Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Letting Go

Round 2 - Fall 2024

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Tabitha Gunner is 34, Tessa Gunner is 28

It was her last day at home. Her last day living with her sister. And she felt like crap. She knew she was taking a big chance investing money into Derick's idea, but she knew that this was something she really wanted to do. Tabitha didn't understand. She accused her of trying to get away, of running into the first open home in an effort to escape her. Tessa loved her sister and would miss her more than she knew. But she had to do this. Had to go out on her own.

She's leaving. Tabitha still can't believe it. Derick Pace is nothing but trouble and Tabitha can see it. But Tess cannot. She's a grown woman. She's 28 years old and should know better. So Tabitha has decided to let her make her own mistakes. To fail. Because that's where this will end. A club run out of a basement? And she was moving from Lorrington to Englewood? It spelled disaster, but Tabitha had vowed to stay out of it. To let it go. To let her go.
She had her own life to worry about. She and Terrance had been spending more time together and things were getting weird. Weird as in they kept having all these awkward moments. Bouts of silence that were never there before. Silence filled with all the things they just couldn't say to each other. She didn't know what to do.........
She would miss this. Her morning bouts on the exer-cycle. She didn't think there would be room for one in the new house. She would have to find another way to stay in shape. Another way to clear her head in the mornings. She would miss this silence. This peace. Englewood was noisy all the time, never a peaceful moment. She was giving up so much.......
But she was gaining a whole lot also. This club could be big, could expand into a club in its own building if it were successful enough. Then she could move out of Derick's home into her own. Maybe she needed a new look......something more edgy for her job as a bartender in a hot club......
Derick was making her have second thoughts though.....
"What do you mean I can't have my queen size bed?" she yelled.
"Look, the other rooms are kinda small. You can fit a twin in there but nothing bigger. You could always just share my room you know."
"Forget it Derick. We have an understanding, remember? This moving in together doesn't mean that WE'RE together. It's a business arrangement and nothing more," she said.
"Whatever. Sleep in your tiny bed then. I'm taking the master suite because I'm putting up most of the money."
"I don't care Derick. Whatever man," she said hanging up. Arrogant prick. She really hoped that this wasn't a mistake.
She had a very long day at work. She agreed to go out with Tessa tonight since it would be her last night in the house. She even told Tessa that she could pick out an outfit for her. She was afraid to see what Tess would pick out. Hopefully she wouldn't have her walking around naked!
She supposed that it wasn't TOO bad. The top was a bit snug and she never wore any heels. But she wanted this night to be a perfect one, with no arguing. It wasn't like she would never see Tess again, but this would be the first time in a long time that they hadn't lived together. It was such a sad thought, life without fussing at Tessa. She would really miss her......
In true Tessa form, she decides to spend her last night in her sister's home out at the club. Tabitha can't remember the last time she went out. She didn't really care much for crowds of people pretending to be things they aren't all for the sake of picking up someone. But it was what Tessa wanted to do. So as usual, Tabitha obliged her.
It was pretty dead when they arrived so they decided to play darts until the crowd came.
"So are you over these stupid weight issues now that Terrance is pining for you?" Tessa asked.
"Pining for me? I don't think I would go that far. It just feels like there has been a shift in our relationship."
"Yea, because he wants you, doofus. You need to just make a play for him and get it over with. Oh and please no pink in the wedding colors. I look terrible in pink!" Tessa said.
"Wedding? Yea, you've lost it! Just shut up and play!"
"I'm really gonna miss you, Tab. I know you think this is a bad idea, but don't worry. I'll be fine. I can handle Derick. He's nothing but a big old teddy bear," Tessa said.
"Bears can be vicious. I just want you to be careful. I'm really gonna miss having you around messing up the house."
"I promise to come over on a regular basis and eat your food and dirty up your dishes, ok?"
"Haha, deal."
Tabitha decided to get a drink at the bar and ran right into Terrance.
"Whoa, watch out!" he said.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."
"It's nothing.......wow, Tab you look beautiful. Red is definitely your color."
"Thanks. I...."
"No. No way. Just take the compliment! You look great."
"Thank you."
"Listen, I think we need to talk," he said.
"Yea, I know......"
"How about we get together later for dinner?" he asked.
"Oh, yea, that would be just fine......"
"Great, I'll call you later," he said walking off.
She was in deep crap. She didn't know what her conversation with Terrance would hold. He could say that he never meant to lead her on. The silence between them could be that he's afraid that she's been misinterpreting what he meant to be kindness for something more. She didn't dare hope that he wanted to change the terms of their relationship......that he wanted HER......That just couldn't be! But the small kernel of hope inside her just wouldn't die......and she didn't think she wanted it to.......
The club just wasn't jumping the way she thought it would, so she grabbed Tabitha and headed home. Her last night in her home, with her sister. Tomorrow she would be sleeping in the tiny cramped room Derick had for her and would be working on getting their club off the ground. It was a confusing mix of apprehension and excitement.
She woke up the next morning overly excited. It was the first day in her new life. It was also the day she would have to say good-bye to her sister. Her sister. Tessa didn't know if Tabitha would be ok on her own. Sure, she was the responsible one, but without Tess around, how would she have any fun? Who would push her to enjoy herself? Who would ensure that she would get with Terrance?
Tabitha hated long good-byes. Hated the crying and sobbing. After all, Tess would still be in LaQuest Beach. Just farther away. She knew this day had been coming. So why did it feel like a ton of bricks were weighing down on her heart? Was it because she worried that Tess wouldn't remember to lock up at the new place without Tabitha there to remind her? Or that she worried that Derick would get her involved in illegal activities? It was all those things and more. Tabitha would miss her sister. But she had to let her go.
Tess got in one last workout before the cab came to take her to Englewood to meet Derick. Tabitha had given her a teary good-bye before heading off to work. When she returned, Tess would be gone. She didn't really need help moving her things. She would have to get new furniture since her room wouldn't hold her queen size bed. She knew that she was  making the right decision. Knew that this is what she needed to do.
The cab came and Tess never looked back. She was afraid that if she saw what she was leaving, she would loose her nerve and not go. She had to move on to the next chapter in the book of the life of Tessa Gunner..........ready or not world, here she comes!

