is their oldest child and he will be heading off to college in a year. He has become wrapped up in a girl that attends his school and Keisha is very anxious to meet her. Kevin is a little nervous about the meeting. Kinsley is a wonderful girl and he really likes her alot. But he isn't sure his parents will feel the same way. Kinsley's family lives in Englewood. He's not a snob but he doesn't even go to that part of town if he can help it. He really wishes that Kinsley didn't live there. It couldn't be safe, and she only lives with her mother and little brother. Who did they have to protect them? He didn't think his parents were snobs either, but somehow things are alittle different when you're talking about someone who wants to date your son....
He was so excited that he had raised his grades up high enough to get the academic scholarship he had applied for. He has always wanted to go to Sim State University. His dad promised him that if he kept his grades up during the first year, he would fund the building of a frat house! Kevin wanted to start his own fraternity to leave behind a legacy at Sim State. But Kinsley wasn't going to Sim State. She didn't have the money and so was going to have to go to LaQuest Beach Community College instead. SSU was a nice little drive from LBCC. And he wouldn't have a car. To only see her on weekends and talk to her on the phone during the week just wouldn't be enough. But he did want to start his fraternity too......he didn't know what he should do.....
But he knew that he was falling in love with her. Sure he was only 17, but he knew what he was feeling. He didn't express that to his parents because he knew they would freak out even more. But he knew it. He wanted them to meet Kinsley so they would see why he liked being around her so much. Wanted them to see that she wasn't defined by her surroundings.
Tanner was excited but wary about meeting Kevin's little friend. He really wanted Kevin to go to SSU and get the full college experience. There's nothing wrong with community colleges, but it just wasn't the path he thought his son should take. Kayla was bringing home A's on a regular basis now, and he hoped that she would also want to go to SSU. Kevin would have to make is own decision about it, it was his education after all. But Tanner didn't want his son missing out just because he wanted to stay around his little friend who may or may not even want to continue seeing Kevin once they got to college.....
"Kevin Knowles! Let me go! What is with you and this stupid noogies?" Kinsley asked.
"I'm just trying to get you to loosen up! My parents aren't monsters you know. They're going to love you!"
"Not if you mess up my hair, you jerk!" she yelled.
"Geez, KJ just calm down. It's going to be ok, I promise," he said.
"My dad is the least of our problems. His only real problem is that I might not go to SSU and he thinks it's because of you."
"It is because of me Kevin. I've told you, I want you to go. I wish I had the chance to and you do. Don't waste it. We can talk on the phone every day and visit each other on the weekend. It'll be fine," she said.
"I don't want to be that far away from you KJ. I just don't."
"We have a whole year left to be together as much as we want. We can do it. I really think we can. Now tell me about your mom."
"My mom is nice, but she would be the one to really have an issue with it. She's heard so many bad things about Englewood. But she knows that you make me happy so I don't think she will be too hard on you. Just don't try to act fake. You know, trying to be who you think she wants you to be? Because she will catch on in a minute and then she'll never give you another chance!" he said.
"Ugh, let's just get this over with already."
Tanner meets Kinsley and he can see why Kevin is so smittened. She's a really pretty girl and she seems to have her head on her shoulders. But that doesn't change the fact that Kevin needs to go to SSU. It's not like it's in another state or anything. And they can see each other on the weekend. No need to change his plans for this girl.
Kayla also likes Kinsley. She's always wanted a sister and wouldn't mind if Kinsley wanted to hang around their house more.
"My mom is into fashion. The best way for you to get her to like you is to talk about fashion alot. And tell her you want to go to college because she's big on that too. But don't tell her about how you and Kevin were kissing on the beach. She wouldn't like that!" Kayla said.
"I'll have to keep that in mind," Kinsley said blushing.
Kayla hears her mom coming in from work and runs out to meet her.
"Mommy, Kevin's girlfriend is here. And she's really nice, I like her! And she really likes fashion!"
"Oh, is that right?" Keisha says laughing.
"So you're the young girl that has stolen my little boy's heart? Hi, I'm Keisha."
"Hello, Mrs. Knowles. I'm Kinsley. Kevin's a really nice guy."
"Yes he is. He's wonderful. He's my baby. He tells us you're from Englewood?" Keisha asked.
"Yes ma'am. My father died a few years back and it's just my mother, my brother, and me. My mom is trying to move as soon as she can."
"Well I would hope so. That's a pretty rough neighborhood. But I don't judge people by where they are from. My best friend in high school was from an area very similar to Englewood. So what should I know about Kinsley Johnson?" Keisha asked.
"Well, I'm really into fashion and actually hope to be able to open my own boutique one day. I'm going to LBCC and majoring in business so that I will know the right way to run one."
"That's very admirable. SSU has a much better business program. Why have you chosen to go to LBCC instead?" Keisha asked.
"Mom, I already told you why Kinsley is going to LBCC," Kevin interjected.
"Honey, I'm talking to Kinsley, not you."
"It's ok Kevin. I can't afford to go to SSU. I would love to be able to go, but I just don't have enough money. My mom has been saving for both me and my little brother and she has just enough for me to go to LBCC," Kinsley said.
"What about scholarships?"
"I don't qualify for any. I'm a pretty good student, but not good enough to get any scholarships."
"You have alot of character Kinsley Johnson. LBCC is a wonderful community college and a degree from there is nothing to be ashamed of. I think you'll make your dreams come true no matter what school you attend. I'll leave you two alone," Keisha said walking away.
"I told you they weren't monsters," Kevin said as he pulled her close.
"You mom terrifies me. Really, the woman had me shaking!"
"She likes you. She couldn't help it. You're just so darn likable KJ," Kevin said laughing.
"I want you to go to SSU."
"No. Kevin you have an opportunity to start something really great. Create something that could even effect the lives of your kids. That's big. We won't be that far apart. And I promise, as soon as we graduate, we can get a place together. It'll be wonderful."
"Are you sure? I don't mind going to LBCC. I'll be closer to my family that way anyway."
"No, Kevin. I want you to go."
"I love you Kinsley Johnson."
"I love you too."
Kevin told his dad of his decision over dinner. Tanner was estatic. He knew that it was hard for Kevin to be away from her. First loves are always so strong and powerful. But he was sure that Kevin had done the right thing. And if he and Kinsley were meant to be, well then they would be.
The next day Tanner decided that he and Keisha had not been spending enough time with one another. So he asked her out on a date. They had gotten so busy with the kids and working that they hadn't been out together in quite a while. Tanner never wanted Keisha to feel neglected. He always wanted her to be happy.
He decided to take her to the Mayfair Cafe. It was always their favorite place to eat when they were younger. It had been given a facelift of course, but it still had the same memories for them all the same.
"Kinsley's nice," Keisha said.
"You know, she's really a great girl. I was so worried that she would try to talk Kevin into going to LBCC just so he could be with her but she talked him into SSU instead. I couldn't be happier if I tried!" Tanner said.
"You know you're going to have to buy him that frat house now, don't you?"
"I don't mind that at all. It will be good to leave the Knowles name around the campus. And Kevin is a smart boy, I know he'll do me proud."
Kevin will miss these times.....he'll miss being able to see her whenever he wants to. He'll miss her  smile. He just hopes that she doesn't meet some college guy who she wants to be with more than she does with him. They're meant to be.......he feels it whenever he's with her........sure they're only 17.......but love is love..........
He hates that they will be apart.....but he knows that they can make it......she'll get her degree and he'll get his and they will both get great jobs and move in together when its all will be a struggle.....but the point of it all is that he loves her......he always will......

