Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - February 2041

Just one birthday this time, but he's such a cutie :)

How adorable is Liam Coners?! He's celebrating his first birthday. I think he's going to be a little mini version of his dad :). He's going to be a super sweet kid who is very outgoing and active. Kayla can't believe her little man is already one year old! And how cute is his little mohawk? Just like daddy's :)

* I aged Liam up just to see what he would look like and he's really going to take after Kenny and Terrence. So just thought I would give you a heartbreaker alert lol

* I know I said I would address Gretchen and her pregnancy in this bday post but this has been a busy week and I've actually not gotten a chance to go in the game in a few days. But I have another birthday post in April 2041 so we'll see her there.

* I've also added a non playable family. The Phillippine twins have been in my elementary school posts and they are the same age as the Brown twins. I added their family to Camden Park because I really wanted to have a farming family. I can't see any of my current residents waking up and wanting to run a farm lol. So we'll meet them in the next post. The father is Clarence and he'll run the farm and the mother is Lily and she'll actually be teaching at the elementary school. I have a lot in mind for a store for him to sell his produce, but he'll need to work on his badge a bit before I'll let him take out a loan and buy it.


  1. He is so cute!! He looks like a little rock star heartbreaker already. ;)

  2. Liam is just too cute!! I'm sure he's going to break a lot of hearts when he's older!

  3. Liam is almost criminally cute! I just adore him and I can't believe he's already one either!

  4. Also congrats on your love secret post on SimSecret!

  5. Very cute! And congrats on the Simsecret. You're quite popular now, huh? =)

  6. Shana - He does look like he's gonna break some hearts doesn't he? :)

    Tanja - Thanks!

    Carla - It doesn't seem like that much time has passed! They grow up so fast sometimes, even playing as slowly as I do

    Apple Valley - Thanks so much! It was such a surprise to be mentioned, I only started looking at simsecret a few months ago.

    Choco - I don't know how popular I am lol. I'm just grateful to which ever of my readers thought to make a post about me! And it was nice to be mentioned in such good company, I'm a reader of all the blogs I was mentioned with as well :)

  7. He's adorable!!! Can't wait to see how he ages up and how his personality grows. Looking forward to seeing the Phillippine family, sounds like they will be a busy one!

  8. Aaaaaaahhhh! Liam is probably the cutest little sim-boy I have ever seen! Of course, I expected nothing less from Kenny and Kayla...

    Can't wait to see your new family! I have a soft spot for farmers..;)


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