Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If Everyone Cared

Round 8 - June 2042
Jacob Ellison is 42, Lorelai is 36, Kiara is 4, AJ is 1

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be 

Jake couldn't believe that his little man was already a year old. Time seemed to be flying by at an unrealistic rate. He wished he could bottle this time up, save it for later once the kids became teens. He was so busy with the studio and the club that he rarely got a chance to enjoy the quiet times. And with as often as Lorelai was being called to Vasadori, he had a feeling that things wouldn't be quiet for either of them pretty soon........

Lorelai was extremely tired of being the eyes and ears for the elders. It was taking up way too much of her time and honestly, she just didn't feel that it was her duty to keep an eye on Elvin........

She was a wife, mother, and principal of an elementary school and that took up quite a bit of her time. And she was okay with that. What she didn't like was playing babysitter to a grown elf!

Unfortunately Austra and the elders held a different view!
"I came to remind you that you are to assist Tessa de Muse in the rearing of the future queen," Austra said.
"Yea, I know. Maybe Jacob and I should just adopt Arwen and raise her ourself?" Lorelai asked sarcastically.
"You joke, but that may not be a bad idea.........."

"Are you out of your mind? Listen, Tessa is a nice woman and I feel bad for her, I really do. But I have a life of my own! I have KIDS of my own! And they come before Tessa or Elvin or even the elders! I will not give up my life pursuing this issue for them, if they care so much why can't they check in on them?" Lorelai asked.
"You know the elders never leave Vadasori! This is a great honor, how can you not see that?!"
"Because I have a life outside of Vasadori, Austra. Something you would know nothing about!"

"No Lorelai, I did not run off to the human realm and marry a human. I don't have kids. But I have a duty, a role that has been passed down throughout my family. And when the time comes, I will bare the next in line to serve the elders. No matter how much you protest Lorelai, Vasadori is your home. We all have a duty, a role to play in preparing young Arwen to restore Vasadori."

"I love Vasadori just as much as the next person. I would not be who I am without it. But my home is now where my husband and children are. Anything beyond that is secondary to me, Austra. And nothing and no one will ever change that," Lorelai said as she sent Austra away.

"This is not a request from the elders, Lorelai. It is a command. I would be careful how you proceed from this point," she said as she disappeared.

Jake tried to stay away whenever someone from Vasadori came into the house. He was still creeped out at any elf that wasn't Lorelai and he didn't see that changing anytime soon. While he enjoyed producing songs and managing Mellow Metal, Jake sometimes missed the days when he tore up the stage with the Blooming Plumbobs.......

"This looks familiar," Lorelai said laughing as she came upstairs to tell him that the coast was clear.
"Reminds you of the night we met, huh?"
"Yea it does. I don't ever remember feeling that feeling of........I don't know how to explain it. Something about you just drew me in," she said smiling.

"Seems I remember feeling the same way. The guys told me that it was going to take a special woman to lock me down. How much more special can you get than an elf?" Jake said laughing.
"Speaking of elves, we're having Elvin and Tessa over tomorrow. Part of my duties as a spy for the elders."
"That's fine. Whatever we have to do to get them to leave us alone to live our lives. Tessa's okay, Elvin kind of gives me the creeps."
"Me too, my love. Me, too. Let's go to bed."

The next morning Jake met with Mellow Metal to discuss their new album. The guys had been enjoying some down time since returning from Apple Valley.
"I really don't see why all these women are so interested in you," Kenny said laughing.
"I mean look at me! How could they not love me? Even Brian's girlfriend gives me sideways glances," Slade said laughing.
"Don't flatter yourself dude, Joanna does not want you. The only reason she interviewed you and not me is because I declined," Brian said.
"Sure, sure man. Whatever you say."

"Is your house ready yet?" Jake asked Brian. He bought a lovely beach house with his earnings from Bittersweet.
"Almost. I'm thinking about asking Joanna to move in with me."
"Why in the hell would you do that? You get a bachelor's pad and then move a chick in?" Slade asked shaking his head.
"Shut up, Slade. We're going to be going on a tour again soon and if she's there, my house won't sit up for months at a time empty. Plus, she basically lives with me now anyway," Brian said.

"You guys are such pansies. I actually have a new song that I think we should put on this album," Slade said.
"Yea? What's it about."
"My daughter. I call it "Blue Eyes." I don't believe in all this mushy love that you guys got going on with your chicks, but I do believe in the love that I feel for her. It's something she can have when she gets older, you know, so that she knows I've always cared about and loved her. Even when I'm not around," Slade said.
"That sounds great, man. But who's the pansy now?" Jake asked laughing.
"Whatever man."

Jake hoped these guys knew how lucky they were. The fact that they found each other was nothing short of amazing. They yelled and argued and screamed at each other, but at the end of the day they were just like brothers. The music they made together was a testament to how deep their bond was.......

What they made was magic, and Jake was happy to be a part of it.

Summertime was Lorelai's absolute favorite time of the year. She got time to spend with her children and her husband. She had a hair appointment later in the morning before Tessa and Elvin came over for dinner. She felt that it was time for a little change.

