Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - January 2041

Warning: Not your average b'day post :)

She had been in pain for over an hour. She knew what that meant, knew that she needed to get to the hospital. But if she went, once she walked through those doors and that baby was delivered, she would be someone's mother. And she just simply was not ready for that. Not at all...................

The pains got worse and Ginger got impatient.
"Look, I know you're scared. But you are not having this damn baby in this apartment. So move your ass, we're going to the hospital!" Ginger said.
"But....." Meadow began.
"I don't want to hear it! You're going! Now!"

"Are you doing better?" Ginger asked once they arrived.
"What do you think? They are about to rip a kid out of me! How would you be doing? Do you plan to stand around asking stupid questions this whole time?" Meadow asked.
"I'm going to assume that that's the pain talking. Don't push me," Ginger said.

"I just wanted to come check on her progress. I won't be performing the birth, Dr. Knowles will. She should be pretty ready to go here shortly and we'll wheel her into the delivery room so she can meet her new baby," Dr. Carr said.
"Thank you so much. Although, I am feeling a little sorry for Dr. Knowles. She isn't the most easy patient," Ginger said.
"Hello? Pregnant woman here! Can we just get this show on the road?" Meadow said.
"I rest my case," Ginger said shaking her head.

After hours and hours of labor, Joss Silvia Willis was born. Slade didn't arrive to the hospital until after the birth, but there was no disputing that she was in fact his daughter.

Joss had her mother's baby blues, but her flaming red hair definitely belonged to Slade. He was a father..........he had a ironic was that? One day his daughter might meet a guy like him. The very idea scared the living hell out of him!

"Would you like to hold her?" Kevin asked.
"Oh no, I might drop her or something," Slade said.
"I think you can handle it," Kevin said laughing.
"Nah, I don't want to take any chances. She's beautiful, isn't she?" He asked.
"Yes sir, she is."
"I guess I won't be needing that paternity test after all huh?" he asked.
"I would say no. She favors you quite a bit," Kevin said.
"Yea.......hey there sweet girl..........I guess I need to go talk to your mom," Slade said.

"She's beautiful. Quite possibly the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Not that I've seen that many," Slade said.
"Yes. She is. Did you have them do the paternity test?" Meadow asked.
"No. Seems kind of silly when she's obviously my daughter," he said.
"Hey, you're the one who just HAD to have a test done. I told you she was yours," Meadow said.

"Look, I know I've been a bastard. I'm man enough to say I'm sorry. But this doesn't change anything. I'll be there for Joss, I'll do everything I can as far as she is concerned. I want her in my life. But you and I..........we just don't work Meadow. And I'm not ready to settle down right now. Hell I may never be. And that's the honest truth," Slade said.

"I meant it when I said I was done with you. All I want from you now is some help with Joss. Financially and emotionally. I want her to know her father. But you're right, we aren't a good match. And while I acknowledge your apology, I don't think I'm ready to accept it yet. Maybe I will be one day. For now, I think we can remain civil to one another for Joss' sake," Meadow said.
"Well.......finally something we can agree on," Slade said.

* Well.......there it is lol. I think it's hilarious that a womanizer like Slade ended up having a little girl :). I aged her up and she is going to be the spitting image of him until she's a teen. Then she'll start to look more like Meadow.

* I just couldn't see these two kissing and making up. So Joss will spend time with both of her parents at their respective homes. They may eventually end up together, I wouldn't count that out completely; but at this moment I don't see it happening.

* And I know I said before that Meadow had picked out "M" names, but I was listening to Joss Stone when the baby was born and I went with that lol. I think it's fitting that Slade's daughter is named after another musician :)


  1. Joss is just adorable! I can't wait to see her when she's older. And Meadow and Slade, I agree that they're not really meant to be. But I hope they'll both be able to be proper parents for Joss. She'll definitely need it!

    Great update! :)

  2. Joss is a doll, love her eyes and I hope she gives Slade a run for his money. Make him think twice of how he's treated women in the past.

  3. I think Joss is very fitting for Slade's daughter as well. Great name. :)

    And I love that he had a daughter! He'll have a taste of his own medicine once she starts dating, lol!

    It's very good to see that Meadow and Slade are going to try and maintain some civility for their daughter's sake.

  4. Coolkat2 - I think they'll be able to get along fairly well.....although I don't know what will happen once one of them gets serious about someone else lol

    Apple Valley - I can't wait to see what her personality will be like, but she's going to be gorgeous. Slade will definitely have his work cute out for him lol

    Carla - It seems like a proper name for a rockstar's daughter :). I was secretly hoping that he would have a daughter lol. He's definitely in for a rocky road with her :)

  5. I'm glad Slade apologized and they're going to try to be civil and share responsibility for the baby.

    I hope Joss turns out to be a strong-willed girl, and teaches her dad a thing or two about dealing with women! ;)

  6. Aww, I can't wait to see her older. And I find it hilarious that he has a daughter now. And I think he's going to be something to contend with when she starts dating.


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