Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Troubles on the Horizon

Round 6 - Winter 2036 - Mini Update
Place: Vasadori

"I'm pregnant! Can you believe that, Austra? Me, pregnant!" Lorelai exclaimed.
"That is most wonderful. I was already aware of your pregnancy. As were the elders."
"What? Why would the elders care about me being pregnant?" Lorelai asked.
"That is where it gets a bit complicated........."

"Complicated how?"
"As you know, Elvin de Muse's daughter Vanya is not the heir to Vasadori," Austra said.
"Yes, I know that. So what?"
"After the elders found this out, they went back and translated the prophecy again. There seems to have been a slight error in the previous translation."
"What kind of error?" Lorelai asked.
"It seems that the prophecy only states that the new heir will be half human and half elf," Austra said.
"I don't think I'm understanding where you're going with this."

"Your child will be half human and half elf."
"Ooohhhhh. So what you're trying to tell me is that I may have the heir to Vasadori? That I may be carrying the new king or queen?" Lorelai asked.
"Are you out of your mind? How can that be possible? And how can a damn prophecy as important as this be translated wrong?"

"I am simply a messenger of the elders, I do not question them. I would think you would be happy," Austra said.
"Happy? Why would I be happy? If this is true, the elders will be breathing down my neck every step of the way. My child will never have a normal life and me and Jacob will be co-parents to the elders!"
"There is no way to know for certain. We will simply have to wait and see. There is another more pressing matter I need to discuss with you," Austra said.
"What now?"

"There have been sightings of Gurth Vasan in Vasadori," Austra said.
"WHAT? How is that even possible? I thought the elders destroyed him years ago!"
"Gurth is the product of two of the darkest elves in history. The elders were incapable of destroying him. They stripped his powers down to the weakest that they could and banished him out of Vasadori," Austra said.
"So why is he here now?"
"That is what we are trying to figure out. It cannot be good. Gurth has always felt that he was the rightful ruler of Vasadori. In some respects he is right. But he would destroy this place with his darkness. We think your child may be in danger," Austra said.

"So what you're telling me is that a dark elf that you and the elders could not destroy may possibly be out here somewhere preparing to snatch my baby? What the hell, Austra?"
"We do not know that is why Gurth has shown back up. He could simply be after Elvin."
"But you don't know. If something happens to my baby, I will bring my wrath down upon the elders. And you can tell them I said that!"

"You know you are not allowed to make threats against the elders! Not even in anger!" Austra exclaimed.
"Oh it's not a threat, it's a promise. Gurth will have nothing on me if something happens to my child. What are the elders planning to do?"
"Well first we needed to warn you of Gurth's reappearance. The elders do not think it coincidence that he shows up right at the time you conceived."
"And what else?"

"You speak as if you have no faith in the elders," Austra said.
"At this point, I don't. For years I've been lead to believe that Gurth was gone, destroyed by the elders set in place to protect us. Now I find out he simply got a tap on the wrist and was sent to the corner," Lorelai said.
"It is not as simple as that. Gurth is very powerful. And he's had years of resentment and anger to fuel him. We also must warn Elvin. He is going to be a big target for Gurth. He hates him more than anyone else."
"Can you blame him? Elvin walks around bragging about how he is prince to Vasadori. It's like he has completely forgotten how he came to have that title," Lorelai said.

"He may have forgotten, but I can gaurantee you that Gurth has not forgotten," Austra said.
"This is bad, Austra. Gurth is bad news........and he won't stop until he gets what he wants. At any costs."
"We will all need to be very careful. This is a most unfortunate turn of events.......and the outcome looks most dire......."

* Who is Gurth Vasan? Well I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that Gurth is elven for "death". He's not a good guy at all. But there are reasons beyond him being a dark elf that make him so bad. I'm interested to see if anyone feels sympathy for him as the story unfolds.

* I hope this explains a little about why Lorelai's baby might be the heir. It has nothing to do with the alignment of the elf, as long as the baby is created by an elf and a human. My only real requirement is the elf ears......

* I plan to explain quite a bit about the history of Vasadori and Elvin throughout this little mini-story. It will work much like Celeste's trip to Peragama. There will be a few mini-updates to fill in spaces, but most of the story will happen in Elvin and Lorelai's updates. I see this continuing on for a few rounds. I was at work and this whole storyline just hit me so I decided to run with it. We'll meet Gurth Vasan in Elvin's update and find out a bit more about the history between these two......

* Please ignore the on/off rain. For some reason it kept raining then stopping while I was taking these pics. I have Vasadori set to only summer and spring weather so it rains quite a bit there.


  1. Gurth sounds pretty scary! I'm looking forward to hearing more about him. Sounds like Elvin should watch out.

    By the way, I can't see any of the pictures, except for the first one, even after a hard refresh. :\

  2. I dunno why you can't see the pics :(......I don't know what it could be

  3. I don't know either but today, they all seem to be working! Photobucket craziness, I guess!

  4. Gurth sounds intimidating, if you paint him well enough I'll probably feel sympathetic for him. I always do in animation, like Final Fantasy games, Fable 2, some movies.. not Beauty and the Beast, I'm so happy to see Gaston kicked off the side! lol Hmm... I actually really hate all the villains in Disney that I can recall, but they are very one dimensional.

    This seriously cracked me up, hilarious. I love your character's voices, definitely have a realness to them.
    "So what you're telling me is that a dark elf that you and the elders could not destroy may possibly be out here somewhere preparing to snatch my baby? What the hell, Austra?"

  5. Maisie - I think you'll feel a LITTLE sympathy for him......he's a bit of an ass so I dunno :)......I'm really trying to work on fleshing my characters out a bit so I'm happy to hear their voices come through so strongly....


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