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Round 7 - April 2039
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Corbin and Amanda Gray are 42, Connor is 6, Alex is 5

Break away from everybody
Break away from everything
If you can't stand the way this place is
Take yourself to higher places
Three Days Grace

Things were going better for Connor. He didn't feel so weird anymore. And his talks with Ms. Celeste were really helping. But he still didn't understand one thing: why the heck was he green?!

He was better than all the other kids at everything he tried. And he had yet to see another person who looked like him. He didn't understand. But he wanted some answers. Because he was tired of everyone saying he was "special". Maybe he didn't want to be special anymore!

Corbin told Amanda and Celeste that Connor was getting older and would want more solid answers. They were sure that they could hold off telling him about his heritage until he was a bit older, but Corbin wasn't so sure. He was already much more advanced than the other kids. And he had made friends with one of the Brown twins which would cause a lot of trouble, given how Mayor Brown felt about Connor.

Amanda was concerned too, but she thought Corbin was overreacting. Celeste would know when Connor could handle the news about himself. And Mayor Brown wasn't going to cause trouble for them. King Rolared had already given him a warning and Amanda didn't think he would be foolish enough to ignore it.

Connor wasn't the only one causing worry for his parents. Alex had begun slacking on his homework in favor of watching television. Both Amanda and Corbin had had talks with him, but Alex wasn't listening. He was only in kindergarten, but they knew if they didn't get a handle on this now, he wouldn't do well in high school.

They never had to fuss at Connor about his homework. He loved school and was eager to learn new things. They were concerned that he would eventually become bored because of how advanced he was. They had even thought about meeting with Mrs. Ellison about him taking classes with some of the older kids..............

Corbin never imagined his life being this way when he was living in Takezimu Village. Never thought about being abducted by aliens and having a baby. What kind of nut would even consider that as a possiblity? But he didn't regret it, and Connor was one of three best things that ever happened to him. Amanda and Alex were the other two.

He began teaching the boys about tai chi. It was a major part of who he was, therefore it was also a big part of them. While he couldn't tell Connor just yet about his other side, this was something he could give him.

They had a bit of trouble getting it at first, but Connor got better after a few tries. Connor was usually naturally good at everything he did. Corbin and Amanda were concerned that it would cause a rift between he and Alex.

But soon both boys got the hang of it and wanted to practice it every day that Corbin did it. It was a nice bonding time with both of his sons and was also a way of showing them a bit of their heritage. He hoped to be able to take them to visit Takezimu Village one day.

Amanda tried to take the boys to the Kiddie Care Castle at least once a week. It was located in Lorrington, and was a place with lots of educational activities for kids. Connor loved going and wished his mother would take them there more than just once a week.

He had a profound love of music and would often times play songs on the piano while Satitu joined him on the violin. They would often be surround by crowds of people looking on with wonder at this six year old, green musical prodigy!

He was also a great chess player and Amanda had stopped letting him win long ago. Now he simply beat her! And he once again garnered the attention of onlookers. When it became too much, Amanda would gather the boys up and head home.

Alana Brown would often bring over Hayden and Aidan for playdates with Connor and Alex. Amanda had never allowed them to go to their house.
"We could have these playdates at our house too! I don't want you to feel like we don't want Connor and Alexander in our home or anything," Alana said.
"Oh no, it's not that at all! Of course we could have them at your house one day," Amanda said, though she didn't mean it. With the way Christian felt about Connor, there was no way she would be taking him to their house! He'd probably try to run some tests on his hair or something!

Amanda had started a small garden in their backyard and was really loving it. It helped take her mind off all the things going on with her family. She hoped they saved up enough money to go to Takezimu Village soon. Maybe seeing one side of his heritage would appease Connor for the time being........

Connor knew there was more to his life than what his parents were telling him. He didn't know what it was, but he somehow knew that it was bigger than LaQuest Beach. He just wished he knew the truth........

