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Schoolyard Antics

Round 7 - December 2039 - LBE
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Ethan White was so excited to start school! It was fun being around kids other than his cousins Javion and Kayden. They were so much older and didn't like to do the the same things he and his twin brother Evan wanted to do.

Vanya was a bit overwhelmed by how many kids were at the school. She too had really only been around her cousins Imani and Imara and they were way older than her. Hunter Picaso seemed nice enough and Vanya decided she liked him. Her parents had warned her to not talk about Vasadori, though she didn't really understand why. She had never been, but her dad described it as a wonderful place. Maybe they would let her talk about it one day........

Taesha was still enjoying teaching, but she was happy to hear that the city council planned on expanding on the school and hiring new teachers. There were way too many kids for her and Lorelai to handle on their own and the population was continually growing.....

After speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Gray, Lorelai decided to give Connor tougher class assignments. The young boy was still doing quite well and Lorelai was concerned that he would grow bored. But so far, Connor seemed content working on his assignments and even helped out the other kids sometimes.

Garrett Newson often snuck out of his own class saying that he had to use the restroom so that he could play with the school pet, Oreo. He loved animals and thought it would be cool to be a vet and get to play with them all day.

Christmas was around the corner and all the kids were really excited. So much so that all they wanted to do was talk about what toys they asked Santa for and how they couldn't wait to be out for the break. Taesha had to admit that she too was looking forward to the mini vacation.

Despite being shy, it seemed that all of the kids were drawn to Vanya. Lorelai could see alot of Elvin in her, despite the fact that she looked just like Tessa. She was a really sweet girl and Lorelai knew that she wouldn't be any trouble. Her sister Arwen might be an entirely different story!

Ricki Knowles picked up reading quite fast and loved sitting by herself engrossed in a story. She was much more studious than her brother Ryan, who loved to play more than he liked learning!

Kayden Carr and Gallagher Newson were the oldest students now that Kali Knowles and Imani and Imara Coners were off at the high school. Gallagher's behavior had improved, but Taesha still thought it would be a good idea for him to speak with Gordon. He would soon be done with his master's program and would be able to speak with patients on his own.

Kayden was ready to head off to the high school. He didn't like being the oldest among all of these little kids. He also kind of missed Imara. Gallagher still thought she was weird because of her love of bugs, but she and Kayden were pretty good friends.

Connor was having a bit of trouble with Hayden Brown. For some reason, the boy didn't like Connor and said that his dad told him that he was a weirdo. It hurt Connor's feelings and he couldn't understand why Hayden's dad would say that. He had never even met him before!

"He's a jerk! Don't listen to him," Vanya said.
"How can you take up for him? He's green! My dad said we didn't need to talk to him, that him and his parents were weirdos!" Hayden said.
"Well then your dad is a jerk too. I like Connor, he seems very nice," she said.
"Vanya and Connor sitting in a tree........"
"Why don't you just go away! Why are you so mean? I've never done anything to you," Connor said.
"My dad says you shouldn't be here, that your whole family is a bunch of freaks who are trying to wreck our city!" Hayden said.
"Come on Connor, you don't have to listen to this," Vanya said.

They went outside and played catch for the rest of lunch time. Vanya didn't understand why that boy was so mean to Connor. Sure he was green, but her dad was an elf, and so was her sister, and so was she for that matter. It was then that she understood why her dad told her not to say anything to the other kids about Vasadori. She decided that she and Connor would be friends........after all, weirdos should stick together!

Lorelai knew she would have to have a talk with Mayor Brown about Hayden. Not only was he picking on Connor, he was also gossiping about seeing Gallagher's brother Gavin get electrocuted! Alex liked Hayden, but he didn't like the way he picked on his brother..........

The Phillippine twins decided to have a race to decide which of them was the fastest. To Ryder's dismay, his sister beat him by hair. He wanted a rematch but Rainie wouldn't do it. She'd beat him fair and square!

When the day ended and all the kids headed to the school buses, Lorelai dreaded the conversation she would have to have with the Mayor. Everyone knew what a hard ass he could be and she knew he would not take too kindly to hearing that his son was having troubles at school. But maybe Christian shouldn't be sending hate messages to his children either........

* Poor Connor! Hayden would not stop tormenting him! I figure he's overheard Christian talking about Connor and his parents and you know how kids can be. Vanya walked up after one of Hayden's outbursts and just started talking to Connor. I figure she felt bad for him, her family isn't exactly normal either!

* Lots of kids! And I still have Arwen, Kiara, Lyria, and Kyle to add when they're old enough! Not to mention Kenny and Kayla's baby and Lorelai's new kid too!

* I've decided I am going to let Gallagher speak with Gordon since he's interning in psychology but we won't see that until next round as I've already played both houses.

* I like playing the schools twice a round instead of just once. We get to see all the kids in every grade and gives them more opportunities to interact.


  1. You ahve a ton of kiddos in your school. I'm dreading the meeting with the mayor as well...I kind of hope that he's going to get abducted next-please o please o please let him have a green or red baby :D

  2. I'm really glad to see Vanya and Connor teaming up. They've got a lot in common, despite their different heritages.I see Hayden's dad is passing his prejudices onto his son. :(

    That's a great idea for Gordon to speak with Gallagher. Are you going to have Gordon act as the school counsellor when he's done or do you have other plans for him?

  3. Wow so many kids! I'm dreading my next Elementary School session, next round, I will be having 18 students!

    It was nice of Vanya to step up for Connor. I can see them becomming good friends, despite their different backgrounds!

  4. Vanya and Connor are really cute, glad they are becoming friends, they both can use that. Eek on the Mayor meeting, I never think those will go well, as they usually go awfully bad. Hayden, Hayden. :(

  5. Apple Valley - I do have quite a few kids now! And how sweet would it be if Mayor Brown got abducted? *evil laugh*

    Carla - I think Vanya and Connor would be good for each other. How excellent would it be if they ended up together and had a little alien elf? It's always sad when parents pass on prejudice to their kids. I hadn't thought about making Gordon a permanent counselor at the school, but that is a great idea! I was just going to give him a space at the hospital.

    Tanja - 18 kids! Oh I do not envy you!!!! Connor and Vanya are both outcasts (Connor more so than Vanya) and I think that helps them relate more to one another.

    Maisie - The meeting is probably not going to go well at all. Mayor Brown is a bit of a jerk, but Lorelai is pretty tough too!

  6. Ughh.. Not looking forward to the meeting with the mayor. I know he's going to be down right rude about the whole thing.

    Aww Vanya.:) I'm glad she stood up for Conner, it was very sweet. I have a feeling those two are going to become fast friends, and maybe even something more in the future;)

    I'm really not liking Hayden at the moment..

    Anywho, great update!:)

  7. Connor is such a cutie pie, it's good to see Vanya help him out.

    Hayden is a brat.


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