Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Curtain Call

Round 7 - November 2039

As it's winding down to zero, I am yours like a hero
I'll see this through, there's so much me and you
Take this enemy together, fight these demons off forever
Forever, forever, forever
Maroon 5

Satitu was finally getting accustomed to his life on Earth. And it had only taken him 3 years! He loved his life with Celeste and was anxious to have some kids of their own. She had been busy trying to help the Grays with Connor and appeasing Mayor Brown. But he had a plan to take her mind off of all of that.........

One of the many Earth customs that he didn't understand was Thanksgiving. It was a time when the humans gathered together to voice their thankfulness for all that life had given them. Were they not thankful all the other days of the year? He didn't get it, but he knew that holidays were important to Celeste. It was a result of human upbringing.

He planned to give her a traditional Thanksgiving meal and had even gotten a special guest to agree to come. Satitu wasn't much of a chef, but he didn't think it would be too hard to bake a ham and make some vegetables. He was from Peragama, surely it couldn't be too hard!

They were more accepted, they didn't get as many stares as they once had. There were still whispers about the strange family that lived in Lorrington, but it didn't bother Satitu. The humans were ignorant, but some of them were pretty good. And when it all came down to it, he had Celeste and Starema and their friends on Peragama..............

He ran into Corbin Gray on the way out of the grocery store. He had tried being friends with Corbin, but it seemed to be a long process. Satitu knew that Corbin and Amanda loved Connor, but he could see how they could be a bit resentful about the events that brought about his creation. Corbin was pleasant enough, but he could always feel a tension in the man whenever he was around him. It was an unfortunate circumstance, but Satitu supported the King's efforts to preserve their race.

"You're cooking?" Celeste asked when she returned home from meeting with King Rolared on Peragama.
"Yes. Is it not Thanksgiving?"
"Well, yea but we never celebrate! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad. Need any help?" she asked.
"No, I am fine. I laid out a nice outfit for you to wear, we're having guests," he said with a smile.
"Guests? Amanda and Corbin?" she guessed.
"No, it's a surprise. Now go get changed before they arrive."

It seemed pretty simple, making dinner. He didn't know why people complained about preparing meals. He couldn't wait to see Celeste's face when she realized who was coming to dinner........

"Totia! Oh my gosh! You're here!" Celeste exclaimed.
"Yea, I couldn't let the stupid humans keep me from you guys. Plus, Satitu promised me a great meal!" Totia said laughing.
"I'm so happy to see you!"

"So how goes the life of the Peragama ambassador?"
"Slow. But I think things are about to pick up," Celeste said.
"Why is that?"
"King Rolared has been hinting at another abduction. I really hope I'm wrong, you know misreading things."
"Well it has been 7 years since the last one. It could be quite possible," Totia said.
"That's what I'm afraid of."

He had no idea how it happened, but he burned the ham! He set the timer, how could it have burned? It had to be the human's faulty equipment. Maybe it was time to introduce better technology to the humans!

"I still can't believe you're here! I thought we would never be able to get you back down here on Earth," Celeste said once they all sat down.
"You know how those Timtiu are, quick tempers that cool just as quickly," Starema said laughing.
"And what of you Carrionites? You too are known for your issues with anger," Totia said.
"That's true, but we've never been as viscious as you all!"

"While I applaud your effort, Satitu, this meal is truly terrible. It tastes like ashes!" Starema said.
"I didn't want to be the one to say it, but she's right," Totia said laughing.

"Oh come on, Mom! He tried his best," Celeste said.
"No it's ok, it is horrible. I am not accustomed to this technology. I was actually thinking of introducing more advanced technology to the humans. If our people will indeed one day inhabit this planet, we will need to slowy introduce aspects of our world," Satitu said.
"That is a good point. You should address it to the King," Starema said.

"Well I just want to thank Satitu for putting this together. It was very sweet of you to do this for me, I know you don't fully understand holidays," Celeste said.
"No I don't. But I would do anything to make you happy. You know that."
"And that's why I love you so much," Celeste said.
"Oh for goodness sake, cut it out you two!" Totia exclaimed.

"What kind of things are you thinking about creating for the humans?" Totia asked after dinner.
"I thought I would start out small, a few robots to make everyday things a bit easier. But we also have the technology to create androids with artificial intelligence. Although I may need to wait a bit to introduce those," Satitu said.

"Why make things easier for the humans? We don't have to be friends with them, we simply need to coexist," Totia said.
"They really aren't all that bad, Totia. You want to know what would be hilarious? If you fell in love with a human," Celeste said.
"That would be terrible! And is highly unlikely, given my feelings about humans in general," she said.
"Could it possibly happen though? Can you have a human for an amourio?" Celeste asked.

"How would I know? I suppose it's possible in theory. The amourio is the being with whom you have a special connection. While the human wouldn't feel as fiercely for me as I him, I suppose it's possible," Totia said.
"So does this mean Connor is going to want to be with his first girlfriend forever? Because that can cause a bit of a problem," Celeste said.
"How so?"
"That's not how things are done here on Earth. People rarely end up with their first love here. It's going to cause a problem, I just know it," Celeste said.
"Well that's what they pay you the big bucks for, Ambassador Oros," Totia said laughing.

