Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling Sorry

Round 7 - July 2039
Jacob Ellison 39, Lorelai is 33, Kiara is 1

I feel no sympathy, you live inside a cave
You barely get by, the rest of us are trying
There's no need to apologize,
I've got no time for feeling sorry

Jacob loved being a father. While he was happy for Metal Mellow, he wasn't sad that he chose to not go on tour with them. He would much rather be home with Kiara and Lorelai........

And he knew that she already had him wrapped around her little finger. Who wouldn't do everything they could to see her smile? And with those eyes........those eyes are part of the reason her mother also had him wrapped around her finger.......he definitely needed a son on his side!

She was picking up things really quickly and Jake attributed it to her elven side. He asked Lorelai what to expect as she got older, but Lorelai didn't really know. While it wasn't exactly illegal to mix the species, elves weren't encouraged to marry and procreate with humans so it would be a learning process for the both of them. That was fine, he was just glad that Kiara hadn't turned out to be the heir to the throne of Vasadori. He didn't really deal with elves outside of Lorelai and wasn't looking forward to interference by the elders. It didn't matter now, Elvin de Muse and his wife would be the ones dealing with it. That and Gurth Vasan!

Things were going well at the club and Adam Broaden was an excellent manager. Jake was afraid he would have to let him go for a while there because of his issues with Kenny Coners. It seems that his wife dated Adam in college and he was still a bit bitter. But Kenny was a part of Jake's first successful band as a manager and he would have let Adam go if neccessary. He was glad it hadn't come to that.

He was very surprised to get a visit from Gurth Vasan.
"What are you doing here?" Jake asked.
"Why is it people always look so unhappy to see me? Do not worry, Jacob Ellison. I am not here to cause you any trouble. I actually need to speak with your wife," Gurth said.
"And why would you need to do that?"
"As I'm sure you've heard, my daughter will be the new queen to Vasadori. Her mother works here for you. I need to speak to her as well. But my business with Lorelai is that I need her to speak with Tessa. This is all new to her and I thought she could benefit from a friendship with you wife. If you could tell her of my need to speak with her, it would be greatly appreciated," he said.
"I'll call her. I don't know how receptive she's going to be of it. Tessa is working the bar upstairs," Jake said.
"Thank you."

Lorelai wasn't happy to hear that Gurth had popped up at his club. But she agreed to meet with him. Jake didn't know if it was wise to get involved with this whole mess, but he knew Lorelai and knew that she would want to help simply because Tessa was involved. It really was a shame what the poor girl had been through.......

"What the hell are you doing here?" Tessa asked.
"What is with the hostility? Surely you are not still angry with me?"
"Are you insane? You erased my memory! And you got me pregnant just so I could have an heir for you! That's why all the hostility, you prick!" she yelled.

"Being angry with me won't fix it, you know. Look, I know this is hard for you. And to do my part, I'm trying to get Lorelai Ellison to help you through this," he said.
"The school teacher? How can she help?"
"Lorelai is one of the most powerful elves to ever be born in Vasadori. Her husband is a human and together they have a child. I figure she could give you some tips on how to deal with Arwen," Gurth said.
"You do realize that Vanya is also half elf, right? How is this any different?"
"Not to be boastful, but Elvin is a half breed himself. I am fully a dark elf and as such Arwen will be much more powerful than her sister and maybe a bit more temperamental as well," he said.
"Well isn't that just peachy. And you think Mrs. Ellison can help?"
"Yes, I think so. "

"Why are you doing this? Why do you care about whether or not this is hard for me? Wasn't the whole point of choosing me, to punish Elvin?" she asked.
"Hey, I'm not a monster. I know, under the current circumstances, it may not seem that way. How are things going with him?"
"Things are fine with me and my husband. And you're right, it doesn't seem that way," she said.
"Well maybe I can change your mind one day............."

Jake had finally bought a proper recording studio and was promoting Ariel Carr from bartender to manager of JKL Studios. Since he would be no where without his family, he decided to use all of their initials in the name. Ariel would run the day to day business for the studio while Jake concentrated on producing a hit album for Mellow Metal. Ariel was excited because she would now not have to work these late hours. She would have more time at home to spend with her kids. The twins were toddlers now and she really wanted to be home with them.

Gurth found himself faced with a very angry Lorelai Ellison!
"Don't you ever show up unannounced at my husband's club again!"
"Aren't we overreacting a bit here Lorelai? I didn't go in and tear the place up! Nor was I rude to him. So I would suggest you calm down," he said.
"I'm not afraid of you. The others may be scared, but I am definitely not!"
"I didn't ask you to be did I? Are we done now? Finished exerting what you to believe to be your authority?"
"Whatever. What do you want?"

"It's a very simple request actually," he said.
"Nothing is ever simple with you," Lorelai said laughing.
"I just want you to befriend Tessa de Muse. She has experience with half elves, but not one as powerful as I'm sure Arwen will be. As the mother of a child on the other end of the spectrum, I was hoping you could help her once Arwen begins exhibiting her abilities," he said.
"And why should I help you?" she asked.

"Don't look at it as helping me. Look at it as helping her. And all the people of Vasadori. Arwen will have to lead them one day and needs a good upbringing to prepare her for Paerolia," he said.
"Paerolia? They're opening the school back up?"
"They will when she turns twelve. She will be in the first class held there since before the last war," he said.
"Amazing! I'll help Tessa, only because I feel sorry for her. All of this has been terribly unfair to her, starting with that mess with Elvin forcing her to marry him."
"I am very grateful for your assistance," Gurth said.

