Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Round 1 Summary

So for those of you who have been reading my disjointed updates, here's a recap in the first round of LaQuest Beach:

*Tessa Gunner was offered the opportunity to open up a home business in the form of a club with her lover, Derick Pace. She accepted and the two will be opening the Black Door in Round 2.

*Alana and Christian Brown welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Christa Brown, into the neighborhood in Spring 2024. Alana is dying to open up her own restaurant, but her husband is against the idea and wants them to focus on his political career.

*Kinsley Johnson was introduced to her boyfriend's family. Kevin Knowles' parents adored Kinsley. Kinsley will be attending LaQuest Beach Community college in Fall 2024 and Kevin will be attending Sim State University.

*Ariel White finally got a job and will be potentially moving out of her brother's home in Round 2. Marshal White has a new love interest, Shamella Reeves.

Kinsley Johnson and Kevin Knowles will be going off to University next round (I'm so excited!). This will be the first time I have tried to run a college in the main hood. I'm also excited to begin Derick's club. Round 2 should be a very exciting round!


  1. I LOVE the summary idea! This is great because you just reminded me about Alana & Christian's situation. I just commented on Shana's birth, and forgot about the tension going on in her parent's relationship.

  2. I mean Christa's birth, not Shana...duh.


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