The time came for Totia to return to Peragama much too soon.
"I'd better be getting back," she said.
"Why don't you stay a few days? I never got a chance to take you to a beach," Celeste said.
"Well we've got plenty of time for that. This won't be my last trip."
"It better not be, I need you around Yodida!" Celeste said laughing.
"Whatever, Oros!"

"I'm sorry the dinner was such a disaster," Satitu said.
"Oh it wasn't a disaster. So cooking isn't your greatest skill. You have a ton more to out weigh it. How about we get back to working on junior?" Celeste said with a smile.

It wasn't long before Celeste was puking her guts up, a sure sign that she was finally pregnant. And she was happy, she couldn't wait to share the news with Satitu. But she should have known that it wouldn't last. Not with all the secrets and duties that went along with her job.

She knew something was up when she heard Neo hissing loudly in the living room. Neo was an easy going cat and rarely allowed himself to get flustered enough to resort to hissing. It had to be bad. And it absolutely was........

"Edari Faydra. What brings you to the planet?" Celeste asked although she knew the answer already. King Rolared would send his most trusted messenger for only one reason.
"It is time, Celeste," he said.
"I spoke with the King not long ago. He didn't mention any of this."
"Well he's mentioning it now," Edari said.

"Look, Edari, I don't need this! I just found out I'm pregnant, can't I just enjoy that for a bit without having to deal with this?" she asked.
"You knew the responsibilites of this job when you took it. The next abduction will take place within the next year," he said.
"And who is the poor, unfortunate soul this time?"

"Now Celeste, you know the rules. You will not be briefed on the identity of the human until after pollination is complete. The King doesn't trust that you will not interfere," Edari said.
"Of course I would interfere! This is ridiculous! How am I to deal with another family resenting me? And what if this person doesn't want to keep the baby?" Celeste asked.
"You know that one of your duties is to take care of any children unwanted by their parent," Edari said.
"This isn't right! Isn't there another way? Any other way?" Celeste pleaded.

"This is the way things must be, Celeste. Our survival is dependent upon it."

* It was kind of over shadowed by the drama at the end, but yay a baby! I've been wanting a kid for these two since they got together! Baby Oros is due August 2040.

* So I already rolled my ROS for round 8 and one of them is the "Be abducted by aliens" one. Now while I was waiting excitedly to roll this one, the family who it will affect is not at all who I would have chosen. But that's the point of a ROS right? Sigh.........this is going to be really hard, but I'll have another cute alien in the hood, regardless of who it ends up living with :-/. I wanted to go ahead and address it now because I wanted Celeste and the rest of you to have efficient notice that it's coming lol. But it won't be this round.

* Nerdy Confession: I watched "I am Number Four" for the first time and was geekily excited that the aliens in that movie only fell in love once and it lasted forever......kinda validated all this craziness I come up with in my head for Peragama :).

* I would LOVE for Totia to fall for a human and become playable......but I don't have any single sims at the moment :-/

* I found the most AWESOME Servo default replacement at GOS which inspired Satitu becoming a robotics expert lol. He does not currently have a job on Earth and if anyone could create robots to help clean up crap and andriods to work as maids, isn't it him? I'm excited about it, but it may be a ways off since they have the baby coming and all :)

* I cannot comment on blogger! I'm signed in but whenever I try to leave a comment, my name doesn't show up in the box! I can't even comment as anonymous! Anyone know what this is about?


  1. Totia ages differently as an alien though, right? So could she conceivably still be young enough when some of your child/teen Sims age up to maybe take up with one of them?

    Anyway, yay, baby! When I opened this post up, I thought "I hope these two have a baby sometime soon!", so it's funny that that's what's happening now!

    Satitu is so sweet to invite Totia and Starema for Thanksgiving, especially for Celeste. Hey, the ham was burned but he tried!

    I really can't wait to find out who's getting abducted! I think often the ROS that are hardest to fit in end up being the most interesting.

    As for your commenting problems, it's a known issue.


    I wish they'd fix it already. I haven't been affected so far but I know it's a pain for a lot of others. :\

  2. LOL! The burnt ham was funny, I love how he blamed it on the human's inferior technology instead of his own cooking. I'm excited about the baby, but it sucks that she will have to deal with more issues during her pregnancy, I hope she doesn't stress too much.

  3. Yayyyyyyy!! I can't wait to see their alien baby/babies!:) Although, now is definately not a good time, with the abduction. I wonder who the victim is this time? Hmmmmmm....

    That would be hilarious if Totia married a human. I really love her, and would really like her to become a playable.

    That was very sweet of Satitu to make Thanksgiving for Celeste, even if he
    doesn't get holidays.

    Good luck fixing your blogger issue!:)

  4. Carla - thanks for the link, I still can't log in. I'm having to post with my name and URL instead :/. That's a very good point about Totia! Now I'm plotting who she could possibly end up with in my head lol. I'm really excited to see what Celeste and Satitu have. And you're right, the harder ROS' usually turn out the more interesting ones....this one is definitely going to be a crazy one!

    Apple Valley - LOL well it couldn't possibly be HIS fault, now could it? Satitu isn't accustomed to failing at things. I don't think Satitu won't let her stress too much, he's very protective of her that way.

    coolkat - I would love for Totia to become playable as well, although I'm not sure if Earth is ready for her lol. I think the abductee will surprise everyone, I was certainly surprised when I rolled it :/


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