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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Round 5 - Winter 2034
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Gavin Newson is 19, Ginger is 14, Gabriella is 4, Gallagher is 5, Georgia and Garrett are 2 (Kai'Von Jones is 19, Calista Fuchs is 32)

This wasn't what his life was suppose to be. Then again, he didn't expect to grow up in foster homes until Gloria Newson adopted him either. With her big heart, she took in 5 more kids......and now she was gone. Now he was responsible for 5 other lives. He was only 19 years old, he had no idea what he was suppose to he took the $47,000 life insurance policy she left them and moved them all to LaQuest Beach into a rental home. He had joined the military so they would have some money coming wasn't like he was going to have a chance to go to school anyway......

She missed her first day of school. It had been this way since Gloria died......she never felt very comfortable calling her mom. She didn't know what they were going to do, but she needed to go to school. She knew Gavin needed help, but Ginger was only 14.......she couldn't play mommy to 4 kids.
It wasn't that she didn't love her sisters and brothers. Because she did. Her heart melted every time she saw Georgia and Garrett together. They were pretty sad when Gloria died, but now they were back to their happy selves. She loved them. But she wanted a life of her own......she felt suffocated already......
"The cab is here," Ginger said hugging her brother.
"Yea, I guess this is it. It's only for a couple of months, I'll be back before you know it," Gavin said.
"I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I can take care of them."
"Ginger, I know you can do this. I've already hired a nanny so you can go to school and leave the twins here. You get out at 1 so that gives you time to do as much as you can before Gallagher and Gabriella get back here at 3. I'll be sending you money while I'm there for food and stuff.....use it wisely," he said.
"I will. Hurry home."
"I'll be back as soon as my basic training is over, I promise. You take care of yourself. And don't hesitate to try to get in touch with me if you need me. Just leave it with the desk and they will pass it on to me."
"Ok, I got it. Go on, get out of here."
"I love you guys, Ginger."
"Love you too, bro. Now go!"
She didn't know if she could really do this......but she would try. If Gavin could give up his freedom to make things better for them, she could handle not having a life of her own for a while. Sometimes you just have to play the hand you're dealt.....
She spent her evening trying to help Gallagher and Gabriella with their homework. She supposed this wasn't so bad.......but being home with them meant she couldn't go hang out with friends......or really make any friends for that matter......
The next morning the nanny, who Ginger thought said her name was Calista, came over and immediately started changing the twins' diapers. At least she would get a chance to go to school today.......
Fort LaQuest seemed like a pretty lonely, solitary place. But he wasn't there for it's cheerful surroundings. He was there to learn the skills to become a great soldier. Still, it was a bit intimidating........
He changed into the fatigues given to him and was greeted by General Matthew Picaso.
"Gavin Newson?"
"Yes sir."
"Good to have you aboard. There will be two other recruits going through this training with you. They should be arriving later. Enjoy today. Tomorrow morning begins your training. You are to be up at 3 AM sharp. You will run the obstacle course until  6 AM. You will then be taken off site for more training until 3 PM. Your afternoons are yours to spend as you will, but be advised, the next day holds the same schedule. Is that understood?" General Picaso asked.
"Yes sir!"
"I look forward to working with you," he said as he walked away.
3 AM? What the hell had he gotten himself into?!
 The next recruit to arrive was 19 year old Kai'Von Jones. Apparently he was from Englewood, which Gavin learned wasn't a very good area of LaQuest Beach. He hadn't been able to get in college on a scholarship and his family didn't have the money to send him. So he joined the military.........
Calista Fuchs was the last one to arrive. She was 32 and saw herself headed down a pretty bad path. She had managed to keep her nose clean so far, but it was becoming harder to stay out of trouble. So she decided the easiest thing to do was join the military, travel on the government's dime, and retire early.
Kai'Von and Gavin couldn't believe there was a hot tub outside where the gym equipment was. Kai'Von was convinced it was to soothe muscles that were sore from all the work he knew they would have to do.
"Me and my sisters and brothers just moved here. I'm taking care of them and needed stable work, so I decided why not the military, ya know?" Gavin said.
"I feel that. I really wanted to go to college.....but it didn't work out. But I wasn't going to stay in Englewood either! So I decided to do this. How many brothers and sisters you taking care of?" Kai'Von asked.
"Two brothers and three sisters."
"There's six of you guys? Your parents must be rabbits!" Kai'von said.
"It's not like that. We're all adopted. The woman that adopted us died a few months ago so we decided to move here."
"Sorry to hear that dude."
"It's ok. That's life sometimes," Gavin said.
"Tell me about it! Hey, where's Calista?"
They were kids. Little boys. What was she going to do with two 19 year olds for 6 months? Nothing, that's what! Calista decided to get off base for a while. They were located right next to the warehouse district and there were some nice bars down there. Did she have to get up at 3? Yes she did. Did she care? Not in the slightest.
O'Malley's Pub seemed as good a place as any to have a quick drink. Her bunk mates weren't even old enough to drink! How ridiculous was that? She couldn't wait for this basic crap to be over.......
Her mother was probably rolling in her grave right now. This isn't the life she saw for her perfect daughter.
Well, ma, sometimes shit just happens. Like you dying. So I guess we're even, she thought to herself.

