Sunday, July 24, 2011

Until the end of time

Round 8 - December 2040
Gretchen Chin is 33, Gavin Newson is 25, Gallagher is 11, Gabriella is 9, Garrett and Georgia are 8 (Ginger Newson is 20)
'Cause if your love was all I had, in this life
Well that would enough, until the end of time
So rest your weary heart, and relax your mind
'Cause I'm gonna move you girl, until the end of time 
Justin Timberlake

"I can't believe your brother is getting to move to another place!" Ricki said.
"Yea......we're gonna miss him. But Gretchen is suppose to stay here and take care of us," Georgia said.
"Is she nice?"
"Yea, she is. I think my brother really likes her," Georgia said with a giggle.

Gavin did in fact really like Gretchen. How many women would agree to stay in a house full of little kids and take care of them while he left for an entire year. She was a very special woman and Gavin knew that there was no one who he would rather share the rest of his life with.

"Are you ok? You've been awful quiet tonight," Gavin said.
"I'm, I'm not. I'm going to miss you so much. It's not fair," she said gulping down her water. It did nothing to help the dryness of her mouth. It had been that way since Gavin announced that he would be leaving.
"Let's not think about that tonight," he said.
"How can we not think about it?"

"By toasting to us," he said after the wine arrived.
"To us?" she asked.
"Yes. I love you Gretchen. And I know this will be hard, for both of us. And especially for the kids. But we've been through so much and came out better for it. This will be no different. You just have to believe in us and our family," Gavin said.
"I do. I love you too, Gavin."

"I know it's a lot to ask, you taking care of the kids for a whole year........." he began.
"Don't be ridiculous! Gavin, those kids feel like my children, I love them too. My only issue with this whole situation is that you will be gone for a whole year," she said sadly.
"It will zoom by," he said.

His palms were sweaty. He couldn't remember the last time he was this nervous......maybe never! But he wasn't nervous because he thought he was making a mistake. He was sure that this was what he needed to do. But at the same time, he couldn't be sure of her answer. He'd already asked so much of her.........

"Gretchen?" he said.
"Yes, Gavin?"
"You're........and I.......I love you," he said in a rush.
"I love you too. We covered that already," she said laughing.
"I mean, I really love you. Like, forever kind of love you. Like, want you to share my last name kind of love you," he said.
"Are you mean........"

"Yes. Gretchen Joan Chin, would you do me the awesome honor of becoming my wife?" Gavin said.
"I......I don't know what to say.........are you sure you want to do this? Because if this is just because you're leaving........" she said.
"No! I've been planning this moment for months now. Way before I even knew that I would be leaving," Gavin said.

"Oh, Gavin it's so beautiful!" she exclaimed.
"Can I get an answer?" he asked with a smile.
"Oh, of course I'll marry you!"

"I want to do this before I leave. I want to be coming back home to my wife," Gavin said.
"That's not very much time to plan a wedding," she said.
"I know, but we could just do it at city hall. And then when I get back, we can have a proper ceremony if you'd like," he said.
"Well......okay. Let's do it!" she said with a smile.

She'd said yes. Gretchen Chin was going to be his wife. It was almost enough to make him forget about having to leave in a few weeks..........almost.

Two weeks later, Gavin was headed to the base to get briefed on what his part was to be once he arrived in Three Lakes. Once he was done there, he would be heading down to city hall to marry the love of his life.

Gretchen couldn't wait to get married to Gavin. She was happy to be marrying into such a great and close knit family. It was something she had always wanted for herself.

"So are you going to be our mom now?" Georgia asked.
"Well, no not really. Since Gavin is your brother, I would be more like a sister I suppose," Gretchen said.
"Well, I'm happy that you'll be my new sister. You can take Ginger's place since she left."
"Oh, I couldn't take Ginger's place. She's still your sister, she just moved away for college. How about if I'm just your new sister?"
"I guess that's okay too," Georgia said.
"Good," Gretchen said with a smile.

It was tough getting all four kids dressed and keeping them clean until they arrived at city hall, but Gretchen managed to do it. Ginger was also in attendance, as was Kimber Henderson.

Gretchen knew that changing her last name wouldn't be a real difference from how things had always been. They had always treated her like family, always made her feel welcome. And she couldn't wait to start this new chapter of her life.

Mayor Brown conducted the ceremony for them. He knew that the young man would be headed off on military duty soon, and it did his heart good to see that he wanted to marry his sweetheart before he left.

He was going to miss her so much once he left. But he didn't want to think about that now. He simply wanted to revel in the beauty that was his wife..........

And soon Christian was telling Gavin to kiss his bride. Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Newson...........he didn't think he would ever get tired of hearing that........

They had been through a lot together, ups and downs, the good and the bad. But they were a close knit group, that Newson clan. And the future looked very bright..........

* Gavin has had the want to marry Gretchen for a while now and I figured now would be a good time. Besides, in order for her to reap the full benefits of him being in the military and guardianship of the kids in his absence, this was necessary. Or it would be in the real world :)

* I was on the fence about revealing this now, but Gretchen is pregnant. She got knocked up when I sent them back home after the wedding. I stepped away from my computer for one second, then I heard those damn chimes. I'm not going to address the pregnancy until after he's gone though. Realistically, there's no way for her to know and be able to tell him before he their first child will be born while he is still sad is that :/.

* And this blows because isn't there already enough people in this house?! Now we're gonna throw a baby into the mix? I almost quit without saving, I really did.......damn sims and their hormones lol.


  1. LOL! I'm not surprised that she's pregnant. It happens a lot like that in the military. Right before leaving or when they are home on leave, then there's always an extra something later-that's how my brother came about :P

  2. Oooh it's great they were able to get married before he had to leave. But how sad for them that she will be having the baby when he's not there!
    I'm glad they are having a baby, even though the house is going to be really full!

  3. Aww! I'm glad they got hitched before Gavin left. And now they're having a's definitely sad that Gavin won't be there by Gretchen's side when she gives birth but I'm sure he'll make up for it when he gets home.

    Gretchen is a saint, for sure! I was going to say that she should be thankful none of the kids are toddlers any more but now, for part of the time, she'll be dealing with a newborn instead!

  4. Oh man, how sucky to have a baby with Gavin missing the birth! That is going to be a lot of work for Gretchen to have all these kids to care for, plus herself while pregnant, and then new baby! But I'm happy they were able to get married, and I'm sure it will work out in the end, it always does. And the big kids might like having a little one in the family to play with that is "new" and such. Youngest kids usually get lots of attention.

  5. Apple Valley - It's sad but it is pretty realistic. When I heard those chimes I was like really guys? You think NOW is the time to try for a baby?! Silly sims :)

    Tanja - The house will most definitely be quite full with her, four kids, a baby, and the dog!

    Carla - Gretchen is seriously a saint lol. I don't know if I could do that, have an instant family that consisted of four kids......that's a lot to take on! And I don't know, I kinda think dealing with the newborn is easier than the toddlers (at least it is in the sims lol)

  6. I love this family! They are all so close, and you've done a really good job telling their story. I'm glad Gavin and Gretchen are finally getting married though, Rey are meant to be. It sucks that their child will be born when he's away though.

    Great update! :)


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