Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gettin' Grown

Round 7 - October 2039
Terrence Coners is 48, Tabitha is 49, Imani and Imara are 12 (Kenny and Kayla Coners are 25, Christa Brown is 14)
Hey little boy you're not allowed to stay
You have to evolve inevitably
And I've sure come a long way
The road up ahead was so unclear
Back slided down a bottle of beer
Nobody knew if I would make it here
I'm gettin grown, I'm getting grown

Terrence loved his life. He was the official architect for LaQuest Beach, he had three great kids and a wonderful wife, and had his first grandchild on the way. It got no better than that.......

Tabitha began writing romance novels and her first novel, Whispers in the Wind, was a best seller. She was actively working on her second. She had given up a regular career to be home with the girls, but now that they were teens, it was nice having something to do with her time.

Kenny couldn't believe how big the twins had gotten! He could already see that he and his dad would have to knock some little boys out over them! It felt good being home, he had really missed everyone. And he was estatic that he was going to be a father. Brian and Slade were horrified, but Kenny didn't care. He couldn't wait to meet his son or daughter.

He forgot how cozy his parents' house was. It was second nature to take a seat on the floor and watch tv with Imara. The difference was that now Kayla was right there with him. It was all so surreal, this perfect existence he had going......well almost perfect. He still had his gold digging mother hanging around. She just wouldn't accept that Kenny didn't want anything to do with her. Tabitha was all the mother he needed.

"You have to let me and your mother throw you a baby shower," Tabitha said.
"Oh I don't know Mrs. Coners......."
"What have I told you about that? I'm Tabitha, not Mrs. Coners! In fact, you're Mrs. Coners," Tabitha said with a laugh.
"True. Listen, my mom can be a bit.......overbearing, at times. She'd push all of her ideas onto you and insist that everything be done her way," Kayla said.
"Well, I can be a bit overbearing myself, honey. I'm sure me and your mother can come to an agreement. It will be tons of fun, I promise," Tabitha said.
"Fine........but I'm holding you to that promise!"

"So you ready to be a dad?" Terrence asked.
"Oh, I don't know. I guess so. I mean I'm excited and everything, but I'm nervous too. I mean I helped with Imani and Imara, but this is the first time that I will be totally responsible for another life," Kenny said with a nervous laugh.
"You'll do just fine. Although I do wish you two would have waited a while."
"Why's that Dad?"
"Because I still look too good to be a grandfather!"

"You ready to go, babe?" he asked.
"Yea, I'm exhausted. Why is this kid making me so tired?" Kayla asked laughing.
"Hey, your surviving for two now. It's hard to share energy you're use to having all to yourself."
"Ok.......but must I waddle so?"
"I think your waddle is even more sexy than your normal walk. Seeing you carrying my's amazing," he said with a touch of awe in his voice.
"And that, Mr. Coners, is exactly why I married you. Let's go home."

Imara was super excited about being an aunt. She hoped to finish her bug collection before the baby arrived. Imani thought it was stupid and insisted the baby wouldn't care about butterflies and beetles, but Imara knew better. Sure, the baby wouldn't care, but what about when they grew up? She planned to be the fun aunt that the child wanted to hang out with all the time. Imani could be the prissy aunt if she wanted to!

Things had slowed down in their home since Kenny had moved out and the girls got older, but it was still pretty hectic. Terrence cherished those moments in the early morning when he could read his paper in silence, before the girls were running around with Tabitha getting ready for school. Terrence sincerely hoped Kenny and Kayla had a boy.......they could use more testosterone around the house!

Tabitha got a call from her publicist letting her know that she had a royalty check for $2580 for Whispers in the Wind. She decided to take the girls out to celebrate the unexpected extra income.

She took them to the natural history musem downtown. It was really more Imara's kind of place, but Imani could benefit from a little history as well. There was an arcade on the third floor and Tabitha was sure Imani would make use of it!

She decided to grab a bite in the onsite restaurant before exploring the museum. It saddened her, seeing how fast the girls were growing up. Soon they would be wanting to date and then off to college. Tabitha hated to even think about being home without the girls.........

