Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Round 7 Summary

Births: Jordyn Pace, Liam Coners, Adam Ellison

Weddings: Kenny Coners & Kayla Knowles; Derick Pace & Charity Jones

Expectant Mothers: Celeste Oros, Jessica Picaso, Meadow Thayer

Round 7 was filled with lots of drama, laughs, and love! Mellow Metal had their first tour, Kenny got married and had his first son! Derick Pace is attempting to turn over a new leaf for the sake of his daughter and wife. Celeste is finally going to be a mother and Slade was hit with the bomb that he is going to become a father. Round 8 is sure to be just as drama filled, if not more so! Here are the ROS for round 8:

* Oh no! Scotty beamed you up! Get abducted by aliens (I SO hate who rolled this :/. It's going to be hard as hell to work this in naturally lol. I think you'll be pretty surprised! I know I was!)

* Ugh, this 9 to 5 blows! Quit your job and start a new venture.

* Expand your family by adoption (Again, very fitting for this couple. I was actually going to let them adopt Meadow's baby, but it isn't very realistic)

I've been dying to roll the abduction one and isn't it just poetic that it's on the last person I would have ever picked! It'll be very interesting to work this out, in the end I'm sure it'll be good......I hope :). I'll be creating a page for all my non-playables like Mindi and the Phillippines who have twins that go to LBE. The census page has been updated to reflect the current stats.......quite a few sims in the hood now! Please be sure to check on my babble blog here for biographies on the founding sims and newly added playables.

I've also decided to make Meadow playable. I don't see her and Slade getting together, and I actually like playing with her. Plus, she'll be having the child of a playable character so I think it's only fair. I'm on the fence about whether Ricky will or not.......


  1. I'm so curious about the abduction, can the aliens themselves be abducted?

  2. No :). I'll reroll if any of the aliens get that ROS. I think it would defeat their purpose in abducting people if there is no mixing of human and adult species. I've scheduled the abduction pretty early on in the round to give myself time to really address it. I still don't know how I'm writing it in and probably won't know until I actually take the pics and start the post lol.

  3. I always love your round summaries!

    You've made me very curious about the abduction ROS. I can't wait to see who rolled that. I'm always expecting Christian to roll it, lol! Can you imagine?

  4. I ditto Carla. Serves the mayor right if he got abducted! Ha!

  5. My first thought was Christian too! I'd love it if it were him! It's been a good round, lots of new life, and love, and settling down, and next round, we get to see if those that settled down can really handle parenthood, and committed relationships!

  6. Carla - It would definitely be hilarious to see Christian inseminated, but my lips are sealed :). Thanks, I'm glad you like the summaries, I try to hit all the high points for anyone who may have missed a post here or there.

    Laurelcrossing - I can imagine's Christian's horror if he knew you all were rooting for him to get abducted lol

    Maisie - Definitely had a lot going on this round, I'm most anxious to see how the Meadow/Slade situation is going to play out. I of course have an idea how I would like it to happen, but you know sims, they'll throw a wrench in my plans with one of their crazy wants lol. I have been on twitter in a few days but I hope your house search is going well. I have my fingers crossed for you :)

  7. Ooooohh can't wait for the abduction one, even if it wasn't the ideal sim who rolled it.

    Looks like we are in for a round as interesting and dramatic as the last! :)


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