Monday, May 9, 2011

Words I Never Said

Round 7 - May 2039
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Christian and Alana Brown are 42, Aidan and Hayden are 5, Christa is 13

It's so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
As I drown in my regret
I can't take back the words I never said.
Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey

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"I've booked us a vacation. We're going to Twikki Island tomorrow. I think it'll be good for the kids," Christian said.
"You don't respect my business at all do you?" she asked.
"What? What are you talking about?"
"Nothing, Christian. I guess I can close the restaurant for a few days," Alana said.
"Oh, yea. Well I figured since you're the owner, it would be no problem."
"I have employees too Christian. Who work by the hour."
"So pay them anyway. We need this, Alana."

She should tell him. Tell him that a family vacation wasn't going to fix their family. She should let him know how unhappy she was with his disrespect, how insignificant it made her feel when he didn't ackowledge her business. Or how Christa was slowy starting to resent him. Twikki Island could not fix those things.........

And she was proud of how well Fish & Chips was doing. People were starting to talk and she would soon need to hire another server. She was trying to wait until Christa was a little older so she could help out. Christian had never set foot in her restaurant beyond checking it out when she first bought it. She was at the end of her rope when it came to him.........

Christa had been spending alot of time at the skate park recently. She didn't like being at home anymore, she felt suffocated there. She was surprised to find a young guy sitting at the chess table one night when she was there. No one really bothered playing chess there and Christa was intrigued. She loved chess but never had a partner.

"Do you mind if I play?" she asked.
"Oh no, that's great! I thought I was the only person actually interested in chess!" he said.
"I'm Christa Brown."
"Bobby Emerson. Nice to meet you," he said smiling.

Over the course of their game, she found out he was new in town and would be transferring in to LaQuest Beach Public School. He was just as interested in outer space as she was. And best of all, he didn't know that her dad was the mayor. She was looking forward to seeing him at school.

"You're not wearing that hat to Twikki Island," Alana said when Christa came home.
"And why not? I happen to like this hat."
"I know you do. But this is a vacation and it's summer time. No hat."
"That's not fair! I don't even want to go on this stupid vacation! I'm being forced, I should at least get to wear what I what!" Christa said.
"No hat!"
"FINE. Whatever!"

She felt sorry for Christa. She knew that it was her and Christian's relationship that had turned their daughter into this sad, moping teenager. Alana expected a little mopiness, she was a teenager after all. But nothing like this........something had to change soon.......

Alana didn't feel bad for telling Christa she couldn't wear that gosh awful hat. They had allowed her to redecorate her room from the cute pink and white that Alana had picked out, to the deep shades of purple that Christa wanted. That was as emo as she was allowing her daughter to be!

The boys were no where near as much trouble as their sister, but she knew it was only a matter of time. She wanted to enjoy this easy time with them before the terrible teen years took them over......

They headed out the next day and Christian was glad. He really needed this little break and he was sure that the tension in the house would go away once they were gone. They were all just so involved in their own things and this would be some time for them to spend as a family.

Once they arrived and her dad was checking them in, Christa wondered what his angle was. They had never taken a family vacation before and Christa was 13! She didn't trust it, and vowed to not have any fun at all!

The first thing Aidan and Hayden wanted to do was go to Twikki World. Alana knew that if no one else enjoyed the trip, the two of them would!

It was a pretty nice vacation, and everyone had fun. Even Christa, though she hated to admit it!

Kimber Henderson came over after they got back to see how the vacation went and brought her son Kyle with her. Alana thought he was just too adorable with his freckles and red hair! Kimber also needed to speak with Christian about the upcoming city council meeting as well.

Christa ditched her parents as soon as they got back and headed straight for The Spot, the teen hangout. Bobby walked through the door shortly after she arrived, and Christa decided she could put her angst on hold for him.......

* This family........they are all so disconnected from each other, it's quite sad :/. And I just want to punch Christian in the face! He's so hot and cold. And if you thought I was exaggerating about how much Christa dislikes her family life, this should show proof lol:

This was her face as they were getting into the shuttle! I laughed so hard when I saw this, poor girl......

* Maybe I'm a little behind, but have you seen this at Twikki Island:

I had no idea that was there! I'm sure everyone knows it but me, but it made me giggle a little :).

* Christa really likes Bobby so I'm going to add him to the high school. More on those two in the next LBPS update.


  1. Oh, Christa and Bobby would make a nice couple! Waiting for an update! ;)
    Btw, I have a new blog but I'm still following you. Hope you'll come by! ;)

  2. They all seemed to have had a good vacation, thought I don't think this really was the thing this family needed. I loved the vacation shots though, Twikii World seems like a lot of fun :)

    I don't know if I would be happy if my partner (not that I have one) would deside on a vacation without consulting me, but I'm glad Alana still made the best of it.

    Christa and Bobby seem like a sweet couple, I wonder it they will be some day.

  3. Aw, maybe there'll be some romance for Christa sometime soon? It'll be nice for her to have someone to focus on apart from her very dysfunctional family! Things really seem to be falling apart from them and Christian doesn't even appear to notice.

  4. I hope you do punch Christian, he's such a jerk sometimes. I think that if he doesn't start to pay attention, he might soon lose his family.

  5. Ohh Christian... He really is a jerk. No wonder Christa is such a mopey, sad teen.
    Christa looks so much better with her hair down. I'm glad her mother made her take the hat off.
    Even if the vacation didn't really help the family's issues, I hope that all had fun.:)
    Great update:)

  6. A little romance might be good for Christa, give her something else to think about besides her family. Christian really shouldn't plan vacations without talking about them with his wife, that's very disrespectful to expect that everyone else's lives are so insignificant they can drop everything and do what he wants when he wants it. :(

  7. Diana P - I'll be sure to check it out. I think they would make a cute little couple too.

    Tanja - I love that lot, this is the second time I've sent a family there. I got it from modthesims. I'm pretty sure if I were married and my husband expected me to drop everything at his whim, we would have a BIG problem lol

    Carla - Her family is quite dysfunctional which is really such a shame. I have high hopes for Christa and Bobby.

    Apple Valley - LOL I wish I could just punch him in the face! He really is on the road to losing them.

    Cookkat2 - I like her without the hate too, she is a very pretty girl. I think they all did have some fun, despite the tension in the house.

    Shana - He is very disrespectful and shouldn't be so quick to think that she'll always put up with his drama......

  8. Ohh looking forward to reading about Christa and Bobby! And LOL at her face boarding the shuttle! I don't think I've ever had a sim make that face for vacation! Her poor family, I wish they'd pull together, and connect. It doesn't seem Alana really wants to work on things, she hasn't left or anything, but she seems to have thrown in the towel nonetheless.


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