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Round 9 - February 2043
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Kenny & Kayla Coners are 28, Liam is 2
Warning: LOTS of pics :)
You just got to let my love, let my love
Let my love adorn you
You got know, you gotta know
Know that I adore
Let my love adorn you baby
I'll always adore you
You gotta know now

Kenny Coners was content in his life. How could he not be? Mellow Metal was bigger than any of them could have ever dreamed. Their new album, Sky Will Fall, was finally done and they would do the photo shoot for the cover soon. They were staying busy and had even done a show in Port Manteau . Kayla had quit her job at the high school to focus on the grand opening of Picture This! and he was so happy for her. Things with his father and that whole situation were about as good as they were going to get for now. Yes, life was good. And while he was happy, he had been thinking of maybe adding to their family.........

They had talked about another baby and Kayla was all for it.......once she got this grand opening behind her. She hated to leave the high school, but between the gallery and working at the school, she would not have had the time to be a good mom to Liam. So she let the school go. It was a hard decision and she really wanted this gallery to be a success so that her leaving would be justified. Kenny's success with Mellow Metal would allow her to build up the gallery without worrying about how their bills would get paid. And as adorable as Liam was, how could she not want another kid?

Kayla had recently gotten in touch with an old friend of hers from Crystal Bay. Giovanna Steele had been Kayla's best friend her whole life and she was crushed when her parents moved them to LaQuest Beach. They had lost touch over the years, but Giovanna was moving permanently to LaQuest.
"Kayla Knowles.......oh wait, it's Coners now huh?" Giovanna said with a smile.
"Like you didn't already know that. How have you been? How are your folks?"
"I've been good, though not as good as you! My mom died a few years back and my dad is doing okay. It was rough there for a while, you know how much he loved mom......" she said sadly.
"I know, I'm sorry to hear that."

"We've had time to come to terms with it. How in the world did you end up with Kenny Coners?"
"We met in high school actually. I knew him before he was "Kenny Coners of Mellow Metal"," Kayla said laughing.
"Lucky you! And now you're opening up your own gallery......I'm not surprised, you were always somewhere with a paint brush, covered in paint if I recall correctly."
"That's still true," Kayla said smiling.
"And you're a mom now too. It doesn't seem like it's been that long!"

"Yea, we're getting old...."
"We? Speak for yourself," Giovanna said laughing.
"So what have you been up to?"
"Nothing as exciting as you! I got a degree in economics to appease my dad, but I started modeling right after that. I'm saving up now to open up my own retro diner. I love cooking and it's a way to turn my love into something profitable as well as use this degree that I have."
"Modeling? Well look at you!" Kayla said.
"It's not as glamorous as it sound," Giovanna said laughing.
"Please, I'm still either covered in paint or Liam's food these days. Getting all snazzy and having people take pictures would be kinda awesome!"

"It's just a way to pay the bills. Can I ask you something?" Giovanna said.
"Sure, what's up?"
"Does Slade Willis ever just.......stop by?"
"Oh not you too! What is it with women and Slade?" Kayla said groaning.
"I mean, I just think it would be kinda cool to meet him........"
"Everyone thinks that until they meet him," Kenny said laughing as he came downstairs.
"Giovanna, this is my husband Kenny; Kenny, meet Giovanna. You guys play nice while I go make us some lunch," Kayla said walking off.

"Wow, it's awesome to meet you! I'm in the presence of a rockstar!" Giovanna said.
"I don't know if I would go that far. You're thinking more of Slade than me," Kenny said laughing.
"Sorry you walked up on that," Giovanna said blushing.
"It's no big deal. Me and Brian know that Slade is the sex symbol of the band!"

"I'll let you in on a little secret: he's bringing his daughter over today for a play date with our son so you'll get a chance to meet him," Kenny said smiling.
"Stay away from him Gia," Kayla shouted a warning from the kitchen.
"I just want to meet the guy, that's all," Giovanna said.
"Meet who?" Slade asked as he walked through the door.

 "You know, people usually knock on the doors of residences that aren't their own," Kenny said with a slight frown.
"When have I ever been normal? Aren't you going to introduce me to your beautiful friend here?" Slade asked.
"Sure. Giovanna, this rude, obnoxious walking bit of arrogance is Slade Willis. Slade, this is Kayla's childhood friend, Giovanna Steele."

"Well hello," Slade said.
"Hi. I'm such a big fan of your music. And your's beautiful."
"Thanks, coming from someone as beautiful as you, that's a huge compliment," he said.
"You know Kayla has already warned me about you right?" she asked laughing.
"I would expect nothing less from her. I'm harmless really......."