"Don't mention it. Ever again.......time for you to go," Lorelai said.

"All you had to do was ask me to leave, I didn't need your assistance," he said laughing.

"Yea, I could have......but this way is more fun. Stay out of trouble Gurth Vasan."

"Can you believe that guy?" Lorelai asked her elven realm cat, Phantom. Phantom didn't age in the Earth realm and wasn't like other cats. Jacob had an allergy to cats, so this was the only way she could have a pet. She wasn't much of a dog person.........

The next day, Jake headed down to JLK Studios in LaQuest Beach. All the guys in Mellow Metal lived there now so he decided to build it there instead of Camden Park. He was excited for the guys to finish their tour and come home so they could begin work on the album.

He missed recording and touring sometimes, but he had never regretted giving it up for Lorelai. Sure, it wasn't easy being married to an elf, and he sometimes still couldn't believe that they even existed, but he would never regret it. She definitely kept his life exciting!

Jake had really left to go to the studio to give Lorelai some alone time with Tessa de Muse. He didn't really want to be involved with this whole thing.

Tessa brought Arwen over in the hopes that she would become friends with Kiara........given the angry look on her daughter's face, that wasn't going to happen.

The girls seemed to come to an agreement on the issue and Kiara drawed happily at her table while leaving Arwen to play with her favorite bunny.

The two women spoke for quite a while, despite the fact that Lorelai really had no advice for her, this was all new to her as well. She did let her know that she was free to call her anytime something came up and they would work through having two super daughters together.

"Be careful when you're dealing with Gurth. He has the ability to be deceptively charming sometimes," Lorelai said.
"There is no need to worry about that. I have more than enough on my plate dealing with my husband and daughters. Why would Gurth try to charm me now anyway? He has gotten what he wanted: Elvin is miserable and Arwen is the heir," Tessa said.
"You're forgetting one thing: you're a beautiful woman, and despite being an elf, Gurth is still a male. A male who has previously mated with yourself," she said.
"I'll be fine," she said.

As Lorelai watched Kiara squeeze poor Phantom to death, she wished for the days when life was as simple as hugging your favorite pet.........

* I bet you thought it would never end right? lol. Sorry it was so long but so much happened and I also wanted to set up some things to come :). I'm looking forward to using that studio more, I've got a little more decorating to do for it though.......

* How cute is Kiara? She's going to be such a heartbreaker! Arwen just wasn't very nice to her, I think she's going to be a little hard to deal with lol. Paerolia is the name of the school Arwen will attend. I've decided I will do the story and the school will be the main location. I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be fun doing just the story and not interpreting gameplay

* And these two rabbits are pregnant again! Maybe they'll have a little boy this time :). Baby Ellison is due April 2040.

* I took a family pic of them for their wall before the new kiddo arrives:

* Oh how I love Lorelai! She's definitely a bad ass and I think she will be good for Tessa in the long run. There's lots of years left before Arwen goes off to Vasadori and I think she'll need alot of support. Tabitha will be there for her of course, but Lorelai can give Tessa more help with the elf business whereas Tabitha cannot. It's going to be an interesting few rounds :).


  1. Another baby, how exciting. I love Lorelai, you're right, she's so tough and strong. Love it. If she's the most powerful elf born, why can't she get rid of Gurth? Why are the elves allowing him to roam and walk and do evil?

  2. Apple Valley - She's one of the most powerful elves ever born, but not THE most powerful. Also, she's a light elf and he's a dark elf and he's more powerful than her, although she could do some damage to him lol. The council of elders are also all light elves so until he's weakened by love, their hands are tied. If they attempt to get rid of him now, it would be another messy war and they are trying to avoid it. I think the fact that he is actually the rightful ruler of Vasadori also has something to do with it. I'm hoping things will get clearer as time goes on. Arwen's story should help too I hope :)

  3. Kiara is unbelievably adorable!

    I'm glad Lorelai is such a strong woman! She'll need all the strength she can summon if she ever gets on Gurth's bad side.

    Good that Lorelai agreed to talk to Tessa too, even if it was Gurth's idea. ;) I can see those two getting along and Lorelai would be a good support to her.

  4. Kiara is UBER cute!!! Gurth is one kick butt guy! LOVE that hair!! Lorelai can really hold her own, I liked seeing that, and hope that Tessa and her can build something together, everything with Arwen is going to be so difficult.

  5. I hope Lorelei and Tessa become good friends, because Tessa needs all the help she can get. Arwen already looks like a handful!
    I can't wait for their other baby, because I think Kiara is the cutest toddler sim, I have ever seen!<3
    The recording studio looks great! Looking forward to see what you do with it.
    The school sounds like a great idea!! Problem is, I don't think I'll be able to wait until she's twelve to hear about it...
    The last picture is unbelievingly cute! I wish I had the patience to do something that good. Maybe I'll take the time to do some for my new hood?
    Great update!:)

  6. Carla - Lorelai is very strong and I think she's needed to balance everything out. I really think she'll be helpful to Tessa, at the moment she really doesn't have anyone to talk to. Tabitha doesn't understand it and Elvin doesn't want anything to do with Arwen.

    Maisie - I really like Gurth, the hair fits him lol. He's cute, but I guess I have a soft spot for bad boys :). Kiara is going to look quite a bit like Lorelai when she's older.

    coolkat2 - Posing pics can be a pain sometimes, but it's worth it in the end! I'm excited about the school and doing that story, I actually wanted to speed up Arwen's childhood to get to it faster, but I'm making myself wait :).


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