*I kinda hated to split these two up......I almost changed my mind and had Derick open the club on his own and just hire Tess. But then he would have had to pay her a wage and that would take away from the business.......so I didn't.....but these two sister were my favorite house to play! Now Tess has moved on and Tabitha is all alone......but I don't suspect she will be for much longer!

*Her room in the new house really is tiny as you will see. I didn't notice that until later. Derick's room is the only one that will hold a double bed out of the three rooms. But that's ok, Tessa still gets her own room! I can't wait to play the club :)

*FYI- Tessa is contributing her $25,000 trust fund into the start up of the club.....hope she gets it back!!!


  1. Roommates (even though I know Tessa and Tabitha are sisters as well) are really fun to play, so I understand why you were sad to split them up.

    I hope this club goes as well as Tessa seems to expect it too, considering she's contributing her entire trust fund to it!

    Question: when you started LQB and created the families, did you adjust the amount of starting cash each of them started with or is the fact that some families in town are richer than others all just smoke and mirrors? LOL.

  2. Haha I did adjust some of their starting amounts so there would be families of different socioecomonic statuses right from the beginning instead of everyone starting off poor lol

  3. Oh boy...the line of the day: "Bears can be vicious." I think I thought the same thing when Tessa said Derick was a teddy bear.

    I know how you feel when you don't want to do something, but you have to go through with it. I think this change will be good for Tabitha, even if she doesn't see it yet. She can't mother Tessa for the rest of her life. And Tessa's gonna have to go through some scrapes and bumps so she can get her ass in gear. LOL! Sorry to be so blunt about it..but it's true. I love these girls. Loved the shot of Tab looking in the mirror at the bar, too. That was right on point, although I don't understand why Terrance didn't stop and talk more; have a drink or something..they were in a club - hello!? LOL! The suspense is killing me with those two.

  4. Haha I think you will feel a bit more closure in the next round as far as Tabitha and Terrance are concerned. I like to think that he didn't talk to her in the club because he has so much to say and wants to be alone with her when he says it. I think the move will be good for her too, she can concentrate more on her own life and less on Tessa's. Although I'm sure she will be on the phone calling her everyday!

  5. Ooh boy, this is going to be interesting! I really like Tessa's character (partly because I share the same name) so I can't wait to see what she does at the club!

  6. Yikes, maybe Tessa will just punch down a wall in anger to make the room bigger :P


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