"So I shouldn't believe everything I read?"
"That's up to you. But I think it would be more fair, and a hell of a lot more fun, to just find out for yourself. You know, first hand knowledge is best," Slade said.
"Is that right? Well I'm actually new in town. Maybe you could show me around? Kayla's busy with the baby and her studio....."
"When did I say I was too busy to show you around?" Kayla asked from the kitchen.
"I would love to," Slade said ignoring Kayla's comment.

"Then I guess it's a date," Giovanna said as she stroked his cheek.
"Oh for heaven's sake! Lunch is ready, Kenny bring Joss upstair so they can play on the activity table," Kayla said as she headed for the stairs with Liam.

"Are you ready to go play with Liam pretty girl? Let's get you away from all this flirting your daddy is doing," Kenny said laughing.
"I'm just trying to be a good guy," Slade said laughing.
"You wouldn't even know where to begin to be a good guy......"

Kenny was actually glad that his and Slade's kids could play together. Liam and Joss got along great and Kenny hoped the two would be good friends when they went off to school. He knew that it wouldn't be long before Liam would be in Pre-K........time had gone by so fast......

"I never knew Kayla had such hot friends! Why didn't you tell me?" Slade asked.
"I just met her today myself."
"She's absolutely gorgeous seriously."
"Well seeing as how she's a model, I guess she would have to be," Kenny said laughing.
"A model? Damn, I'm a lucky bastard........."

"Look, please remember that this is Kayla's friend. For my sake, tread lightly okay? Kayla will have both of our balls if you hurt Giovanna," Kenny said.
"Hey, she's a grown woman. I'll let her know just like I let all the others know: I'm a good time guy, but that's it. As long as she can deal with that, we'll be fine............"

"Giovanna, you know Slade is a player, right?"
"Well duh, I'm not a dummy! Look, I caught my fiance screwing my agent about 6 months ago. I am definitely not even THINKING about getting serious with anyone. Slade is perfect. He works a lot, has no desire for anything serious, and he's hot. I don't see the problem," Giovanna said.

"You were engaged?"
"Yea. Andrew was gorgeous, a successful business man who was CEO of his own company. He did this whole elaborate proposal in France and everything. I had a key to his house and decided to pop by and surprise him when I finished my shoot. And there he was, all tangled up in the sheets with Jasmine, my agent. After a lot of screaming and throwing things and selling that gorgeous ring, I dropped her as my agent and started getting things in order to move. So I'm not worried about Slade. He should be worried about me!"
"Well one of my best friends modeled before opening up her gym. She might be able to help you find a new agent," Kayla said.
"Great.......preferably a guy this time," Giovanna said laughing.

Slade and Giovanna left and promised that they would be at the opening. It wasn't long before Kenny and Kayla were all dressed and ready to head out. Kenny saw this thing with Giovanna going south real fast, but he knew there wasn't anything he could do about it........he accepted that. But he knew Kayla wouldn't...........

The finishing touches were finally done at the gallery and it was ready for the grand opening.........Kayla just prayed that it would all go well tonight.......

Picture This! was housed in a gorgeous building that they had gotten for a steal. It had cost Kayla all of her trust fund and a bit from sales from Kenny's first album, but he knew that they would make it all back. Kayla was extraordinarily talented......

Once the guests arrived, Kayla started things off with a toast.
"I just want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. This is the realization of a dream that I've had since I was a little girl. I want to thank my parents for standing behind me and believing in me. I couldn't have done this without your support.......and money! To my believe in me when I don't. I don't remember my life before you, and I can't imagine it without you. Welcome to the grand opening of Picture This! Eat, drink, be merry, and buy some art!" Kayla said with a smile.

"So what do you think?" Kayla asked when she saw her former student, Christa Brown.
"You know your art is awesome, Mrs. C. I just hate that you aren't teaching at the school anymore."
"Me too. But I hear the new art teacher is pretty cool."
"He's okay. A little young, but he's okay. No matter, I'll be out of there soon! Congratulations, by the way," Christa said.
"Thanks. Things any better at home?"
"No. Worse. But like I said, I'll be leaving soon........."

"That's one talented daughter you have there," Terrence Coners said.
"I know. I'm so proud of her. We did pretty alright didn't we?" Keisha Knowles said.
"Yea, I think we did," he said with a smile.

"I've given you a lot of crap over the years, but I am so proud of you sis. This is......well it's just amazing! You're just so talented!" Kevin Knowles said.
"Thanks big brother! It's still pretty surreal. I never thought this day would ever come."
"I did. You're stubborn, just like our mother. If anyone could turn a dream into a reality, it's you. You've turned out to be an amazing young woman," he said.
"Love you, bro."
"Love you too......"

