Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scandalous Scholastics

Round 5 - Spring 2035 - East High School
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Principal - Kip Henderson
Grade 7: Sophie Miguel, Ricky London; Grade 9: Caleb Henderson, Ricky Cormier, Meadow Thayer, Ginger Newson

It was the first day of school at East High and the students were pretty excited about the new school. It was a shame that they would actually have to LEARN while they were here......they would much rather just enjoy being in the new building.......

Caleb didn't know how his dad being principal was going to work out.......it was a bit weird and he didn't want the other kids getting mad about it.....he also didn't want his dad being extra hard on him!

He and the other 9th graders started the day off in the music room. Caleb had always thought drumming looked cool so he went straight for the drums......it was way harder than he thought!

But Ginger couldn't sing so he didn't feel so bad. She tried, but the notes were way off key. Of course, he would never tell her that......

Meadow Thayer decided to wanted to try a more classical approach to music. Her parents would be happy and if she got really good, she could do a recital as her senior year project. Sure, that was 3 years away, but it was never to early to start working on it!

Kip had the 7th graders in class working on gradework. Sophie Miguel seemed to have a pretty good understanding of really basic algebra. Kip wanted to take these first couple of classes to get an idea of what level each student was.

Randy London seemed to be having a bit more trouble. At his previous school, there were so many students there that he was able to simply slide by. With less students at East High, Kip was able to concentrate more on each individual student. So Randy would have to try a bit harder!

Kip decided to talk to him after class.
"I can see that you're having a little trouble in class. I'm here if you need a little extra help. I'd even be willing to tutor you. Or if I'm too "uncool" to help, maybe my son Caleb can," Kip said.
"I'll keep that in mind, Mr. Henderson,"  Randy said just wanting the conversation to be over. It wasn't that he was stupid. He just hadn't really had to try at his other school. Obviously that would not be the case here.....

Meadow cornered Ginger in the hall after class.
"You're that orphan girl right?" she asked.
"Ummmmm, I guess you could call me that......but most people don't. Can you believe some people think that it's rude?" Ginger said sarcastically.
"No need to get smart. I couldn't remember your name. That must really suck, huh? I can't even imagine having to take care of a bunch of little kids. I would just die!" Meadow said.
"Yea, well keep it up and you might die anyway," Ginger said walking off.

It was obvious to Meadow that she and Ginger were not going to be friends, so she settled for sitting with Sophie at lunch. She was a 7th grader, but the pickings were slim and she didn't want to sit alone.....

Caleb and Ricky Cormier seemed pretty smitten with Meadow, much to Ginger's dismay. She thought Caleb would have better taste than that!
"She's beautiful. I'm going over to talk to her," Ricky said.
"What? She'll eat you alive! What are you even going to say?" Caleb asked.
"I don't know, but I'm going."
"You need a plan before you go talk to a girl like Meadow," Caleb said.
"You need a Prozac before you go talk to a girl like Meadow. What do you guys see in her?" Ginger asked.
"Ricky this is a bad idea," Caleb said.
"Dead man walking," Ginger said.
But Ricky didn't hear either of them. Meadow was the prettiest girl he had seen in quite a while and he wasn't going to miss an opportunity to talk to her......

Kip couldn't believe Ricky had come over to Meadow and started talking about how many friends he had and how she should want to be friends with him too. Poor boy didn't know what he was getting himself into! And Kip knew that girls never got any easier, no matter how old you get!

* All of my high school posts will have this title from now on. It's from a song by Gym Class Heroes. My elementary school updates will be "Schoolyard Antics"

* Both Caleb and Ricky are fascinated with Meadow, although she doesn't have chemistry with either boy.

* Poor Ginger, there's only two other girls in the school and she can't stand either of them lol. I like having just the six of them right now because I have a bunch of little kids that will be in school one day and I've just decided to wait on them instead of using a bunch of the townie teens


  1. Muhaaaaa! Just wait till you're over run with the children. No, I kid. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I have 30 kids in my elemetary school right now, can you believe that?!

    I really love that high school. How does it play for you? I'm glad that the kids had a mostly good first day. Poor Ginger, it's nice to see she's not a boyfriend stealing slut in your hood. LOL And I love her outfit!

    Caleb doesn't have anything to worry about regarding his father, at least I don't think he does. He's dad hardly paid him any attention during school. Can't wait for more updates and to see what these kids get up to!

  2. Wow, the new school is amazing and huge. There's plenty of space for all your future sims.

  3. East High...hmmm, was that the name of the school in some movie? Bring It On, or something?

    The school looks great! And huge! What size lot is that?

    Oh, you've got a Troy and Matilda situation going on! Matilda was infatuated with Troy, but they had no chemistry. The funny thing is now that they're both out of their teens, they have two bolts. Weird. But LOL, Meadow doesn't look too impressed with poor Ricky there!

  4. Riverdale - 30 kids?! No, I do not want that! The school actually played smoothly but as I'm having to rebuild my hood and am a little CC shy after the mailbox incident, that version of East High is no more :(.....I went to redownload it from sinsurbania.com and realized that it was a 30 mb compressed download! That's way too much CC! So unfortunately I had to download another school with less CC.....so it will look a bit different next time I play. Haha Ginger is okay so far in my game. I'll have to remember where I got her outfit from.

    Apple Valley - yep it was huge but it ran pretty smoothly.....now I have another school because I was too lazy to download just the lot and redecorate lol.....I'm anxious to be able to play again!

    Carla - Haha you're thinking of Lean on Me :).....I just went with the name since there's a sign on the school :). It was 4x3 if I'm not mistaken. It ran smoothly dispite the size. I have another school now :/......No Meadow wasn't giving poor Ricky the time of day!

  5. That school was really nice and huge, but I don't blame you for not wanting to redownload that big file again! I'm amazed it was a 4x3 lot, I had thought it would be the 5x5!

    Ha, Ricky's crush on Meadow made me remember that long ago, in a previous hood I had created, Meadow and Ricky ended up falling in love with each other all on their own, lol. Sad for my poor teenage Sim though, because he had hoped to get Meadow to like him. ;)

    Carla-- I'm a little ashamed to admit that I know this, but High School Musical takes place in East High School. :)


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