* So, I figure Connor would be much more mature than the average six year old given that he is half alien. My initial plan was to wait until he turned into a teen at 12 to reveal this, but it doesn't seem realistic that they could keep it a secret from him for that long.

* I really do want to send them to Takezimu Village so they can see where their dad is from. For those of you who don't know this, Corbin Gray is a vacation townie found at Takezimu Village. When I started LaQuest Beach over, I added empty templates to get rid of the townies so I could make my own, but Amanda was already married to him by this time. So he really is from there and I'm even considering making his parents and making them vacation townies too. So the kids could visit their grand parents too. Amanda is a CAS so she doesn't have any family.

* Alexander is going to be a fun sim when he gets older. I use a combination of Apple Valley's and Sullivan's system for choosing aspirations, so I know what each sim's aspiration will be once they become a toddler based on their traits. He's going to be a Romance sim so it should be fun to play him.

* Everyone really does that weird staring thing at Connor. It's so creepy when they just walk up and gawk at the poor kid......little do they know he could really hurt them if he so chooses :). We'll learn alot about his species of alien (timtiu) as he learns about it himself.

* I'm getting SO fed up with these damn crashes! The mainhood is the only one that does it, all my subhoods are fine :(. I thought about creating a subhood like the mainhood and just moving all the sims there but I just really don't want to deal with that! Hopefully I will find a solution soon :/


  1. I hope you find a solution as well. Perhaps moving them all to the subhood would be the best thing for now. You could still enter the subhood directly from the main screen without loading the main hood first.

    Does Conner age the same way as the other aliens and King Roland-what would his age be if he were living there? Perhaps he's already 12 :p

  2. Connor is adorable, I hope that him and Alex can have a good strong bond. It's best to get it started now so when all the news comes out about Connor's heritage, Alex won't be afraid of him. I'd hate for him to fear his own brother at some point.

    Must be great for Connor to excel at everything! It's a wonder he has any friends, and they aren't all green with jealousy!

    I hope you can get your crashes figured out, is it too much memory being used? My main hood is South Port, and I have to scroll with it all the way zoomed in if I want it to last longer before it crashes. It usually does eventually cause there's so much memory used up in the deco. If I don't do a lot of memory hogging (calling friends/buying clothes) I can usually get a whole play session with no issue.

  3. Connor really is a bright little boy and it seems like he already knows *something* is different about him. If Amanda and Celeste don't agree to fill him in soon, I wouldn't be surprised if he pieces everything together on his own.

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear you haven't solved your crashing issues yet! I wish I had some suggestions to offer you.

  4. Apple Valley - That is such a great idea! I hadn't even thought about how old he would be on Peragama! He would be 15 there :). I hate even THINKING about moving all those lots but in the end I may be forced to :/

    Maisie - I hadn't thought about a memory issue, the mainhood is quite large and I did actually add some more deco. I will defintely check into that so thanks so much! You have a point about his relationship with Alex. It is going to be weird for him to have an alien for a brother. Their relationship is really good now and I hope it stays that way. And ha, once he hits high school I'm sure the other kids will be green with envy with how fast he's progressing :)

    Carla - That's true, with as intelligent as he already is, he'll start researching himself if they don't tell him the truth soon. I'm going to check into Maisie's suggestion and hope it works so I can stop crashing all the time!

  5. I agree with Carla, with how intelligent Connor is he may just figure out the truth on his own if someone isn't honest with him soon. I hope they get a chance to visit Takemizu. It would be a nice family trip and a great way to teach the boys about their family.

    I hope you get the crashing issues fixed soon!

  6. Awwww poor Conner. It must be hard to always be stared at, and then never knowing why. But I think it will be best to tell him when he's a little bit older.
    I hope Alex and Conner will still get along when they're older. It must be nice to have a sibling so close in age.
    I hope you find a solution to your hood problem. Maybe moving it all to a subhood would be the best solution.
    Great update!:)


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