The next morning, Kai'Von was up with an optimistic attitude. He ran track at this high school and was in pretty good shape. This was going to be a piece of cake.

He was crawling around on his belly in the dirt. Perfect. It sucked, but at least he would have some money to send home to Ginger and the kids. They were his responsiblity now and no one was going to break them up....
So he would crawl around in the dirt. And he would do whatever General Picaso asked him. Because they were a family, and families needed to stick together......

* Title comes from Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

* This house is bananas to play! Those twin toddlers are definitely growing up badly! I hate it, but without cheating, that's the way it's going to be. Thanks to which ever EP increased a family's starting funds, the Newsons were in the bin with $47,000! I had them rent a house from Keisha Knowles and use the bulk of the money to furnish their home. The house was about $32,000. I placed the mortgage shrubs and they moved in for free. Every morning at 7 AM, $320 is deducted from their family funds and sent to Keisha. She gets the interest on the shrubs. I haven't played the Knowles yet so I don't know if Keisha gets the money through the mailbox or what, but I really like this. Now sims can get homes without having to pay the full amount and other sims with money can benefit by owning these rentals.

* I'm still ironing out the kinks of my boot camp, but I'm pretty happy with it. The three of them will be in the elite forces position once they leave. Then they can advance as quickly as they're willing to work for it. They will only stay there for 6 months so since it's winter, Gavin will be back home at the end of the Spring is jammed pack! Celeste and Tessa both make their decisions then as well!

* I had more pictures, but I guess FRAPS ate them. I know I had them but they disappeared. Hopefully the ones I had left made sense :)

* I didn't realize the hot tub was back there, but it will be removed before the next recruits go there. Don't need any oops babies! I'm lucky that Calista can't seem to stand neither Kai'Von or Gavin.....she has a pretty bad attitude all around :)


  1. Wow, this family does sound like it's hard to play. I really feel for the older siblings seeing that they have to give up their "life" to ensure a better life for the younger siblings.

  2. Ha, Calista looks like she'd have a bad attitude! How funny that she acts that way too.

    Poor Ginger, left at home with all those kids! Still, when Gavin comes back, he should be able to provide for them and give them some much-needed stability. It's just a shame he and Ginger have to give up their childhoods (and young adulthoods) to be so adult at such a young age.

  3. I agree with Carla, Calista looks like she'd have a bad attitude, lol!

    I feel really bad for Ginger and Gavin, having to give up their teen and young adult years to be parents to the other kids. I hope Gavin is able to provide for them all when he gets back.

  4. Apple Valley - Too many kids! It really is sad and Ginger never has time to do things for herself, she's too busy taking care of the 4 little ones!

    Carla - Hopefully his military money will be enough. They're renting the house so that's another expense on top of the bills that come in the mail. Calista is so moody! She refuses to have a polite conversation with either of the guys!

    Shana - Calista is going to become a nonplayable playable once their training is over. I don't want to add her in but I do want to get a feel for who she is more. Believe it or not she's a romance sim lol

  5. Oh I like the idea of how you are renting out the property! Things are rough for Ginger and Gavin, that's a lot of responsibilty. I use the same lot for my military base, love it.

    I'm glad Ginger was able to make it to school, what happens if teens flunk out? It's been ages since I had it happen, that I don't even remember.


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