Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Start of Something New

Round 2 - Fall 2024
Sim State University
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Kevin Knowles is 18

Kevin Knowles couldn't believe he was in college. College. SSU. It was his dream come true! He missed his girlfriend terribly and it didn't help that their friend from high school was now some buff adonis and was living in the same complex as her. He trusted Kinsley, though, and he knew that she wouldn't do anything to endanger their relationship. This time next year he would be opening up his own fraternity house. He decided to name it the Cham Hoh house.

 He had already met a few potential members in his first few days. Waylon Grant would make a great addition to his frat. He wanted to begin with guys who would be able to bring in more members so that the house could continue on after Kevin graduated.
He knew that he had to keep his grades up in order to get his dad to put up the rental money for the house. He chose to major in biology and really wanted to become a doctor one day. It would be tough to do that and run a fraternity, but Kevin wanted them both badly enough that he was confident that he could do it. He had to.........
One of his dorm mates had smuggled in a bubble blower and Kevin was eager to try it out. He had never really had any experience with these kinds of things and was curious. All it took was one puff and he knew that this would be something he would definitely enjoy for the rest of his time in the dorms!
He decided to call Kinsley and check up on her the next morning.
"Hey you! How's it going?" he asked.
"It's going pretty good. My classes are a little tough, but it's nothing I can't handle. Tristen has been helping me and Rayne study."
"Tristen? Since when is Tristen such a great student?"
"Don't start that again, Kevin. For a jerk, he really is very intelligent. He has help us out a lot and has saved me from failing more than a few of my tests!"
"I still don't like you hanging out with him so much....."
"Kevin, we're just friends. What about you? In that dorm with all of those girls....." she said.
"You know I'm not interested in any of those're the only girl I want."
"And you're the only guy I want so calm down!"
"Ok, ok, maybe I am being a little silly.......are you ready for my spring break surprise?"
"Yes, but I wish you would tell me where we're going..."
"Just pack for warm weather. I gotta run. Love you, babe," he said.
"Love you more."
He had made plans to take Kinsley to Twikki Island for springbreak. She had never been anywhere outside of Simerica and he wanted her to experience some outside culture. Yep, college was going to be great. He and Kinsley were going to be great. And Cham Hoh was going to be great!

*Not much really happened with Kevin in the dorms. I didn't make any of the dorm dwellers playable because he will have 3 other people living in the house with him when he moves. So I will wait until then to add more people to the story.

*His dorm is predominately female, but he has no chemistry with any of them! Ah, young love!

Kevin Knowles: 3.3


  1. LOL, that's so funny that he's not interested in any of the girls he lives with. I guess Kinsley doesn't have to worry about him! ;)

  2. Aw, how sweet that he has eyes only for Kinsley!

  3. I think that's sweet, too. He's biting off a lot. I look forward to seeing how Kevin juggles everything he plans on doing.


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