It wasn't a huge change, she just brightened up her blonde and had an inch or two cut off. The soft layers around her face made her feel more feminine. She had been thinking about having another child lately. They definitely were financially able to have another baby. But they were both so busy........she and Jake had talked about it and she still wasn't sure if it would be too much for them to handle.......

"Wow, nice hair!" Tessa exclaimed once she, Elvin, and Vanya arrived.
"Thanks, I thought I would change it up a bit. How are things going?"
"It's all about the same. Elvin and I are better, but every time Gurth comes over to see Arwen, it's like we get set back," Tessa said.
"It's a difficult situation, I'm sure. Kiara, why don't you and Vanya play outside for a bit, ok?"
"Okay, mom!"

"So your mom is an elf?" Vanya asked.
"Yea. But my dad's not. You?"
"My dad, not my mom."
"My dad took me to where he's from. It's really pretty," Vanya said.
"My mom said I can't go till I'm older. But I'll still get to go before AJ."
"Who is AJ?"
"My little brother. He's just a baby," Kiara said.
"I have a sister named Arwen who's a baby too."
"Really? We should be friends!"

"How is the future queen holding up?" Lorelai asked.
"She's fine. I'm amazed at all the things she can do," Tessa said.
"You say that now. Let's see if you feel that same way once Gurth's temperament starts coming out," Elvin said.
"Oh lay off it, Elvin. It's unfortunate, what Gurth did. But we all knew of the prophecy. We just didn't know it was going to happen this way," Lorelai said.
"That's easy for you to say. It's not impacting your family," Elvin said.

"I would have to disagree with you there," Jake said once he and AJ joined them.
"Just forget it, Jake. He couldn't possibly understand."
"My wife has been dragged into some drama started hundreds of years ago by your family. It has nothing to do with us, but it somehow keeps coming back to us," Jacob said.
"I'm sorry for that. I know that we are causing a lot of trouble. But please don't forget that Arwen and I just kinda got dragged into this too. And I really appreciate all your help, Lorelai," Tessa said.
"What are you apologizing to them for?" Elvin asked.
"Just because we're miserable, doesn't mean other people have to be too," she said quietly.
"Is that what you are? Miserable? I think it's time to go," Elvin said getting up.
"Thank you for the lovely meal........"

"Dinner with those two make me appreciate our life that much more," Jake said laughing.
"Me too."
"Don't think I haven't noticed your hair, Mrs. Ellison. Is this the green light for me to start work on baby #3?" he asked smiling.
"Maybe.......do you think we can really handle another child?"
"I think we can handle whatever comes our way. I have to go into the club tonight, but when I get back I'm knocking you up," Jake said laughing.
"Can't wait.........."

Jake drastically limited his hours down at his club during the summer so that he could spend time at home with them when he wasn't down at the studio. But he still had to show his face and check in on things from time to time.
"Can I stay up with you until Daddy gets home? I don't have to go to school tomorrow," Kiara said pleadingly.
"I guess that's true. We can both wait up for him," she said smiling.

She didn't know how crazy their life was going to get, but it didn't matter. They had and would always make time for the important things.......

* Oh how good it feels to get an update done! I'm actually up to the end of this round and only Tippy's wedding and one birthday are left! I'm going to try as hard as I can to play her wedding this week.

* Lorelai and Jake have had the want for another kid for a while now. They rolled it as soon as Lorelai had AJ and it's been there every since! Obviously they have the money for another kid, I don't know about the time. And they don't strike me as nanny having kind of parents. But I'm going to let them try and see what happens.

* Kiara and AJ will both have some of the powers that their mother has, but I won't go into them too much until they're teens I think. Only teens and above can have the witch powers so anything magic related will have to be just an description until then anyway.

* I'm thinking of sending Mellow Metal on another tour next round, I haven't decided yet. It stands to reason that they would be gone most of the time, but I don't know if I'll have the time to play a full tour for them.

* I figure the elders would be concerned about Elvin's reaction to this whole mess. Not only is his daughter not heir to the throne, but his worst enemy is the father to a baby with his wife! I don't think they would be willing to leave Vasadori though, so Lorelai is the next best thing. I don't know how much longer she'll be willing to spy on the situation though, she's quite headstrong if you haven't noticed :)


  1. Heh, I did noticed Lorelai is quite a strong woman! I'm glad Jake sort of stood up to Elvin as well, and made sure he knew that Elvin's family's drama was reaching further than just his own household. It's a shame Lorelai has to be tied up in it.

    I'm glad they're going to try for another baby though! Kiara and AJ are so adorable and I can't wait to see the possible #3.

    1. I hope they are able to have another, I'm a sucker for babies :). Lorelai is quite strong and I'm sure that's why the elders came to her with this job. But that doesn't make it any better as far as she is concerned lol

  2. LOL Kiara and AJ are cute. And I love the way children's minds work. I made a friend like that because we both like My Little Pony. LOL

    Another baby sounds like fun, only if they have the time for one. But people can always make time for one more kid!

    1. Kids at that age make friends so easily! The smallest thing can start a friendship that will last a lifetime lol. I think they could make the time for another kid and I have my fingers crossed that they get a chance to have another :)


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