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Caught Myself - Part I

Round 8 - August 2040 - LBU
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Caleb Henderson, Ricky Cormier, Kimberly Jackson, and Meadow Thayer are 20

Don't know what I want
But I know it's not you
Keep pushing and pulling me down
When I know in my heart it's not you

If someone had told her that her college career would come to an end with her leaving pregnant, she would have laughed in their faces. Not Meadow Thayer. In a way she was glad to be leaving. She was showing now, and she was tired of the stares she got from other students. Maybe it was all in her head, maybe not. But either way she wasn't sad to be leaving. Things with Slade had improved......well as much as they were probably going to......she had had a conversation with him about helping her move to the new apartment with Ginger and she had only called him a bastard once......a definite improvement.......

No one was happier about Meadow's departure than Ricky. He did feel a bit bad for her being pregnant and all, but at the same time he was convinced that her absence would help his relationship with Kimberly. 
"Meadow just left in the taxi! This is going to be a good semester!" he said.
"What do you mean? How is Meadow being gone going to make things better around here?" Caleb asked.

"Because now me and Kimberly can get back on track!" Ricky said.
"Wait, what? Dude, Kimberly is mad at you because you were sleeping with Meadow behind her back, how is Meadow leaving suppose to fix that?"
"Nope, nope Caleb. You're not ruining this for me, Kimberly has almost forgiven me and Meadow leaving will be the push she needs," Ricky said.
"If you say so man......."

Kimberly knew that Ricky thought Meadow leaving was going to fix everything between them.......well he was very, very wrong. 

"So Meadow's gone," Ricky said with a smile later.
"Yea, I heard. It's kinda sad that she's gotten herself in that predicament," Kimberly said.
"Well, it was only a matter of time. But this should make things good with us, right? I mean her presence was kind of a reminder of what happened, but she's gone now," he said.
"It's not that simple, Ricky."

"What do you mean it's not that simple?" Ricky said.
"You think just because you apologize for something that it's automatically forgiven?"
"That's usually how it works, yes," he said.
"Ok. Let me kick you in the balls and then apologize and see how willing you are to forgive me."
"You're being ridiculous!" he yelled.
"Who is the father of Meadow's baby, Ricky?"

"Is that what this is about? You can't be serious, Kim! Everyone knows the kid is Slade's!"
"No, everyone knows that that is what she's saying. Of course she would rather blame it on Slade than you. Is it possible that it's your baby?" she asked.
"I can't believe this! No, no it's not. There is no possible way that I'm the father of her child. I told you, me and her haven't done anything in a long time!" 
"How can I know that?"
"Because I'm telling you, dammit! I don't know what you want me to say. I never even imagined that you would act like this," he said.
"Maybe if you hadn't been sneaking around with her I could believe you now," she said on the verge of tears.

"Is there a problem here?" Chase Ramsey asked. He would be taking the room that Meadow had left and had a few classes with Kimberly.
"Everything is fine," she said.
"Who the hell are you?" Ricky asked.
"A friend. Something you obviously aren't if you're making her cry."
"This has nothing to do with you! Now if you'll excuse us......"
"There's nothing more to talk about, Ricky. I can't be sure that you're not the father of her child. I'm sorry, but it's over," Kimberly said walking away with Chase.

"So did you talk to Kimberly?" Caleb asked later. 
"And she thinks I'm the father of Meadow's kid and it's over," Ricky said.
"What? Wow, I didn't even think about that but I can understand how she would think that."
"Yea? Well that makes one of us," Ricky said walking off.

Ricky wasn't going to sulk about Kimberly. There were definitely other fish in the sea.
"How about me and you go grab a bite to eat," he asked Abigale the next day.
"Ummmmm, no. Aren't you about to be a father?"
"What? Where the hell did you hear that?" he asked.
"Everyone knows Meadow dropped out because she got pregnant. Everyone knows you two had a thing going on. It's not hard to put together, Ricky."
"Has everyone lost their minds? Slade Willis is the father of Meadow's baby......not me!"
"If you say so. I don't really want to get involved with all that though. See ya around," Abigale said walking off.

"I can't believe this," Ricky said with a sad smile.
"Well, I think the problem is that everyone saw you and Meadow one really saw her with Slade," Caleb said.
"What the hell am I suppose to do now?"
"Well, once she has the baby and everyone knows that it's not yours, I'm sure things will settle down. We don't get many big scandals like this on campus," Caleb said with a laugh.
"Well I'm not waiting that long..........."

