Friday, December 3, 2010

Superman Part II

Round 6 - Summer 2037
Celeste Oros is 26, Satitu is 65, Starema Orionious is 160 (Christian Brown is 40,  Totia Yidida is 65)

I can't stand to fly, I'm not that naive
I 'm just trying to find, the better part of me
I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane
I'm more than just some pretty face beside a train
And it's not easy, to be me

Celeste was so excited about their vacation and about seeing Totia again. She really needed a break after her conversation with Mayor Brown. King Rolared was not going to be happy with these new developments.....

She couldn't believe that the mayor thought he could bully her! She always knew that he was an asshole, hell the whole city knew that, but she didn't think he would be this bad. King Rolared was very serious about transitioning Titusanerans onto Earth. And he would not take too well to Christian's interference. Celeste just hoped she could come up with a diplomatic solution..........

Totia wasn't very impressed with Earth. She had studied it extensively but had never made a visit. It was! Their sun was also much brighter. She had agreed to wear a wig and make up to blend in a bit better, but she refused when Celeste suggested the contacts. If the humans had problems with her eyes, they could just get over them!

She met a nice male human when they went to visit the park. He seemed quite fascinated with her, although she knew it was more about her appearance differing so much from his own.

They all sat down for some Takezimu tea which Totia and Satitu didn't care much for.....
"The's not very pleasant. It almosts tastes like foliage," Satitu said.
"Simply horrid. What is with the humans and these horrible rituals?" Totia asked.
"Will you two stop it! Drink the damn tea," Celeste said.

Things were progressing nicely until a crazy woman came up to Totia.
"I've been watching you and your freaky friends and you're creeping me out! Why don't you leave?" she said.
"Are you serious? Neither me nor my friends have said a harsh word to anyone and you want to come up to me with this? If we truly are freaks, shouldn't you be a bit more frightened?" Totia said.
"I'm not scared of you!"

"That is where you are mistaken! You should fear me. It is your fear of me that causes  you and people like yourself to hate as you do! I'm a freak? I am confident enough in who I am that I can respect those different than I. And I think it's time you learned that lesson.........." Totia said.

"Totia, stop!" Celeste said.
"What? Are you really going to take this human's side?"
"Human?" the woman said.
"Totia! Let's not forget where we are!" Celeste exclaimed.

"Why do you do this? They are disgusting creatures! Why can't you take up for me?" Totia asked.
"We're on Earth, Totia. You can't go around calling them humans and drawing attention to us! You won't be here, but Satitu and I live here," Celeste whispered.

"You think I don't know that some of them are idiots? But they all aren't like that! And I'm working my ass off to make this work out for everyone involved. So just calm down, Totia!"
"Fine! Take up for your precious humans!" Totia said.

Celeste hated fighting with Totia. She really did. She was trying, Celeste knew that. But she couldn't afford to allow her to make things any worse than they already were. She had enough on her plate dealing with Mayor Brown.....

Satitu tried to reason with Totia when they got back to the hotel.
"I know the humans are frustrating. But this is important to Celeste. And we have to respect that," he said.
"I'm tired of this! You realize we have the power to just come down here and take over, correct? We don't have to be so damn diplomatic when they so obviously don't appreciate it!"

"I know, I know. But that is not what King Rolared is hoping to accomplish. We must be a bit more patient," he said.
"This conversation bores me. I will leave the stupid humans be. You and Celeste will need to come to Peragama from now on if you would like to see me," Totia said walking off.

Things went from bad to worse when Celeste recieved a call from her mother.
"He wants what?!"
"King Rolared wants an audience with Christian Brown," Starema said.
"How the hell is that going to happen? Is he going to come down here?"
"No, he thinks it will be more intimidating if he comes there."
"There? As in Peragama? And just how am I suppose to arrange that? Humans cannot breathe in space!" Celeste said.

"The arrangements have been made. You are to return here tomorrow to be briefed. He will travel tomorrow night," Starema said.
"This is insane! You think telling Christian Brown that aliens exist is going to make things BETTER?"
"This is not up for discussion, Celeste. See you tomorrow," Starema said as she disconnected the call.

"Why is this so hard?" Celeste asked Totia after she got off with Starema.
"You're trying to combine two cultures, two planets. It's not going to be easy. It is a path you picked for yourself," Totia said.
"I know......I just didn't think it would be so much trouble! And how the hell does King Rolared plan to get Christian to Peragama short of abducting him?"
"There are ways. I only hope that this Christian does not react badly. It would be a shame for him to have to spend his life on Peragama."
"What do you mean?"
"King Rolared will not allow him to return to Earth if he thinks he will hinder the plan, the process," Totia said.
"Well that's just excellent!"

All she wanted to do was make things easier. She had no idea there would be so much involved! And she could just imagine Mayor Brown's reaction when she told him that she was an alien and the king of her home planet wanted to meet him........

