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Meant to Live

Round 9 - December 2042
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Satitu and Celeste Oros are 33, Andromeda is 2, Jasmine is 1, Starema Orionious is 133 (Connor Gray is 10, Totia Yodida is 82)

Fumbling his confidence
And wondering why
The world has passed him by
Hoping that he's meant for more than arguments
And failed attempts to fly, to fly

Cyrax creeped Celeste out in the beginning. Oh she knew it was silly, her whole family were beings from another planet. But Cyrax was just so........well weird. There were times when he seemed strangely human and Satitu always took that as a compliment to the artificial intelligence he gave Cyrax. Despite all of that, he was an excellent help with the girls.........

Andromeda was much more mobile these days, much to Neo's despair! He was constantly being hugged by her and seemed oddly relieved whenever Starema took him for walks......
Jasmine was fitting in with her new family quite well. She was a very curious child and was often found messing with things that she had no business bothering! Celeste didn't know how they were getting by with two energetic toddlers in the house!

Of course Starema was excited about having Jasmine around. She still couldn't understand why Celeste stressed so much about the situation. Once the decision was made by King Rolared, there was nothing more that could be done. Celeste went above and beyond in her job as ambassador. There were just some things she would not be able to control, and Starema knew that once her daughter accepted that, the better off they would all be.

Celeste told Connor that she had a big surprise for him once the Christmas celebrations were over. Though he wouldn't make his trip to Peragama for another 2 years, she saw no reason that he should not visit a time or two before his big move. Peragama was quite a bit to take in.
"I thought the only way into outer space was with a shuttle........" Connor said.
"For humans, yes. As you've already learned, we are capable of much more than the humans. Hold on!"

Connor had never traveled that fast in his life! As he looked around, he felt a sense of.......rightness. He was afraid that he would be scared being away from his family on another planet when they left. But once they arrived.......he felt a sense of peace. Like this was where he belonged........

It really was quite pretty.......staring around, he couldn't help but wish that Alex had a chance to see this. He wouldn't believe how awesome it was here!

While Celeste gave Connor some time to look around, Tolarum Espro, whose daughter was set to marry the Prince when they were older, showed up.
"One of the children from Earth?" he asked.
"Yes, his name is Connor. He'll be coming here in a few years to learn about his heritage and where he comes from. Totia shall be his guide."
"Totia? He should have quite an interesting stay then," Tolarum said with a laugh.
"I would have to agree," Celeste said with a smile.

"What is this place called?" Connor asked.
"Tempora Satu. It is where our essence goes when we die."
"So it's a graveyard?"
"I asked the very same thing! Bit of advice, don't say that when you meet Totia! It is a bit more complicated than the term graveyard. All things on Peragama are connected, and when we die, what we were comes here to aid the next generation of beings."
"But I'm not from here. I'm from Earth," Connor said with a frown.
"I know, it's complicated. That's why the King insists that you come here, to learn about this place and who you are. Come on, let's grab a bite to eat before we head back," Celeste said as she stood.

Before they could leave, King Rolared showed up.
"Ah, young Connor. How nice to meet you," he said.
"How do you know my name?"
"Oh I know quite a bit about you. I think your time spent here will be quite good for you, young Connor. I look forward to our audience together. Take care," King Rolared.
"Thank you, sir. Nice to meet ya......."

Celeste took Connor to Easy Eats and felt a sense of deja vu from when she made her own trip so many years ago.
"I can't believe that everyone looks weird like me!" Connor exclaimed, which earned him a frown from their waitress.
"Oh I don't think weird is a good word to use......around here, you and I are just normal," Celeste said with a smile.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way. It's just.......well Alex and my mom and dad look so much alike. I always feel weird around them. And I feel weird at school too. It's just nice not to feel weird for once."
"I understand what you mean. I lived most of my life not knowing that this place even existed. Just that I didn't quite fit in with everyone else. Are you excited about the new baby?" Celeste asked.

"I don't mom wants it to be a girl. I don't really care. I just know that the new baby will look like them. I don't talk about it because I know it makes them sad. They love me, I know that. But I still don't feel like I belong with them........" Connor said.
"Oh Connor, you belong on Earth more than I do. Your father is a human being. That makes you part human as well. I know it's tough looking different. I'm surrounded by my family at home, but outside of that house, no one looks like us. And it still bothers me sometimes. I could have stayed here when I made my trip. But......even though I look so different, for me, Earth is my home. We all just have to find out where we fit in this world Connor. Aliens and humans alike. Come on, let's get you home," Celeste said.

While Celeste was introducing Connor to Peragama, Satitu was finishing up a few more prototypes for the opening of Andromeda. He knew that his electronic store would be a success as it was the only one of its kind in LaQuest Beach. He was also hoping that people would be intrigued by Cyrax, who he planned to use to run the register. 

