Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turn It Off

Round 1 - Fall 2022
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Amanda Carlson is 26 (Tessa Gunner is 25)

Another day. Every day seems to be just like any other in the life of Amanda Carlson. How did she get stuck in this rut? She graduated at the top of her class and has never been able to really become anything big. Oh, she's had plenty of small time jobs, but nothing that ever made anyone take notice and say "Wow, that Amanda Carlson is really making moves." She knew what the problem was. She has always been an extremely shy sim. She doesn't really know why, maybe she's wired wrong. She's an attractive enough female. but men have always made her so  uncomfortable. She'd give anything to be like her friend Tessa Gunner.........but what's the use of wishing for something you'll never be? Yes, another sad day in the life of plain, boring Amanda Carlson.....
She managed to snag a pretty nice house near the water in LaQuest Beach. She didn't have her own private beach or anything, but it was nice to sit in the backyard sometimes and watch the boats go by. She did that alot, watch the boats go by. It was the only thing she enjoyed more than studying. Tessa thinks she's crazy, enjoying studying as much as she does.....but it's nice to know things. Her intelligence is something that will never be in question. But the life of a genius does get to be a little lonely......
Science has always been her passion. She has no idea why she didn't pursue a job in it before. Now she has to start at the bottom. Can you imagine? The one thing she's good at and she still struggles to get it right! How unfair.........
As soon as she walks in the door, Tessa calls her to once again fuss at her about her clothing choices. Tessa thinks that Amanda would have men falling all over her if she would just dress better. But she doesn't really want alot of attention. She's lonely but she doesn't want to go from invisible to the spotlight in one motion. She doesn't think she could handle that! But she agrees to go out with Tessa. There really isn't a point in arguing with her.........
Tessa means well, but she can be very pushy. She doesn't understand why Amanda is so shy! She's just a gorgeous girl and smart to boot. Tessa is determined to ensure that Amanda is happy. No matter how much she has to drag her down kicking and scratching!!!!
 Amanda doesn't even remember how she and Tessa became friends. Tessa is every man's dream. She's lots of fun and she's beautiful and talented. Amanda has no idea how someone like her even wants to be friends with her. It boggles the mind......
 Tessa likes to play poker. Amanda doesn't mind, but Tessa has a terrible poker face and almost always loses. When Amanda asked her why she liked to play a game she obviously suck at, Tessa answered, "Guys think its hot when you can play poker. You know, it gives you something you can do with them......well you know, other than the obvious!"
"The obvious" is something that Amanda had never experienced. She barely even went on dates, let alone having some guy seeing her naked! No way, she would just stick with her books. At least they were safe!
And so, she begins another day in the sad boring life of Amanda Carlson. At least this time she's going in as a lab assistant.............oh how she wishes she could simply turn off her shyness........

*Amanda has 1 outgoing point! I've never had a sim to have it be that low and she walks around looking scared all the time! It's so adorable! More about Tessa in the next update.......


  1. Aww, I like Amanda! She seems sweet. Some guy is going to come along and snap her up, I bet!

  2. I like her too. But I'm rather partial to those sweet sims.

  3. Aw, I like Amanda too. Being shy and socially awkward, I relate to her a lot. ;)

  4. I love shy sims! They are so cute. Especially when other sims flirt or compliment them. :D Amanda is lovely, she doesn't need to show off the goods to get the menfolk.

    I just found this via Sullivan Sims. Always happy to find more blogs to read!

  5. I think Amanda has a lot more going on for herself than she realizes. That house is to die for, by the lake and all...very nice! And it's probably a good thing she takes her time. She's gorgeous, and to have all the men fawning over her at once would be very overwhelming. Tessa seems like a good friend to give her some balance. Without her, Amanda would probably never leave the house! LOL!

  6. You're right, she would never leave other than to go to work lol

  7. Hey I just randomly came across your blog linked from Boreal Springs. I really like the set up and can't wait to read about the families. Poor Amanda, she'll find her niche eventually. I do think she is in the perfect career for her personality though -- who ever heard of a gregarious mad scientist anyway?

  8. Amanda is really cute! Hope she's abl to find a nice guy even if she is super shy.

  9. Recently found your blog so got a lot of catching up to do!

    Amanda is so sweet! I'm sure she'll find Mr Right soon! (I refuse to read ahead and spoil anything for myself!)


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