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Scandalous Scholastics

Round 8 - November 2040 - LBPS
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Principal: Kip Henderson; Art Teacher: Kayla Knowles; Grade 8: Imara Coners, Imani Coners, Kali Knowles, Carl Faulkner, Samara Eldridge, and Hunter Davidson; Grade 10: Christa Brown, Bobby Emerson, Beverly Kendall

The kids were driving Kip crazy. Maybe it was because they were close to the Thanksgiving break. Maybe it was because they were hormonal thirteen year olds. Maybe it was because it was a stormy day. Whatever the reason, Kip wanted to lock them all in a sound proof room until the end of the day.
"Carl! Sit down and stop messing with Samara! Don't make me have to say it again," Kip said.

It wasn't that this group was any different than the last. Actually, most of the eighth graders were quite intelligent. But some of them were also lazy, which seemed to overshadow the intelligence a great deal. Carl Faulkner was one of those students. Carl gave Kip the evil eye whenever he gave out an assignment and Hunter Davidson whined about how hard it was.

But despite their whining, they all were doing pretty well in his class. Kip was looking forward to the break himself. He was feeling a bit burned out these days.

He was very grateful to have Kayla Coners back from maternity leave. He even gave her the smaller class of sophomores to ease her back into the groove of things. Kayla had worked wonders with Christa Brown, and the girl was quite more sociable now.

Beverly and Bobby also seemed to enjoy her class. Kip knew that Kayla was going to make a wonderful mother and he hoped to get to teach her new son one day. She was able to find talent in the most non-artistic of students.

Kali Knowles seemed to have taken a big interest in Carl Faulkner, a fact that Kip was sure Kali's police detective father would not like. Carl wasn't a bad kid, at least not yet. He had all the makings of a little hell raiser though.......

It seemed that Kali's friend Imani had also recently discovered that boys weren't so yucky. She was spending quite a bit of time with Hunter Davidson. Kip had noticed a change in the Coners twins, but Kayla had assured him that both girls were fine. Since she was married to their brother, Kip decided to take her word for it.

Imani was going to have to have a little talk with her sister. She loved Imara, and under any other circumstances she would have been thrilled to play hacky sack with her. But this was time she wanted to spend with Hunter........alone.......

She really liked Hunter, but he made her nervous. She wasn't shy at all, but with Hunter........well, it just all seemed so different.....

"So did you talk to him?" Kali asked her at lunch.
"Yep, I did!" Imani said giving her a thumbs up.
"And.......I'm sure I sounded like a complete idiot!" Imani said.
"I'm sure it was fine. I talked to Carl too! Wouldn't it be cool if we both got boyfriends? We could go on double dates and stuff!" Kali said.
"Yea.......but my parents would never let me go out.....I'm only 13!"
"Duh, so am I! We'll figure something out if it comes to that. Come on, I want to get my plate and go sit with Carl," she said.

Imani was glad that Kali was her friend.......but she didn't know if she would still want to be friends with her if her parents decided to keep.......IT. She didn't even want to think about what would happen if word got out about.......well she didn't even want to imagine it!

Christa was feeling much better about her life these days. She still had a strained relationship with her father, but now she had friends to help take her mind off that. And she had Bobby.......

Kip knew that Carl had the potential to be a much better student than he was being. He encouraged him whenever he could and hoped that he would start to take his studies more seriously. He also hoped that Kali Knowles was a good influence on him and that he wasn't a BAD influence on her!

Kali knew Carl wasn't as bad as he tried to seem. No one who was as nice to her as he was could be a bad person. He just needed a little help.......and she wanted to be that for him.

Imani wasn't into music outside of listening to it, but since Hunter really liked working on the synthesizers, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to spend some time with him. Besides, her brother was in one of Hunter's favorite bands, surely she could use that to her advantage!

Yes, Kip had a feeling that this new group of kids would be a memorable one at LaQuest Beach Prep. Very memorable indeed!

* I had to finally install that no autonomous noogie hack because they were just out of control with them this time! So annoying lol. It's never been too much of an issue for me before.

* Kali and Imani really are quite smitten with those two boys. This is what Kali was doing for most of the time that I played the school:

I think it's really cute, their first crushes lol. I think they are going to be interesting as teenagers. Christa really does seem happier, first love will do that for ya I guess :)

* When I play the school during the next update this round, Kayden Carr and Gallagher Newson will be at the high school too.


  1. Wow, it interesting seeing the twins start to seperate into their own little groups. Do you have more information on Carl, I thought that there was a non-playable index, but I didn't see it in the sidelink.

  2. Apple Valley - The twins are so much like Tessa and Tabitha that it would be hard for them NOT to have different interests. My non-playable index is a work in progress lol. It's on my to do list. Carl is a townie I teleport in to the school. He isn't attached to any other family, although I guess that could be some background in itself.....maybe he's an orphan? I'll be posting an index on my non-playables soon though :)

  3. LOL, I've had that no noogie hack for forever! For some reason, in my game, adults give noogies as well and it was really never ending!

    Anyway, so cute to see Imani and Kali with their first crushes. I hope that Kali either is a good influence on Carl, as Kip hopes, or that she doesn't get her heart broken if Carl doesn't turn out to be as nice a guy as she thinks.

  4. Carla - They were driving me nuts with them! I'm still trying to get a feel for Carl. He seems like the kind of guy that will have Kali sneaking out past curfew :). But maybe he'll prove me wrong lol

  5. I love High School Updates. Both Imani and Kali are adorable with their first crushes. I know these boys won't be their last though, considering they're hormonal thirteen year olds.

    Great update!:)


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