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Round 5 - Spring 2036 - Mini-Update
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Celeste and Satitu Oros are 25, Starema Orionious is 125

My whole life has changed, since you came in
I knew back then
You were that special one, I'm so in love
So deep in love
You made my life complete, you are so sweet
No one competes
Glad you came into my life, You blind me with you love
With you I have no sight

Celeste was simply in love with the new house she and Satitu had purchased. It was located in Lorrington and was big enough for the two of them and Starema. There was even room for a kid or two..........

Satitu was fascinated with pet ownership and had gone out and bought a cat! He named him Ronroneo, or Neo for short. He was a very affectionate cat and actually was pretty good company for Starema while Celeste and Satitu were at work.
Celeste wanted to show Satitu around her home and show him why she loved Earth so much. She thought their first stop had to be the beach. There were no bodies of water on Peragama and this would be a totally new experience for him. She was excited to show him things he had never seen in person before. It was the least she could do after all he had done for her.

They spent the day at Pirate's Beach and ended their trip with a photo in the photobooth. Satitu was too chicken to actually get in the water, but Celeste vowed that she would get him in the ocean eventually!

King Rolared had kept his promise and given Satitu one of the new space travel vehicles they had just developed. This made it much easier to get to and from Peragama and it wasn't as uncomfortable as transmitting in all the time. Satitu was glad that he had been able to keep Pixie Dust and move to Earth. He had spent many years building up his club, and he would have been sad to let it go. But he would have for her.......
Things were still the same, thankfully. He had enough big changes happening on Earth, he didn't need them on Peragama too! Everyone was happy to see him and wanted all the details about his first few months on Earth. So far the humans had been pretty welcoming of him, although he had been the object of many confused stares. He knew he looked different, but he refused to change his appearance to suit them. The whole point of what King Rolared was trying to accomplish was for the humans to be more accepting of their kind.
Handida came by with what she thought was exciting news.
"I've had a vision!" she said.
"One concerning me and Celeste?"
"Of course! I have seen your children."
"Children? We're going to have children?"
"Yes. And they are going to be just as amazing as their mother. They are going to accomplish great things, here on Peragama as well as on Earth. Their names will be......"
"Hold on, Handida! I think maybe this is something you should keep to yourself," Satitu said.
"I do not understand."
"I would like to be surprised. And I am sure Celeste would feel the same way. There is an excitement in watching your offspring grow and develop. I would like to see it as it happens, not have an outline. What will be, will be regardless of whether or not you tell me now. So I choose not to hear this vision."
"If that is what you wish. I sometimes forget that beings like the unpredictablility of life. As a seesant, I am not afforded that luxury. I shall respect your wishes, Satitu Oros," Handida said.
Totia had to stop by once she heard that Satitu was at his club.
"How have you been, Totia?"
"I have been well. How is my best friend? I miss her so much!"
"She is fine. She misses you as well. You have to come to Earth for a visit soon," Satitu said.
"I do not know if Earth is ready for me," she said laughing.
"So when are you going to have some babies?" she asked.
"What is with everyone? We have not discussed children as of yet. We are enjoying our union right now. The children can come later."
"No time like the present. I do not want to hear all of these excuses. The humans call it a godmother and I plan to be one. I can't be a godmother if you do not provide me with some offspring!" Totia said.
"What do you want me to do? Run back to Earth and impregnate Celeste?"
"Yes! Is that too much to ask?"
"You're insane, Totia!"
Soon it was closing time and Satitu was headed back to Earth. He would love to have a son or daughter with Celeste. But he did not want to rush into it. Celeste had a lot of responsibility as the ambassador for Peragama. She was really enjoying her job and he did not want to ruin that for her..........
Back on Earth, Starema was falling in love with Neo. There were no animals on Peragama and no such things as pets. She did not understand the notion at first, but she had grown to love Neo and his antics. He was so easily amused!

Starema didn't like everything about Earth, but Neo was slowly becoming one of her favorite things!