*The title comes from The Point of It All by Anthony Hamilton

*I'M BACK!!!!!! I turned in my last research paper today and I can finally get back to my freaking sims! Oh, I've missed them so! I'm so behind with them, it's ridiculous!!!

*Kevin will head off to Sim State University at the beginning of the next round and Kinsley will be at LaQuest Beach Community College which is located in LaQuest Beach. They will be my first two college students in a VERY long while! Crystal Bay crashed before I could send anyone off to university :(

*I love the Knowles' beach house! It's such a nice house and I love that they have the beach as their back yard. They are the only family in LaQuest Beach that have a beach lot home.


  1. Glad to see you're back! :)

    Aw, I'm happy the meeting with his parents went well and that they liked Kinsley. Hopefully things will work out for them and they can be together again when they finish college.

  2. Welcome back! :)

    I'm glad Kevin's parents both liked Kinsley. I'm also glad Kevin decided to go to SSU. Tanner's right - if Kevin and Kinsley are meant to be, then they will be.

  3. Congrats on getting all your papers turned it, it's a great feeling! This family is so sugary sweet and very down to earth for being so wealthy which is a good. I'm glad things between Kevin and Kinsley are goign well and I really hope it works out for them.

  4. Glad to see an update!! I bet it's a huge relief having your papers finished and turned in.

    How sweet that they liked Kinsley. How sweet is Kayla with Kinsley? I like the cafe he took her too, it's nice on the outside and inside.

  5. Oooh I love me some Anthony Hamilton! LOL!

    Well, this meeting went quite well! I was wondering how Kevin's family was going to accept Kinsley being that she lives in a bad neighborhood. She sure is a beautiful girl.

    Now, I'm looking forward to seeing how going their separate ways affects their relationship.

    That little Kayla is a doll, too. Can't wait to see her as a teenager.


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