Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All I Really Want

Round 8 - October 2040
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Satitu and Celeste Oros are 30, Andromeda is 2 months old, and Starema Orionious is 130 (Terrence Coners is 49, Amanda and Corbin Gray are 44, Connor is 8)

And all I really want, is some comfort
A way to get my hands untied
And all I really want, is some justice
Oh ah, oh ah, oh ah ah
Alanis Morrisette

Starema was really worried about Celeste. The newest abduction seemed to really be taking a toll on her daughter. She just didn't get why she wanted to stress herself out over this. No human would take the news that they had been pollinated well. And the males were even more opposed to it than the females as they saw it detracting from their "masculinity". It was all such silliness. She would think they would be honored to be chosen. It's not like it's something that happens every day!

Satitu was also worried about his wife. He hoped his newest project would help her out a bit with her stress. Satitu had bought a building downtown to open up his robotics store. Despite her protests, he had chosen to name it Andromeda, after his daughter. Sure, it wasn't the catchiest title, but it held meaning for him. As the humans were still a bit squeamish around him, he decided to build himself an android to help him in the shop. He would not sell androids to the humans, imagine what they would do with them! But he had decided on a few other prototypes that would help the humans with everyday household chores. His android could help Celeste around the house when it wasn't with him at the store.

Celeste received an unexpected call from Terrence Coners. She was sure he would avoid her until it was time for the baby to arrived. She wasn't sure whether it was a good sign or not...........

Spending time with Andromeda reminded Starema of when Celeste was first born. She only got to spend a few days with her before she was sent down to Earth. She felt she was getting a second chance with Andromeda. She eagerly changed diapers and fed her and even often times told her stories of their home planet. Oh, she knew the young infant didn't quite understand yet. But it was never too early to start!

"This is the weirdest shit I've ever done," Terrence said.
"I can imagine. I bet you never thought you'd actually know what your wife felt like when she was pregnant, did you?" Celeste said.
"No, no I didn't. And I have to say, it really is just as unpleasant as women say," he said.
"I know. I just went through it myself a couple months ago. What brings you by?" she asked.

"I'm not a bad guy, Mrs. Oros. I'm a good father, good provider for my family. I do my civic duty, I vote, I pay my taxes. But this........this is so above and beyond anything I should ever have to endure. There's a rift in my family now. An imaginary line drawn in the sand. On one side, there's me and my daughter Imani, who think this entire thing is a huge nightmare. We don't feel it's my responsibility to help you save your planet. And I wasn't even given the choice. But my wife and daughter Imara are excited. They feel we should keep this baby, raise it up, take care of it. But I can't do that. I won't do that. You see, you and your people have put me in a terrible position. I stand to lose my family, the life I've carefully built up for myself. It isn't fair," Terrence said.
"I know, Mr. Coners. I grew up here, among humans, never knowing that I was an alien up until a few years ago. My mother showed up on my doorstep saying that she had had to send me down here to see if our people could successfully live among the humans. I've been to Peragama, it's beautiful. It's where I met my husband. From my experience, I can tell you that raising this child will not be easy. Not for you, or them. My face is really the only thing that sets me apart from humans and I was still given so much crap growing up. It's even harder for Connor Gray and it's going to be hard for your child, no matter who raises him or her," Celeste said.

"Don't you see? I shouldn't care! It's not like I was given a choice. Is it sad that the child will have a tough time here? Of course! Maybe your people should attempt to populate a more accepting planet," Terrence said.
"It's not that simple. We need the right atmosphere and conditions. Earth provides that. I promise you, I've given as many arguments against this that I can, and it's just not going to work. I had the opportunity to stay on Peragama with my husband. I could have just completely disregarded the problems this habitation will cause for humans. But even though I wasn't accepted by them, I couldn't stand by while this happened. So I do my best to make it a smooth process," she said.

"Well it's not a smooth process! It's ruining my life! It's making me have to choose. And there is no right answer," Terrence said.
"No, there isn't. Me and my family are prepared to take in this child if you decide against keeping it. I've told you that," Celeste said.
"I wish it were that simple," Terrence said getting up.

