Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 7 - August 2039

Quite a few birthdays this time!

First up is little Jordyn Pace. She inherited her mother's gold colored eyes and is already a very striking young lady. While she's a very active toddler, Charity can already see some of Derick's grumpiness in little Jordyn!

Vanya de Muse is turning 4 this month and is a bit apprehensive about starting school. Her mother assures her that everyone will love her, but Vanya isn't sure she even wants that. She's a very quiet child who is very interested in nature. It may be her elven side that draws her to it.

Hunter Picaso will be joining Vanya this year at preschool as he is also 4 years old. He's excited to go to school and learn lots of new things.

Evan White and his twin brother will also be in preschool this year. Evan is a very outgoing little boy with a very sharp mind who can't wait to start school.

Ethan White, also 4, is happy that he finally gets to start school. He is also outgoing and is looking forward to making some new friends.

Kali Knowles is 12 this year and can't wait to start high school. She's looking forward to some parties and a lot of fun! Kali hopes to have at least ten first much fun is it to get all dressed up and let a guy pay for things?

Imani Coners is also 12 this year and, like her bestfriend Kali, is looking forward to high school. She can't wait to make some new friends! While she plans to have fun, she's also very serious about one day pursuing a career as a lawyer.

Her twin sister Imara isn't as excited about high school. She has always been more reserved than her outgoing twin and she is very nervous about changing schools. Imari has always loved her family and hopes to have one of her own one day.

* Imari and Vanya both only have 1 outgoing point so I'm excited. I love shy sims! It will be interesting to see Vanya and Tessa's relationship over the years. Tessa is very outgoing and I can see her pushing Vanya to be the same. Arwen, on the other hand, is very outgoing. I predict some sibling rivalry in the future lol. I don't think Elvin would wait very long to start telling her about Vasadori. Since kids can't be witches, which is what my elves are in game, Vanya won't be able to do much with her elven half......but she'll show it in other ways :)

* In case it wasn't clear, Kali is a pleasure sim, Imani is popularity, and Imara is family. Kali wants to go on ten first dates, Imani want to become the law, and Imara wants to marry off three kids.

* Ethan looks just like Marshal! He has his eye shape, you know that whole sleepy look going on lol. I love when kids look alot like their parents :)

Jordyn only has one nice point so I guess she's taking after her dad lol.

* Since I'm adding Bobby Emerson to the high school for Christa, I decided to add in a few other townies to fill out my high school until some of the younger kids age up. This should be the last time it's even an issue with as many small kids as I have now.


  1. I love those gold eyes on Jordyn - so unusual! And Sims always seem to inherit their personality from the mean parent, lol!

    All the teen girls are looking beautiful but Kali is stunning. I guess you'll need those extra townies you're adding to the school - they need some boys to crush on!

    I'm the same as you - I love shy Sims. I always get excited when one of my Sims turns out shy.

  2. Evan is really cute! And those gold eyes are gorgeous! Jordyn is quite adorable, hopefully that will be enough in the future, with only one nice point.

  3. These kids are all so cute! I love the gold eyes on some of them. Kali is my favorite though, I must say. She's absolutely stunning. She should have no problem getting all those dream dates.
    Great update!:)

  4. Carla - I've seen that happening alot too lol. I'm glad I have a few nice shy sims to balance out the mean! Kali really did turn out quite beautiful, Tanner and Keisha better keep tabs on her lol. And that's one of the reasons I decided to add some townies to my school :). The girls are just too pretty not to have someone to date lol

    Maisie - Evan looks alot like his cousins Kayden and Javion. And I can totally see Jordyn being one of those vain mean girls in school lol

    Coolkat2 - I'm hoping she will be able to have all those dates. I've never fulfilled that want for anyone.


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