Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Life

Round 6 - Fall 2036
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Marshal White is 42, Shamella is 39, Ethan and Evan are 1

Sometimes in life, you run across a love unknown
Without a reason, it seems like you belong
Hold on dear life, don't go off runnin' from what's new
I became somebody through loving you

Marshal could not remember feeling this content with his life. Things at the motorcycle shop where he was head mechanic were going great. He was married to a beautiful woman and had two of the best looking boys in the whole neighborhood. He had come a long way from the man who was taking care of his little sister. He and Ariel had both grown alot in the years since they moved to LaQuest Beach.......

Shamella insisted that it was too early to start teaching the boys to talk, but he knew his sons were smart and would be walking and talking in no time! It amazed him how much Ethan was already looking like him. He even had his temperament! Marshal hadn't decided if that was a good thing yet or not!
There were days when he didn't even want to go to work! But he knew it was his job to provide for their family since Shamella was still on leave. He envied her for getting to spend so much time with the boys. He couldn't wait until they were old enough to play catch with him! He hoped he would have bought a house by then so they would have a yard to play in. He wanted so much for his little men........

Evan almost broke his heart when he was yelling "Dada" when it was time for him to go! He knew that he was spoiling them, knew that this was going to make them impossible when they got older, but he couldn't help it.....

But Shamella was able to ground him when he got too ridiculous! He couldn't even remember life before her, she had become such an important part of everything that he did, of who he was. She was the perfect balance to his chaos, his calm in the middle of the storm.......and she was the best mother he knew.......

He really envied the time she got to spend with the twins. She got to see their personalities develop. She knew that Ethan was much more laid back than his brother. He was the more calm of the two and had no problems playing in the corner by himself. He was much more independent than his brother.

Evan was happiest when he was the center of attention. Marshal was sure he was destined to be in the spotlight! He liked being around people and would smile from ear to ear whenever he noticed someone looking his way. Shamella knew he was going to be a handful as a teen!

Marshal knew he had become a better man through being a husband and father and he wouldn't change a thing......

* So I want these two to have another baby! I know, the twins are only 1 and they live in a 2 bedroom apartment and don't have the room.......but I mean how cute are Evan and Ethan? How cute would it be for them to have a little girl? I guess I'll just have to wait though *hangs head low*

* All of my twins seem to have such different personalities. I think Ethan is going to be that laid back bad boy that's going to have girls chasing him while Evan is going to be the popular guy dating the head of the cheerleading squad or something lol. They are just too cute :)

* I hope I don't get another set of twins for a while.....they are a handful to take care of! Marshal and Shamella were at their wits end, as was I! But they both are just really great parents :)


  1. Ooo, I hope they have a little girl as well. Wow, she would wrap Marshal around her little finger. At first, I thought someone was going to die in this post-thank goodness I was wrong!

  2. I love that picture of Marshal holding Evan up in the air. He looks so happy. He's a good daddy.

    I don't blame you for wanting them to have another baby. Evan and Ethan are just so adorable. I love that you've already got their high school personas thought out, lol!

  3. Aww, sometimes I really like the genetics in-game (when it actually works). Little Evan looks just like his auntie! In Laurel Crossing, Quinn's twin sons Austin and Chase closely resemble their cousins: Blake's daughters Alicia and Lauren. I can't wait for birthdays so you can see them.

  4. Apple Valley - Didn't mean to scare you! I'm lucky in that I have yet to roll a death ROS. Yes, if they have a little girl, Marshal is a goner! Especially when she gets older and starts dating :)

    Carla - I know it's thinking WAY too far ahead, but I like to try to figure out their personalities as soon as I can so I can develop them more throughout their lives :)

    LaToya - Evan is really going to favor his cousins when he gets older. I love when genetics work out like that! I can't wait to see Austin and Chase, it's always so exciting when you can see family resemblances :)

  5. Aww I love a Daddy that's so into their kids. It makes my heart swell.

  6. Oh how sweet! If I had like twins like those two in my game I'd be just like you, ready for them to have another! Marshal seems like a fabulous dad.


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