Totia would never understand why Celeste was so intent on helping the humans. She was glad that she was returning to  Peragama where things made sense, where the creatures were intelligent.......

It was midnight when Celeste finally convinced Mayor Brown to believe her story and put on the suit that would allow him to breathe in the atmosphere of Peragama.
"This is insane, you know that right? This is the best story you could come up with?" he asked.
"It's the truth. Now I have never transmitted another being to Peragama, let alone a human, but if my calculations are right, you should go right to King Rolared's chambers," Celeste said.

"I don't know what kind of fool you take me for, but when this little charade is over, I will be heading straight to the police. They can figure out what it is you are really hiding," he said.
"Mayor Brown, it is because of people like yourself that makes the king feel like what he is doing is justified. My advice to you would be to listen very carefully to what he says and take heed. Otherwise, I cannot be held responsible for their actions."
"Let's just get on with this shall we?"

"What the hell!............"
"Make sure you continue breathing during the transmittal. You'll feel like you got punched in the gut once you arrive. Remember my words........." Celeste said.


"Christian Brown. So glad that you could make it. I am Rolared Titisen, King of Peragama."
"This is..........this can't be real......"
"It is very real. And we have much to discuss. Please, come sit down," King Rolared said.

"I don't want to sit down! You're trying to take over my planet! There is nothing to talk about!" Christian said.
"Trying to take over your planet? Silly human! If that were my agenda, why would I need to bring you here to accomplish it? There has been much misunderstanding, please come sit down. It may sound like it, but it is not a request!"

"What do you want from me?"
"You have been harrassing my ambassador, Celeste Oros. She is there to serve a duty to your kind. I would appreciate it if you would leave her and the boy alone."
"The boy? You mean that green kid? You had something to do with that, didn't you?" Christian asked.
"It is a very complicated, sensitive matter. But I can understand why you would be concerned for the residents of your city. I cannot go into much detail with you, but I can tell you that none of your citizens or any humans are in danger."

"I need more than that! Are there going to be more of your kind around? If so, I cannot guarantee that I will be the only person that becomes concerned," Christian said.
"There will be more in the coming years, it is why Celeste is there. I have given her permission to include you as much as is safe. As a king, I understand your concern and need to know what is going on. I can provide you that to a certain extent. You have my word that harm will come to no one," King Rolared said.
"And if I refuse?"

"This is my only effort to be diplomatic, Christian Brown. I will not allow you to mess up what has taken me decades to set in place. It would be in your best interest not to refuse..........."

* I'm back! Well's the end of the semester and I have SO much work to do. But I'm still around. And I still have to play catch up on all the great blogs I enjoy reading :/

*Totia did not get along with ANYONE on the vacation really! Just that one guy. I take it she really doesn't care for the humans lol. And that lady came out of no where and started an argument with her! I should have let her take her out!

* I don't know what's going to happen with Christian. He can either continue to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong, or help  Celeste with the cover up. Either way, it should be pretty interesting :)

* Ugh, Celeste and Satitu just will not conceive! I can't wait for them to have a little alien! They try, but they haven't been successful so far :(

* I hope it all made sense. I love the space suit I found on modthesims. It will come in handy if I decide to take anymore humans to Peragama :)


  1. Wonderful! I can't wait to see what happens with
    Christian either way. Poor things can't concieve...perhaps it's the atmosphere of earth that is not allowing them to do so and they need to have a seperate trip back home. Egh, don't know much about alien genetics :)

  2. Ooh this is great! Poor Totia, I was really hoping Totia would have a nice time, at least with catching up and understanding that this is important to Celeste. Likewise I was really hoping there was going to be a bit of news in the way of a baby, then I read that they still haven't conceived. That's too bad, I was really looking forward to them having a baby!

    Christian Brown... on an alien planet! Oh the shock that must have been for the chap. I'm interested in what he'll decide and how he'll proceed... going on about an alien planet really makes him seem quite insane, but I'm not sure if he'd be all. oh yay! Let's do this! hrm. I'm glued to see how this unfolds!

  3. I was hoping Totia would enjoy herself a little more too but I guess that wasn't to be!

    I have to say that Christian seems to be taking this much better than I thought he would! You know, considering how awful he's been about Celeste and Connor on Earth. I hope he heeds King Rolared's warning.

  4. Apple Valley - I didn't think about that but maybe that could be a reason she hasn't gotten pregnant yet.........

    Maisie - Christian is a very arrogant guy, so I think this experience would be hard for him to share without looking crazy.....and he's all about appearances so I see him taking any way out that allows him to save face.......

    Carla - I couldn't believe that random chick just started an argument with Totia! No idea what that was about lol......I think Christian was a lot more shaken than he let on, he's not one to let someone know when they have the upper hand.......


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