If all the girls at LBU thought he had fathered a child, he'd just have to find girls elsewhere. He met a cute cheerleader named Christy from their rival school who thought he was pretty hot stuff......

Kimberly had called Ginger and asked her to meet her at a bar near the docks so they could talk.
"Thanks for meeting me," she said.
"Yea, no problem. What's going on?" Ginger asked.
"Come on, let's get a drink," Kimberly said.

"So how is living with Meadow going?" Kimberly asked.
"It's ok.......I mean she's Meadow, it's going as good as it possibly can given the circumstances."
"Look, the reason I asked you to meet me is that I need to know something. Is Slade really the father of her baby?" Kimberly asked.
"Yea, that's what she says. Why do you ask?"

"Because you know how Meadow is, she'd blame Slade even if it was someone else's baby," Kimberly said.
"Oh, I get it. Some one else like Ricky?" Ginger asked.
"I'm being silly aren't I?"
"I mean, I wouldn't say that. You have a point, she would much rather have Slade be the dad than Ricky. Well, she would have before her fight with him. She says that Slade is the father and she seems pretty adamant about it," Ginger said.

"I don't know what to believe. I want to believe that it isn't Ricky, but I can't know for sure because of what he did," Kimberly said sadly.
"Hey, I get it. I don't know what I would do if Caleb cheated on me and I found out. It sounds to me like it doesn't matter whether he is the dad or not."
"What do you mean? Of course it does!" Kimberly said.
"No, it doesn't. Trust is like a mirror. If you break it and the pieces are big enough, you can put it back together. But there will always be cracks in it. Even if it isn't his baby, you'll always wonder what he's doing and if he's seeing someone else. That's not a good place to be in," Ginger said.

Kimberly knew she was right. She really cared about Ricky, but she would never be able to trust him again. She silently accepted that her relationship with Ricky Cormier was over.

* I promise, they did actually go to class during all this lol. Ricky is striking out with the ladies now that he no longer has that romance sim benefit. So I chalked it up to the scandal surrounding Meadow and her pregnancy.

* Kimberly's knight in armor is Chase Ramsay. She has a two bolt attraction to him and I can totally see her falling for him once she's over her heartbreak.......we'll see what happens, we still have 3 more semesters before they graduate. They will all be leaving LBU at the end of the round, if they keep their GPAs up that is lol

* Part II will be with Ginger and Meadow in their new apt. I can't wait to play them together and see how they interact with one another :)


  1. Boy, you weren't kidding when you said that living with Meadow was going to cause drama! Poor Ginger! They've only lived together a little while and she's already in the middle of it all.

    I feel terribly for Kimberly, but I think she's made the right choice. If you can't trust the guy then it's not a good idea to be with him. Plain and simple! But now she's got me wondering who the real father is of Meadow's baby!

  2. Heeellllooooo Chase *waves* Not bad on the eyes there Kimberly. Well, Ricky, it was bound to bite him in the butt his wandering eye (and who knows what else :P ) He messed up a good thing and sometimes that happens.

  3. LOL, as soon as I saw Chase, I thought "oh, here we go!"

    I don't blame Kimberly for wondering whether Meadow's baby is really Slade's. If Ricky lied to her about Meadow in the first place, how can she possibly believe he won't lie to her again?

    I'm really curious to see Ginger and Meadow living together. Poor Ginger, lol!

  4. Mandie - Oh yes, Meadow is the queen of drama! Slade is definitely the father, but I only know because I was there. I figured since Kimberly wasn't, she would have doubts as to the paternity.

    Apple Valley - He's a cutie isn't he? I installed a clean uni and had to create my own dormies.......I forgot how cute he turned out! Ricky has definitely messed up a good thing where Kimberly is concerned. Hopefully he has learned his lesson!!

    Carla - LOL yes, Chase is definitely trouble for him! Ginger and Meadow are definitely an odd pair. I can see them either grudgingly getting along or pulling each others' hair out......time will tell which one happens lol

  5. I'm sure Kimberly's reaction wasn't what Ricky was expecting once Meadow moved out.
    I think Kimberly's reaction is normal though, there's isn't any way for to be100% sure that Ricky isn't the father!
    Chase definatly is trouble for Ricky, but I hope he can make Kimberly happy :)


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