The store wasn't large and that was one of the things he liked about it. He hoped the large store front windows would attract customers......

Just as he expected, Cyrax was a big draw for people. They were fascinated by his abilities and Satitu received numerous requests from people for their own. He was not prepared to provide the humans with androids. They were a destructive race and he knew they would find a way to misuse them. One of the Coners twins showed up and looked quite unhappy. Satitu couldn't understand why Celeste thought she was needed here among the humans until he saw what Jasmine's arrival did to the Coners. For the first time in his existence, he felt sympathy for the humans........

It was a productive first day, with the hydro bots being the top seller. He even sold a few of his sentry bots as well. It felt good to actually have somewhere to go during the day. Starema loved watching the kids which allowed Satitu to be able to bring Cyrax along. He still owned Pixie Dust on Peragama, but the trip back and forth could be draining at times. He felt that he had finally settled in amongst the humans......

Starema really loved when it was just she and the kids at home. She missed out on so many things with Celeste due to their unfortunate situation. She felt that the ancestors were giving her a second chance through Andromeda and Jasmine. She hoped Celeste and Satitu would give her another adorable little alien to dote on before she passed on to Tempora Satu......

They both wanted another child but knew that they had their hands full at the moment with two toddlers running around. But once the girls were a little older, Celeste would not be against trying for a little boy who had her husband's smile. In fact, she would insist on it......

Totia popped in the next day to see how Connor's trip went.
"I can't believe you missed his visit," Celeste said.
"Hey, you're not the only one with a job! King Rolared had me visiting a neighboring city on his behalf. So how did he like Peragama?"
"He loved it of course. He actually had the same response that I had my first time there. He even called Tempora Satu a graveyard," Celeste said with a smile.
"Ugh, that human logic! I'll be sure to rid him of that once I get him," Totia said with a slight frown.
"Totia, he lives among the humans. He needs human logic sweetie," Celested said exasperated. 

"He could always move to Peragama permanently," Starema said once she joined them.
"NO! Absolutely not!" Celeste exclaimed.
"Just because you decided not to stay, doesn't mean that Connor shouldn't," Totia said.
"NO Totia. Amanda and Corbin are already dreading the day that their son leaves for another planet for two whole years! I will not have you tempting him to stay while I explain to them that he's never coming home! They've been through enough!"
"I think it should be left up to the boy," Starema said.
"I don't really care what either of you thinks. It's not going to happen. Besides, how can King Rolared's plan work if you start influencing the kids to move back to Peragama? Won't that defeat the whole purpose of slowly introducing our race among the humans?" Celeste asked.
"Fine......I guess you have a point," Totia said sullenly. 

"This situation is complicated enough, ok? I don't need any added pressure! Amanda is a sweet lady, but she'd have my head if I told her that Connor would not be returning home! If you're so desperate for a child Totia, might I suggest you find your amourio and procreate?" Celeste said with a laugh.
"Oh come off it, Celeste! That will NEVER happen," Totia said laughing.

"To the new year, may it be just as exciting as all of our previous years together," Starema said.
"Oh Mother, be careful what you wish for..........." Celeste said with a sigh.

* This house is VERY busy! So much going on, smh. Connor will be a teen next round (where did the time go?!) and will be moving in with Totia and staying with her during all of next round. It will work just as it did with Celeste. Four years will pass on Peragama and only two on Earth. I'll do 4 mini-updates with Connor.

* I really do want them to have another child, a boy, but I really think they need to wait until at least Andromeda is in school. They all just have too much going on right now.

* I love Cyrax :). He really is a big help both at home and at the store. Satitu will sell all of the items on the electronics bench with the exception of the servos. Just don't think he would trust humans enough with androids :)

And I just thought these were funny:

Neo has to be the most spoiled cat in the sim world! They are all always playing with him! I think he prefers Satitu holding him to Andromeda's choke hold lol

I just thought this was a pretty picture of Totia. I'm excited to get a chance to really play with her again when Connor goes to Peragama. She's so much fun to play and write about :)


  1. Love the trip and I think that Satitu is wise not to sell androids, can you imagine the mayor with one? Yikes!

    1. Mayor Brown with an android? *shudders* That would definitely not be a good idea!

  2. Totia is such a pretty Sim!

    Celeste is just the perfect mediator between Earth and Peragama. It's so valuable for everyone involved that she can see the best way to integrate her race on Earth. Totia and Starema are a bit too strident, lol!

    I cannot wait to see Connor as a teen, as well as see if Satitu and Celeste have another child. I'm hoping yes!

    1. Totia is quite pretty, love her :). Celeste has a pretty tough job but I think she's handling it quite well. I'm excited to play Connor as a teen, it should be a very interesting time in his life, especially with the trip coming up! Celeste and Satitu both have the want to have another baby so they will once Andromeda and Jasmine get a bit older.


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