"See ya in eight months," he said as he left.
Celeste was certain that she had the worst job in the universe.........

Maybe her mom was right, cats were a lot easier to keep happy........Neo was always fat, happy, and content........if only everyone could be that way.....

Maybe her mom was right about a lot of things......but Celeste would never tell her that!

"Be sure you work on the details of it's artificial intelligence," Starema said .
"I've made an android before, Starema," Satitu said smiling.
"I know, I know. But it's easy to forget that that needs tweaking before the initialization."
"Thank you for your concern. That's what I'm working on now. Actually, I'm done," he said.

Satitu named him Cyrax. He chose to give him the attributes of a male as he felt it would make him more useful. But he would never tell Celeste that!

Cyrax would be able to prepare the meals and help Celeste with other household things. He was equipped with a knowledge base that allowed him to be able to cook even the most complicated of meals, as well as fix any of the human appliances. Cyrax would also work the register at Andromeda for Satitu. That way he wouldn't have to worry about trying to hire a human.

Celeste and the Grays had also decided to tell Connor about his heritage. She did not see this going very well.
"Connor, there's something we need to tell you," Amanda began.
"What is it mom?"
"'s about where you came from," Amanda said.
"What do you mean? I came from your belly right?" Connor asked.
"Not exactly son. You came from mine," Corbin said.
"But men don't have babies. That's not the way it goes," Connor said.
"Care to pick that up?" Corbin asked Celeste.

"Well......Remember when I said you and I were special Connor?"
"Yes, I remember."
"Well, we're special because we're not from this planet. You and I are from a planet called Titusernera,
 Celeste said.

"You mean I'm an alien? So all those kids were right? That's why I'm green? So Hayden Brown is right, I am a weirdo! But why am I here? Why couldn't I just stay on Titusernera?" Connor asked with tears in his eyes.
"Oh, please don't cry! I know it's hard for you. You see, I was sent down here as a kid too. So I know how you feel. You and I are here because our planet is going to be destroyed and we have to find a new home," Celeste said.
"So where are the other aliens? Why is it just you and I and your mom and Mr. Oros?" Connor asked.
"Because we can't all move at once. The humans would be a bit nervous if a bunch of aliens just came down. They would think we wanted to take over, which we don't," Celeste said.
"I want to see my planet," Connor said.

"Well we don't think that's a good idea right now," Amanda said.
"Why not? Why shouldn't I see where I come from?" Connor asked.
"You should......when you're a little older," Amanda said.
"Don't you want to see where I'm from?" Corbin asked.
"Why? If you aren't my parents, then what does it matter?" Connor asked.

"Do you see what you did?" Corbin asked.
"I want to see my home planet!" Connor said angrily.
'How are we suppose to deal with this?" Amanda asked.
"Connor, they are still your parents. Your dad was taken to Titusernera where he was given you. And your mom has been there since your birth, loving you and taking care of you. Haven't you noticed how much you look like them?" Celeste asked.
"Well........I do kinda look like my dad, except my skin is green," Connor said.
"That's right. So you should continue to treat them with the respect you've always given them, ok?"
"Yes ma'am........" he said sadly.

"We want you to see your planet son. But we want to wait until you're a little older. In the mean time, your mother and I are going to take you and Alex to my hometown, Takezimu Village. That is apart of your heritage as well," Corbin said.
"Really? It'll be so much fun! Can I take my contacts out?" Connor asked.
"Why would you want to do that?" Corbin asked.
"Because...........I wanted to wear them so I would fit in more.......but now I know that I'll never fit in.....What's the use of having regular eyes when my skin is green," Connor said.
"I don't know if that's a good idea......." Corbin began.
"Come child, let's get those despicable things off your eyes," Starema said.

He had forgotten what his eyes looked like under the contacts........he never took them off.
"Maybe it isn't such a good idea after all," Connor said.
"You look just fine. You look as you were meant to look," Starema said.

