Saturday, July 3, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

Round 5 - Winter 2034
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Matthew Picaso is 36, Jessica is 34, Donna Foster is 50

It's funny how life turns out sometimes.......a month ago she was living in Crystal Bay, making secret trips to LaQuest Beach to strip in a seedy club on the bad side of town. How does a wholesome, self proclaimed good girl like herself become a stripper? Wel it's simple really.......

It's not that she didn't love her husand. In fact if anything, she loved Matthew too much. Sure, he was a pig, always scarfing down his food with absolutely no table manners. And sure he never lifted a finger to clean up around their home. But it was because he was so focused on making it to General. And now he had acheived that things would be better.......
So why was she stripping? Because he no longer found her attractive......oh sure, they would woohoo whenever he was bored and didn't have better things to do. But he no longer looked at her the way he looks at pretty waitresses or flight attendents. She didn't know if he was cheating on her, but she wouldn't be surprised. She could put on a wig and some sexy clothes and all the men in the club wanted her, and it was nice. But once Matt was transfered to Laquest Beach, she knew that she would have to quit. If he ever found out, he would kill her! He wouldn't tolerate her embarassing him that way.........
Matthew Picaso was bored. This should have been the most exciting time in his life. He had finally gotten the promotion he deserved and was even transfered to a great new city. So why did he feel......suffocated? He loved Jessica. This much he knew. But it just wasn't as it had been in the beginning.....he found his eyes wondering sometimes......but he would never cheat on her........
He figured his first day on base would be tough. He had been brought in and chosen over many other soldiers......there were bound to be some hard feelings......
She was pregnant........she didn't know whether to cry or shout. She had convinced Matt to let her buy a building and turn it into a salon. Picaso Cuts hadn't even been open very long! She just hoped Matt was happy about it.....he had never really wanted children......

Donna Foster was one of the people Matt had been promoted over. He could tell she wasn't happy about it, but she really didn't have a say in the matter. He was the youngest general she and the rest of the unit had ever seen. But that didn't mean he couldn't do his job.
What was that old saying? Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? That's exactly what he planned to do.......this move to LaQuest may prove to be the best one he had ever made....

* Title comes from this song by Vivian Green

* So I you probably don't remember this, but Jessica was the stripper in Derrick's club:
I didn't even realize who she was when he hired her! When my sims are in the bin, they are considered living in another place. So she was sneaking to LaQuest to do this, unknown to Matt. So I had to figure out why she would do it.....after playing their house, I can see why! He had absolutely NO wants or fears associated with Jessica. None. It's like he doesn't care at all! So I figured she needed a little attention and she thought she could do this instead of cheatiing :)

* Baby Picaso will be here Fall 2035.......poor, poor child! This was completely an oops baby as ol Matt didn't have a baby want!

* I actually have a lot that acts as the base, I'll talk more about it in the Newson update. It's residential now just because it's easier to send people there that way.


  1. "She didn't know if he was cheating on her, but she wouldn't be surprised."

    Neither would I, given the way he acts in other hoods! You did a great job explaining why a good girl like Jessica might start to strip.

    I feel sorry for this poor baby coming into this marriage!

  2. Aww, I hope things change a bit for the family so that they can reconnect.

  3. Poor little Picaso baby. If you take him from all the other hoods, he has fathered quite a herd of rascals! And I feel bad for all of them! lol I like how you showed the reason behind Jessica being a stripper, makes perfect sense really.

  4. Watch out for twins! I know Jessica and Matthew have had twins in my hood and Maisie's, so yours could be next, lol. ;)

    I hope things get better for them though and they can reconnect to provide a good family for the baby.

  5. Carla - That's why I left it open.....I've seen how he is in other hoods and I don't know if he'll be better or worse in mine! They only have one bolt together which may have a lot to do with it!

    Apple Valley - I hope so too, I have enough screwed up sims!

    Maisie - Haha I'm looking forward to seeing how their child will be. I'm glad my reasoning made sense. It just seems so out of character for her that I have to make sense of it

    Shana - Geez, more twins? Let's hope not! Maybe he'll become better once the baby is born.....

  6. Matthew Picaso is at it again, in another hood. I can wait to see what kind of antics he gets into here.


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