Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Say What?

Round 2 - Fall 2024
LaQuest Beach Community College
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Kinsley Johnson, Rayne Tayson, and Tristen Chase are 18

Kinsley Johnson is super excited. She is beginning her first semester at LaQuest Beach Community College, or LBCC, and her mother is taking her out to do some shopping! She's still upset that she didn't end up at the same college as her boyfriend, Kevin Knowles, but she knows that she will see him most weekends and really wanted him to have the opportunity to go to Sim State University. Besides, one of her friends from high school is also attending LBCC so she will know a familiar face. Tristen Chase is the guy who introduced Kinsley to Kevin.

After changing into something a bit more appropriate, she was ready to settle into her dorm room on campus. LBCC had all the classrooms, cafeteria, and dorms all in one convenient area, located in downtown LaQuest Beach. She had access to the best restaurants and clothing boutiques in the city! No one had seen Tristen during the summer and Kinsley wondered where he had been hiding for the past few months.......
Her first order of business was to call Kevin and tell him all about the campus.
"Hey babe, I miss you!" she said.
"I miss you too. But I will see you this weekend so it won't be so bad. Have you seen Tristen yet?"
"No, but I can't wait to find out where he was all summer. He just disappeared off of the face of the earth!" she said.
"So how is the campus? Have you met ANY other students yet?"
"No not yet. Most people commute here so there probably won't be many people staying on campus. Tristen is,but I don't know about anyone else."
"Well I hope you meet some nice people. I really do miss you and I can't wait to see you. I've got to finish packing up. We're leaving here pretty early in the morning. In one year I will have started my own frat! I can't wait!" he said.
"Babe, slow down. You know your dad said he would only give you the money if you kept at least a 3.0 every semester. You should be concentrating on studying."
"I know, I know. I got this! I love you! Have fun," he said.
"Love you more.....bye."
Tristen Chase had in fact spent his summer at his uncle's training camp for professional football players. He had no desire to play professional football, but wanted to get toned up for all the college girls he would have access to. And boy did he tone up!
The first person that Kinsley met was Rayne Tayson. Rayne was majoring in business just like Kinsley, but she had no idea what she wanted to do once she graduated. She was a very artsy type girl with lots of piercings and even more attitude. But Kinsley was positive that they would get along just fine.
Turned out that Rayne, Kinsley, and Tristen would be the only students actually staying on campus this semester. They decided to go out as a group and get to know one another better since they would be spending alot of time together. Kinsley decided to wait until she was alone with Tristen to ask him about his transformation. He was definitely hot!!!
The next morning, Kinsley decided to ask Tristen about his change over breakfast. It was pretty hard to talk to him when he had his shirt off!
"So what exactly did you do to yourself this summer?" she asked.
"Do to myself? I just worked out with a trainer Kinsley," he said laughing.
"You just look so different."
"Yea I've heard that alot since I've been back. How are things with you and Kevin?"
"We're great! He's going to SSU, but we've made plans to see each other every weekend."
"Well, good luck with that," he said.
"What does that mean?"
"You guys are like 4 hours away from each other on two different college campuses. And isn't Kevin trying to found a fraternity?"
"Well, yea but......"
"He's going to get super busy and I'm sure you'll get busy as well."
"We will make it work. Period," she said.
"I hope so."
His outside appearance may have changed, but he was still the same little prick from high school. Kinsley knew that they would make it and it didn't matter what Tristen said. He probably still carried a torch for her and was upset because she was still with Kevin. How can a man look so good and be so bad at the same time? Kinsley decided it would be best not to become too involved with Tristen Chase.
Rayne didn't seem to have the same problem with Tristen. She would stand around openly oogling his body. That's all he needed, more attention. But Rayne couldn't help watching the play of muscles in his back as he tossed darts......or how cute his butt was in those pyjama pants.......
Kinsley called Kevin as soon as she could.
"You won't believe it when you see Tristen."
"What do you mean? What happened to him?"
"He's.......well buff," she said.
"Buff? What do you mean he's buff?"
"I mean he's buff. He spent the summer at a professional football camp. He's huge!"
"I don't need to come down there do I?" he asked.
"Don't be silly. You know you're the only guy for me. I just wanted you to know what he had been up to this summer."
"Well, I still don't think I like it."
"Are you jealous Mr. Knowles?" she asked teasingly.
"Of course I am Ms. Johnson. Tristen has always had a thing for you and you're even more beautiful now. You just stay away from him."
"Oh don't be silly."
"I'm serious Kinsley. I have to go to orientation. I'll call you later. Love you," he said.
"Love you more."
"So you're just gonna stand there staring or do you want me to whoop your butt at some pool?" Tristen asked.
"How quickly we forget. You could never beat me at games, Tristen. Never!"
"Hey, as you can see, I've changed. So come on, let's go."
"You're on!" she said.
Kevin had nothing to worry about. Tristen had become so arrogant that anything Kinsley felt towards his outside appearance was stomped away by it. He was way too full of himself. Too confident. And Kinsley was Kevin's girl.......
 And whooping his butt in pool made her feel all that much more better. Yep, college was going to be a blast!

* I use the college mega pack by Squinge to run this college in the main hood. I wanted to be able to also add SSU to the hood as well. LBCC is a bit cheaper for those sims who don't have quite enough money to attend SSU.

* LBCC is this lot from MTS. It is a really great lot and has everything I need to have students living on campus.

*How hot is Tristen? If you don't remember him as a teen here's a refresher:
He was the person that introduced Kevin and Kinsley. He grew into an absolutely gorgeous young adult! I'm using the slim body builder mesh with him.......hottness!!!!!

*I decided to update the two colleges separately because once Kevin starts the frat house, I think his updates will be long enough to need to be separated out.

Kinsley Johnson: 3.3
Tristen Chase 3.3
Rayne Trayson: 3.3


  1. Whoa! Tristen grew up hot! ;) But he might need to work on his attitude and approach a bit if he ever wants to win Kinsley over. But then again, I hope he doesn't break up Kinsley and Kevin!

  2. That's the slim body builder mesh?!? I tried it out once in my game and the guy I had it on looked absolutely ridiculous! I deleted it out of pure frustration. Tristen looks great. Shame he's such an ass - what a waste!

  3. Shana - Tristen does need to work on his approach.....he doesn't know what to do with his new found hotness lol

    Carla - Maybe you were using the regular body builder mesh because it does look pretty ridiculous lol......yes, unfortunately he is an ass haha

  4. Tristen, looks gggooooOOODD! LOL! He's just full of himself right now, cause it's so new to him...I'm giving him benefit of the doubt. But, he was always a cute kid to me.

    Kevin has every right to feel jealous because we've all seen cases where there's this oil/water friction -at first- then all of a sudden there's harps and roses in the air! LOL! Kinsley better watch herself...especially if Rayne decides she wants to make a play at Tristen 1st.


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