"So are you going to lose the contacts?" Amanda asked. She and Corbin had decided to leave it up to him.
"I haven't decided yet.........but it is very possible," Connor said.
Who knew what would become of this...........

Celeste was glad that Cyrax was able help out around the house. With the way things were going in her life, she wouldn't be able to do much more than take care of Andromeda.........her daughter........

..........what kind of world was she bringing her into? She knew King Rolared had the best of intentions, but she just didn't think that the humans and aliens would ever be able to peacefully coexist.........and that fact made her very sad........

* Oh, the drama of Round only bright spot in this update was Cyrax (Yes, I'm a fan of Mortal Kombat and have the current version on Xbox 360 lol). I didn't think it would be right to wait anymore to tell Connor about who he really is. He's just so smart that it makes sense to tell him the truth. He will be taking a trip to Peragama, but not this round. I'm pretty sure I'm going to let him stay with Totia while he's there since they are the same kind of alien. He should have a ball hanging out with her :).

* This still feels so awkward to me, Terrence being pregnant. Why, oh why did he have to be the one to roll it? Ugh, I promise to stop whining about it. I still haven't decided what's to become of the baby.........there's just so much to take into consideration.....

* And how awesome is Cyrax? I downloaded that servo default replacement from GOS and I love it! He'll be treated as a robot, I know servos are suppose to be able to fall in love and all that jazz, but they're robots! Cyrax will simply be their faithful, ageless servant........I picture his voice being one of dry sarcasm, so I'm excited about writing with him :). Satitu won't be making any more androids, Cyrax is a special case. But he will make all the other robots that the robot bench allows. We probably won't get a look at his new shop until next round though :/. Maybe I'll do a tour for the babble blog......

* We won't hear anything more on any of this for a little while. The next update that affects any of them is the elementary school post in February. And that's only if I allow Connor to permanently lose the contacts......decisions, decisions.......


  1. Gosh, I am glad that I'm not in your shoes. So much drama with Celeste and deciding how to help the families in bad situations because of the choices of her king-not to mention you also have an elf war brimming.

  2. Ooh drama! What a big decision over who ends up with the child. As I said before, I cannot wait to see the story develop!

    Connor took the news pretty well, I wonder how he will enjoy visiting his home planet!

  3. I think Connor was probably thisclose to figuring it out himself, so it was a good idea to break it to him now, rather than later. He took it pretty well, eventually.

    And yikes...Terrence is in a state! I do feel awful for Celeste - she's kind of stuck in the middle here. I'm so curious what Terrence will eventually decide to do with this child.

    Cyrax looks pretty cool! And Starema cracks me up - she's so no-nonsense and she seems to have stepped right into the mother-in-law and grandmother role!

  4. Glad that Connor seems to take it the information alright, I feel sad for him having the people who teased him be right in an essence, that's going to hurt his esteem, but I think once he's hanging out with Totia, he will find more confidence in his background.

    Poor Celeste, there is just way too much going on!

    It's funny to me for Terrence to be the one who rolled it, I probably would have rerolled. I LOL'd at the part about this being the weirdest thing he's ever done, um yah, I can agree with that buddy!

  5. Apple Valley - It is definitely a lot of drama! But it helps to have so many other regular families not dealing such tough situations.

    Driftwood - I think he's really going to enjoy spending some time with Totia at Peragama. He kinda knew it but didn't want it to be true so it wasn't so much of a shock.....and the baby drama is still up in the air :)

    Carla - Yea, he was pretty close to that revelation all on his own :). Celeste truly is in the middle. She really wants to be a help to the humans but at the same time, it's such a crazy terrible thing to be abducted that it's hard for her to be of much help. I heart Cyrax! I'm looking forward to playing their house with him in it now. And Starema is wonderful, she was made to be in those roles :)

    Maisie - I think Totia will work wonders with Connor. And seeing his planet and realizing that he isn't so weird after all should help too. I wanted so badly to reroll lol. I really did, but Carla made a comment about the harder ROS being the most interesting and so I took this as a challenge. And it's a tough one lol. I definitely would never have chosen him on my own!


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