The opening was a roaring success, and it wasn't long before everyone started clearing out.
"You two are simply amazing. I gotta get out of here but I just wanted to let you guys know that. You could have picked a worst wife," Terrence said laughing.
"Gee what a grand compliment that is," Kayla said laughing.
"I kid, I kid. You know you're like a daughter to me. I'm proud of you," he said.
"Thanks, Mr. Coners."

"You have been so good for her. Seriously. I know that Keisha was a bit against it at first, but I have never seen my daughter so happy or ambitious. I'm proud to call you my son-in-law," Tanner Knowles said.
"Wow, thanks! I didn't really do anything sir. That's all Kayla. She just sometimes doubts herself and I remind her how awesome she is," Kenny said shrugging.
"Well, whatever it is that you're doing, don't ever stop. It does a father's heart good to know that his daughter is with a good guy."
"Thanks for making such a great girl for me to marry. She's.....indescribable........."

"I'm so proud of you baby girl. The gallery looks amazing and your art is spectacular," Tanner said hugging his daughter.
"Thanks, Dad. I really pulled it off......."
"Of course you did. You're a Knowles, it's what we do," he said laughing.
"I love you Daddy."
"I love you too baby."

"You were worried for nothing! I told you everything was going to work out great," Kenny said with a smile.
"I know. It's just that so many things could have gone wrong........"
"But they didn't. You really have no idea how awesome you are, do you?"
"No. But I look forward to you telling me for the next 50 or so years," Kayla said with a smile.

"I think I can handle that," he said laughing.
" that this opening is behind us and I can actually see the gallery being a success........I think we should work on a sibling for Liam," she said.
"Really? Are you sure? You know we're about to release the new album and I'll be busy with that..........."
"Kenny, you're in a very popular and successful band. You'll ALWAYS be doing something. I can handle this. Plus you know both our moms will be around to help. I know how much you want another baby. And I do too. One of the plus sides to having money is that we have more means to do things. Let's have a baby......" she said.
"Let's do it! You know I love you right?"
"Yea the words are about you showing me, Mr. Coners?"
"With pleasure, Mrs. Coners......."

And when they got home, he did just that.........

* Where to even begin? lol. The gallery opening was quite fun to do, Kayla will make some nice money as her paintings are quite expensive! I forget where I downloaded the lot from, but it's quite beautiful.

* Giovanna is a girl that Slade met during an older update and they have an extremely high chemistry together, much higher than he's ever had with anyone else. I decided to give both her and Kayla a little more background and that's how she became a childhood friend :). We will definitely see more of her during Slade's update later this round!

* Joss and Liam are simply adorable together! They get along really well and I can see them being close friends in school. I don't know how either of their dads would feel about it being anything more than that lol.

* And............they're pregnant again! Baby Knowles is due November 2043. So excited for more cute kiddies from these two. They both have had the want for a while so I just let them try and they were of course successful lol. Kayla's IFS is 7 and Kenny's is 10. They are not going to be allowed to have anything close to that number, but one more shouldn't be a problem lol. Since their house was a wedding present, I couldn't bring myself to move them out since it only has two bedrooms. I can't see Kenny being willing to do that, even though they are quite capable of affording a much nicer home. So I just added on to it so that the baby will have their own room. I'm not really wishing for a specific gender with these two, just another cute little baby :)

* I'm going to try to shoot an album cover for them this week if I can. It was so much fun seeing the guys in another person's blog and it really makes them more seasoned travelers when it comes to the band. Still haven't decided about the tour yet. If I do one, Kenny will DEFINITELY be home for the birth of his child.....that's just the kind of guy I see him being :)


  1. Babies!!! So exciting, the gallery is amazing and wow...maybe Slade has met his match?

    1. I'm excited to play Slade's house to see how he really acts with Giovanna.......

  2. Yay for another Baby Knowles! It was definitely time these two had another. ;) Maybe Mindi and Brian's baby can be friends with the new baby like Joss and Liam are friends now. That'd be sweet!

    Giovanna seems like a lot of fun. What a firecracker! She didn't waste any time going after Slade, did she? And I see Slade was only too happy to oblige.

    The gallery opening was awesome. The place looks amazing and I'm glad Kayla's dream has finally come true for her. I hope it's very successful!

    1. Brian and Joanna's baby will be pretty close in age to the new baby so that would be great if they could all be friends :). I think Giovanna will be a lot of fun to play, she's quite direct. I kinda want to see her and Tippy interact lol. I really love the gallery, all the glass makes it look amazing.

  3. Loved the art gallery! And super fun that they are pregnant! Looking forward to seeing what they have. I think leaving the school was the right choice. Don't know how she did it all before! Slade just found the perfect girl to hang with!


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