Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 5 - Winter 2034

Hayden Brown is one year old this winter and his parents couldn't be prouder! Alana is gearing up for the terrible twos!

His twin brother Aiden is also one this winter. Christian is excited for his sons to grow up and maybe walk in his footsteps. He is hoping at least one of them will become mayor too.

Lilly here has made it to the ranks of a non-playable playabe, or NPP. She started up a little romance in the same apartment building that Shamella and Marshal White live in.......

Her and Clarence Phillippine fell in love all on their own (with the help of ACR of course!) and decided to make their love official. Soon after that, Lilly became pregnant with twins!

Ryder Phillippine is now 1 year old and looks very dashing in his little tuxedo :) (I will never understand the clothes the game gives them once they grow up!)

His sister Raine faired a bit better in the clothes department. The family now lives in Camden Park in a cozy little apartment. Ryder and Raine will attend school with Hayden and Aiden. Hopefully they will all be the best of friends :)

* Lilly and Clarence were my first couple to fall in love. I decided to go ahead and have NPPs whenever I needed to. They are really cute together and are very much in love. I think their kids are going to be pretty unique looking :)

* Hayden and Aiden are definitely going to be some cuties!

* I, being the queen of charts, created a little form to keep up with who grows up with who. Since Lilly and Clarence came to my attention when I was playing Marshal and Shamella, they will turn into an elder around the same time that they do. And of course the twins will age with the Brown twins.


  1. Ryder looks like his Daddy and Raine looks like her mommy, I like the names, seems fitting for the couple! Hayden and Aiden are way too cute, I love Aiden's giggly expression.

  2. Hmm, that makes sense to age them with the other sims. I tend to age my townies up and down as needed. If I need teens, then I age some adults down. If the teens make significant relationships with the non-playables, then they keep aging until they're no longer needed and then they age up or down again :P That's what happened with Bill's Uma after the adoption.

  3. I picture some rivalry over Raine when all these kids get to high school! They're all adorable!


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