Monday, January 31, 2011

If You Love Me

Round 6 - Winter 2037
Derick Pace is 45, Charity Jones is 30

If you love me, say it
If you trust me, do it
If you want me, show it
If you need me, prove it

Derick Pace had been thinking alot about his life lately........he was almost 50 years old and was living like he was 20. He had never been married, had no kids, had no one in his life other than Charity. And he hadn't been treating her well at all. What was this deep contemplation? Could be possibly be developing.......a conscience?!

He didn't know what it was but he didn't like it. He had no family, had really not made any attachments with any other people. He and DeJuan hadn't spoken since he closed The Black Door. He hadn't even seen Tessa since her creepy husband did whatever it was that he did to him. And Charity........well Charity had one foot out the door, he was sure.........

He went down to the Rainbow Village Pier for a massage. It made him tense, thinking about his life and future. He didn't know why it had never mattered to him before, but all of a sudden he wanted to be a better freaky was that?

Anytime he passed a jewelry counter, he thought about Charity. He had never really thought about getting married.......but if he was going to get married, Charity wasn't a bad choice.......

She had been putting up with him for five years now and he knew it couldn't have been easy for her. He couldn't say that about any one else in his life. She was the only woman who had stuck around that long actually.........

He loved her........he had never been in love with anyone.......but he loved her.......and he had no idea what he was suppose to do about his feelings.......

Of course, there was a way to show her how he felt that needed no was the easiest way he knew how......and for once, it actually meant more than simply satisfying a need........

He had stopped smoking, but the stress of trying to decide the path his life should take was wearing on him. Charity had no idea he was smoking again, he didn't want another lecture on the health risks associated with smoking. Everyone was going to die of something right?

He had asked DeJuan Foster to come by. He kinda missed talking to him....
"I'm thinking of getting married. Maybe have a kid or two," Derrick said.
"Married? A kid? You smoking those funny cigarettes again?" DeJuan asked.
"Nah! I can't want a family?"
"You never have before. This isn't something you can start and quit later man. A wife and kids is serious business! And you're almost 50!" DeJuan said.
"Yea, well I'm young at heart."

"I gotta tell ya, this is all a bit of a shock. I mean the last time I talked to you, you were making plans to mess up some guy Tessa was talking to. Now you want to be a daddy?"
"You know how many years ago that was? A man can't change?" Derick asked.
"Yea, a man can change. I just don't know about you. But shit, if you get married, I'll be at the wedding.......just hope the poor girl knows what she's getting into."

"I'm slicker than a can of oil! I got this," Derick said.
"Whatever you say man. My advice to you is to really think about this before you do it. Promising to love someone for your whole life before Simgod is a big deal. Don't take it lightly," DeJuan said.
"Like I said, I got this."

Charity was still working towards her bachelor's degree in creative writing. She really wanted to work for the LaQuest Beach Times. It was taking her longer than she expected to finish up her online classes. She should have gone to uni with her friends when she had the chance........

Unfortunately it seemed that it would be a while before she was able to finish. She had been really sick to her stomach and had recently found out that she was pregnant......

She had no idea how she was going to tell Derick. He wasn't a very stable guy and he never spoke about having kids or settling down........she had actually been thinking about just moving out and getting her own would be harder to do that now with a kid on the way......

Derick had met with one of his head guys and it did not go over well. He was looking to get out of the crime business so that he and Charity could start over but it didn't seem like he was going to be able to do that as soon as he thought........he couldn't ask her to marry a criminal.......dammit.......

But as soon as she told him that she was pregnant, he knew it was definitely time for a change........

* Derick basically wrote this himself. His wants were for Charity this round and that rarely happens. He's a fortune sim with no nice points! I figure he has finally realized that he can't stay a criminal forever. And since he was a created sim, he has no family. So maybe he wants some blood relations......I'm sad to see my bad boy go :/

* Baby Pace will be here Fall 2038 which will be next round. I totally plan for these two to get married shortly thereafter :)


  1. Wow, at first I thought it was a ROS, but it makes sense the way you wrote it about him growing older and wanting to settle down.

  2. Wow! I guess Charity might finally get a reward for sticking around so long with Derick. Maybe he's turning over a new leaf.

  3. Crazy that Derick is starting to change! I wonder if it will stick, here's hoping it does for Charity and the new baby. I can't wait to see his little spawn, he's such a cutie! I feel like you might be able to have another little bad boy if they have a son.

  4. You're never too old to change your ways. Congrats to Derick. It seemed like just when his attitude started to change everything else lined up to help him along.

  5. Sorry it's taking me so long to respond, I appreciate all the comments!

    Apple Valley - He just rolled all these crazy wants! They seem so life-like sometimes don't they?

    Carla - Charity definitely deserves a reward for putting up with his mess!

    Maisie - Haha any child of Derick's will probably be pretty bad! I hope it sticks as well.

    Hcove - That's very true. And sometimes life can be like that, everything just falls into place.......other times it all falls apart lol

  6. it's his aspiration kicking in finally. i find that money sims, after family, has the most family-related wants than any other aspiration. do you use apple valley's formula for determining ideal family size in ACR? i'm curious to see how many kids he wants.


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