Celeste really wanted to try to fix her friendship with Amanda and invited her and Corbin over for dinner.
"So how was your trip into outer space?" Amanda asked her.
"I can't even describe it to you! Peragama is such a beautiful place. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. And of course, I met the love of my life while I was there."
"Corbin was telling me about him! I'm really happy for you Celeste."
"I'm really, truly happy for the first time ever."
"Well you've missed quite a few things here. Corbin and I had another baby, a boy we named Alex. Connor is growing bigger everyday and is so smart! And we couldn't really afford to take a big vacation so Corbin took me to Camden Park and we spent the night in this beautiful bed and breakfast!" Amanda said.
"Sounds like things are going pretty well for you too," Celeste said.
As Celeste and Amanda made their way into the house, Starema chatted with Corbin.
"How is little Connor? He'll be starting school soon won't he?" she asked.
"He's doing great. It doesn't seem like it, but yes he will be starting school in the fall."
"And what about Alex? How are they getting along?"
"Connor is a great big brother, we're very proud of him. Amanda and I have decided to get contacts for his eyes before he goes off to school. It's one thing to be green, his eyes are a whole other issue," Corbin said.
"Are you ashamed of him?" she asked.
"Are you insane? He's our son! But his life is going to be tough enough since you people decided to use him as some kind of experiment! We're just trying to make things easier on him. He'll be the only green kid at school."
"No need to get upset. I just want to make sure he is cared for. I suppose it would be alot for a human child to take in," Starema said.
"You think?!"
"I'm really sorry about the whole Corbin getting abducted thing," Celeste said.
"I don't blame you any more, Celeste. I know you didn't have anything to do with it. And honestly, if he hadn't been abducted, we couldn't have Connor. I love my son. You just tell your people to stay away from us. I don't want a round two!"
"I think you guys are safe. But there will be more abductions," Celeste said.
"Why are they doing this?" Amanda exclaimed.
"Titusanera is going to be destroyed in the coming years. They need a new place to live and have chosen Earth as one of the planets to inhabit. But they know humans aren't going to accept an invasion. They figure if some humans give birth to some of our kind, they will be more accepting of them. They've hired me as an ambassador and I'm suppose to help with the transition to make it a little easier. I'll be teaching Connor and the other kids about Peragama and taking them there for a visit," Celeste said.
"I suppose we don't have a say in this?" Amanda asked.
"Connor doesn't have to visit, but I think it would be best for him. He needs to see both sides of his heritage. Trust me on that."
"I do trust you Celeste. I really do."
"I"ve never really thanked you for your help with Connor. This has all just been too crazy, too unreal," Amanda said to Starema.
"I know you may not believe this, but I am very sorry it had to occur this way. We must do what we have to in order to ensure the continuation of our kind. I am very glad you and Corbin are a part of this. You are good humans. You have helped change my opinion of your kind," she said.
"This is hard for everyone involved I think. But we're all in this together."
They were indeed all in this together. And Celeste didn't mind at all. They would be able to overcome all the odds and make this crazy situation work for all of them. Maybe there would soon be another "different" child for Connor to play least, Celeste hoped there would be.....

* I had no idea sims could purchase pets when you aren't playing with them! I saw Satitu at a pet store when I had Kali Knowles and her mother there. When I loaded his and Celeste's house, there was a dialog box that said one of the family members had purchased a pet! I just let them keep the cat, who was already named Ronroneo. Crazy name, but they really like him so que sara, sara :)

* Celeste and Satitu tried for a baby a couple of times but they weren't successful. I'm looking forward to a cute little baby so I hope they have one soon :)

* Celeste and Amanda are having better conversations, so I'm guessing Amanda has accepted the ways things are. I love them together and I'm glad they were able to work it out. Corbin and Starema didn't really have a good conversation but Starema has a tendency to rub people the wrong way lol. She can be a bit too direct sometimes!

* Satitu's car came with some lot that I downloaded and I just love it. I didn't want to have to do the whole transmitting thing everytime he went to Peragama so now I don't have to :)

* So this whole alien invasion thing is all pretty unrealistic, but I'm trying to not get too outrageous with it lol. They are sims after all so they can get away with more. I figure there will be questions once Connor starts school, but I don't see any major problems. After all, Lorelai is his teacher and she herself is not human either so he should be good at least through elementary. I'm not sure how Kip will take it once he gets to high school :). But Connor will be wearing contacts when he's out in public. His eyes even creep me out!


  1. It's so nice to see Celeste and Amanda are friendly again. No need to hold a grudge over something Celeste had no control over.

    And yay! I hope Celeste and Satitu manage to conceive soon - I bet they'd make an adorable child!

    I think that you're doing a good job balancing the supernatural stuff with a mostly realistic hood, so no worries there!

  2. I hope things go well for Connor when he starts school in the fall, I can't believe how fast it's gone!

    I hope that Totia does come to visit, especially when they are successful and have a baby. And I really like their new house! Welcome to suburbia, Satitu!

    The cat is really cute, and I was going to ask how you came up with such a unique name! But I guess the game did that for you. NN Neo is great.

  3. I'm glad Celeste and Amanda are talking and becoming friends again. :) lol at Totia telling Satitu to go home and impregnate Celeste! I hope they do have a baby soon, I can't wait to see what their kids will look like.

  4. Carla - Thanks, it can be pretty hard knowing where the line is. I'm really looking forward to kids from these two!

    Maisie - I think Connor will be okay.....but with kids, you never know. He'll be the odd one out automatically. I've never really been partial to cats (I'm a dog person) but Neo is pretty cute!

    Shana - I think it's time that Celeste and Amanda move past this. It's been a few years now and there really is no reason for Amanda to still be so bitter. Totia is hilarious and I'll miss playing with her regularly :(


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