Monday, May 16, 2011

There for you

Round 7 - June 2039
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Gavin Newson is 23, Gallagher is 9, Gabriella is 7, Georgia and Garrett are 6, Gretchen Chin is 32 (Kayden Carr is 9, Aidan and Hayden Brown are 5)

I wanna be there for you
Someone you can come to
Runs deeper than my bones
I wanna be there for you
I wanna be there for you

The kids were really missing Ginger and had been asking for a pet for the longest so Gavin decided to surprise them with a dog. He just hoped that they would take care of it the way they needed to!

He decided on a cute dalmation that he named Dino. He was a very smart and sweet dog. Gavin figured he needed to get a larger dog since there would be 4 little kids playing with him all the time! Dino would need to be tough to withstand all that attention!

Gretchen had moved in shortly after Ginger went to college and Gavin noticed how much of a difference she made with the kids. Ginger wasn't very maternal and he didn't expect her to be. They were all really young when their foster mother died and it wasn't her responsibility. But Gretchen was very loving and all the kids loved her. She worked in the natural science field and always had her nose buried in a book.

All the kids had made a lot of friends at school and the summer brought lots of kids to their house. Gavin didn't mind, he was glad they were all fitting in so well. It was tough getting the kids on and off base, but Gavin didn't care. He spoke with the guard shack and let them know that parents would be dropping kids off on and off during the summer.

He was especially glad that Kayden Carr came over to play with Gallagher. Gallagher wasn't the nicest of kids and it seemed that some of Kayden's good manners were slowly rubbing off on him. He wasn't a bad kid, Gavin just figured it was his response to having to grow up in a foster home with 5 other kids. He had even considered getting him into some counseling.

They had been friends every since they started at LaQuest Beach Elementary and Gavin hoped they stayed friends throughout high school. It was tough, but it seemed they all had finally found their place.

The television went out while the kids had visitors and Gavin decided he could fix it without calling a repairman. It would save money he said. Gretchen begged him not to, after all he knew nothing about television repair.......

It wasn't long before he crossed the wrong wires and as a result, electrocuted himself! The kids were terrified that Gavin would be killed. Gretchen was pissed as she had warned him about his inexperience.........

The hundreds of volts of electricity succeeded in burning his clothes off of him, down to his boxer shorts. He insisted he was fine, just a case of hurt pride, but Gretchen insisted they take him to the infirmary on base.

She also called a repair man to come take care of the tv. Gavin was no longer allowed to fix anything around the house. Gretchen was not going to watch him get electrocuted to death!

She was already not feeling well and there was no reason for them both to be out of commission! Gavin was pretty worried about her and hoped that she hadn't caught the flu that was going around.

But she was soon feeling better, much to Gavin's relief. Gallagher had also caught her cold but was also feeling better. Summertime colds were the worse, and with the kids being out of school, no one wanted to be around a miserable Gallagher!

Things still weren't quite where he wanted them to be, but he had to admit it was a little easier. He wanted to marry Gretchen but she felt they should wait a bit. He was fine with that, he had all the time in the world!

* Gavin has the marriage want, but Gretchen does not so it will be a little while before they tie the knot. She's a knowledge sim so who knows how long that will be.

* I want Gavin to have a kid of his own, but with him raising his brothers and sisters, I don't think he would be too keen on adding a baby to the mix just yet! Maybe one day.......

* I was terrified that he was going to get shocked to death and that Gretchen would have to take care of all the kids! Gavin is definitely not allowed to fix anything else!

* Gallagher really isn't very nice, although I guess given their situation, he has plenty of reasons to lash out. Maybe he can be Gordon Nott's first patient :)

* Gretchin is a bit older than Gavin (he's 23 and she's 32) but it's because my aging mod doesn't seem to effect townies so when she moved in, she had the default amount of days left that the game allows. That's ok, I can see Gavin with someone older since he has so many kids to take care of. It also means they only have so long to have a kid of their own......


  1. Gallagher has reasons for his behaviour but it's good to see he's settling in. All the kids seems to have found there stage at such a crucial foundation in life.

    What a great blog!

  2. I've seen some interesting versions of this family and it makes me want to try my hand at them as well. I too would be p-od at Gavin for the TV incident, but your post had me scared for a while with the electrocution and then sicknesses. I thought for sure a sim was going to die.

  3. This family must be so chaotic to play! I'm glad to see they're all doing so well though.

    For a second there, I thought Gretchen might be pregnant! I apparently can't see a picture of a female Sim in the bathroom without that popping into my mind, lol. I hope we see Gretchen and Gavin with a baby some day but I guess only time will tell!

  4. Driftwood Valley - Welcome! Gallagher is definitely improving, he's getting better but could still benefit from some counseling I think.

    Apple Valley - All of this was just completely random. I have realistic sickness installed so I was scared Gretchin wouldn't make it as well. And yes, Gavin shouldn't have been messing with the tv! Being cheap was almost the death of him lol

    Carla - It really isn't all that bad. It was worse when some of them were still toddlers! And I can't even imagine them having a baby right now, talk about chaos! I do they they will have a kid or two but hopefully not before some more of the little kids get a bit older.

  5. Gavin should stay far away from electronics after that close call! Glad he survived, even if he was a little crisp after. ;) It's good that Gretchen is so sweet with the kids. Hopefully she can help provide some stability and loving guidance for them.

  6. I'm glad everyone made it out of this update alive! I was worried with the electrocution and sickness!! I'm glad that he's found someone, and hopefully they can get married and have their own in a few years. Not too many, since she's older, but they still have time. I can understand them not wanting to jump into babyhood! They have such a lot of responsibility. But Gavin being such a good guy, caring for all these kids, really is an asset for him with woman! I'm sure Gretchen loves that caring side of his.

  7. I'm glad Gavin's okay! For a minute there, I thought he was going to be killed...
    Gretchen is a great addition to the family. This household is definately hard to play, so extra help is always appreciated.
    Reading this made me really miss my Newson family. It's okay though, I'll get to read all about your's instead!:)
    Great update!:)


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