"I can't believe we're just now coming here! I've been wanting to visit this museum for forever!" Imara said.
"I don't see why. It's just a bunch of fake animals right? And all these useless facts.......we should have gone to the mall," Imani said.
"And what would we have done there?" Imara asked.
"Shopped of course! Or maybe hung out with Kali," Imani said.
"Well we're here, and we're going to have fun," Tabitha interjected.

"Fine. But next time we should do something I want to do," Imani said.
"You're not even a little excited?" Imara asked.
"How is school going? You guys liking high school?" Tabitha asked.
"It's great! It's so nice not to be around the little kids anymore. And it isn't so crowded at the high school," Imani said.
"I don't know, it wasn't so bad at LBE. At least we already knew everyone," Imara said.
"So? I love that we get to meet new people. It's all very exciting!"
"I'm sure you'll both be fine. High school is a very exciting time," Tabitha said.
"If you say so," Imara said quietly.

It wasn't that Imara didn't like meeting new people. But anytime someone asked her name, she wanted to run and hide. Everything she ended up saying sounded weird and she was never as bubbly as Imani. Her twin walked into a room and commanded attention. Imara was content blending into the background and observing. The problem was that Imani wouldn't just let her do that.......

Oh she loved her sister. But she wished she would just accept that Imara didn't need to be the center of attention like her. Their mom was studying oceanography when she met their dad and Imara was always sad to think of her mom giving that up. Aquatic animals fascinated Imara and she had really thought about pursuing oceanography herself.......

Imani didn't understand why her sister liked animals so much. She even still had that stupid ant farm. Imani didn't understand how they could be twins and be so different. Sure, Imara liked bugs and other weird stuff like that, but she was a cool girl. And Imani wasn't going to let her hide herself away like some weirdo. Socializing is a healthy part of life!

The girls were both friends with Kali Knowles, but that was mostly because of Imani. Imani and Kali had way more in common than her and Imara. But Imara had found a kindred spirit in Christa Brown. Even though she was two years older, Imara found herself able to relate more to her than Kali. Maybe high school wouldn't be so bad after all........

Tabitha saw alot of herself and Tessa in the girls. She just hoped Imani didn't give her sister half as much grief as Tessa had given her!

* I love the twins! I really can see alot of Tessa and Tabitha in the girls. I think Imani is a bit more level headed than her Aunt Tessa, but that outgoing personality is definitely there. Imara is much more quiet and reserved like Tabitha.

* I can also see Tabitha and Keisha fighting over the baby lol. I am hoping for a boy for Kenny and Kayla, but my last few births have been girls.

* Writing romance novels seems like something Tabitha would really enjoy doing. She's a very romantic minded sim, especially since she's gotten her prince charming :). I don't know what I'll have her doing once the girls go off to school, maybe she'll re-enter the oceanography career field.......


  1. I adore the twins and I'm glad Imara has found a friend of her own.

  2. This is such an exciting time for this family - the twins starting high school and Kenny about to become a father. There's so much going on!

    LOL, well, I hope Imani is more level-headed than Tessa, for Tabitha and Terrence's sake! Imani and Imara are fun to read about though. I knew they would be.

    Are you going to do an update for the baby shower? That sounds like it would be fun, with Tabitha and Keisha in the same room!

  3. Apple Valley - I was pleasantly surprised to see Imara make friends with Christa. I think they will both be great for one another.

    Carla - Haha, there's still time for it to change, but I'm hoping Imani isn't as crazy as her aunt! I'll actually show the baby shower during Keisha's update. It should be very entertaining lol

  4. Imani and Imara are fun to read about! I like that they are so different and still are twins!
    I hope Imani lets Imara be herself too. It can't be easy on Imara to have to be in the center of attention when that's just not her thing!

    I'm looking forward to this new baby! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it will be a boy!

  5. I really can't wait any longer for Kayla and Kenny's baby! Uggghhhhh... I hope it's a boy though. Kenny could teach him all his rockstar ways;)
    The twins are just too cute, in their own ways. It really looks like Tessa and Tabitha all over again though. That could definately mean trouble.
    Great update!:)


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