Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 8 - October 2040

Jessica went into labor early one fall morning. Matt had been anxiously awaiting their new arrival. He wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible with the new baby.

Jessica was soon back home with little Miranda Joanne Picaso. She has her father's brown hair and brown eyes. Jessica was glad they had a girl since she was positive this would be their last. Now she had one of each.

Matt couldn't believe he  now had a little girl. She'd be walking by the time he saw her again. The closer it came to the time he was supposed to leave, the sadder he became. But he wouldn't dwell on that right now.......he had a daughter!

Hunter couldn't believe he had a little sister. He was going to take really good care of his mom and Miranda......his dad would be real proud of him!

* Next time we see Matt, he'll be heading out for his tour of Three Lakes. I've downloaded an airport so I plan to actually show them leaving.

* And yay a girl! I can't see them having anymore kids so I'm glad they got one  of each 


  1. Yay! They have the girl they (you) wanted!!
    Welcome little Miranda!
    I hope Matt can spend some time with her before he has to leave.

  2. Aww, glad they had a little girl like everyone wanted :) I'm still in awe of Matt's change and am still cynical and wondering when it will change :\

  3. "...she was positive this would be their last..." Famous last words, LOL!

    Congrats to Matt and Jessica!

  4. Aw, welcome Miranda! Hunter is going to be a fantastic big brother, I can tell. ;)

  5. Tanja - I'm glad too, I really can't see them having another baby. He'll get to spend a little time with her before he leaves, but it won't be very much :/

    Apple Valley - You're right to be wary of Matt's change. He's about to be a world away on his own for a year and that will be a test of how permanent his changes are.

    LaurelCrossing - Famous last words indeed lol. I can't see them having anymore though. But I've had oops babies before so we'll see

    Carla - I think he will be too. He's really such a sweet little boy.....


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