Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scandolous Scholastics

Round 8 - October 2041 - LBPS
Principal: Kip Henderson; Teachers: Kayla Coners; Grade 7: Kayden Carr, Gallagher Newson; Grade 9: Imani Coners, Imara Coners, Kali Knowles, Carl Faulkner, Samara Eldridge, Hunter Davidson; Grade 11: Christa Brown, Bobby Emerson, Beverly Kendall 

Gallagher had decided to really take what Mr. Nott said into consideration. He did like tinkering around with things and a good way to explore that was in shop class. It was really fun and he was actually very good at it........

Kayden wasn't as happy in shop class. He had been excited about high school for the sports, not building stupid things in shop class! He didn't understand why Gallagher thought this was so cool........

"So what do you think about the new guys?" Samara asked Imara.
"What do you mean? They're just boys. I mean I remember them from elementary but that's about it. Gallagher always made fun of my bug collection," she said.
"Well can you blame him? I still don't get why you collect those creepy things. Kayden is kinda cute, huh?" Samara asked.
"He's only twelve, who cares? What is with you and my sister fawning over boys so much?"
"Oh Imara, you have no idea what you're missing," Samara said shaking her head.

It was true, Imara just didn't get it. Kali was constantly making moon eyes at Carl, desperately hoping that he would finally ask her out.........

And Imani had been working double time at school to get her grades up in the hopes that she could convince their parents to let them throw a Halloween party so she could invite Hunter. They were totally wrapped up in it. Now Samara had joined in on the insanity........

Maybe there was something wrong with her. Kayden looked okay she guessed. Samara was waxing poetic about how he gave her butterflies, but he just looked like a boy to Imara..........

Kayden had noticed that Samara was looking at him, but he didn't really care. Not that he was into girls......but IF he were, he would probably be more into someone like Kali......

Besides, he had more important things to think about. Like how he actually completed an assignment in shop! His little sisters would love playing with his awesome brick when he took it home......

"So Imara doesn't seem as gross as she use to......I wonder if she still collects bugs?" Gallagher whispered.
"I don't know.......What do you mean she doesn't seem as gross? You like her?"
"No! I'm just saying that she seems different.......forget it man," Gallagher said.
"Mmmhmmmm........I think you like her! You remember when you called her bug girl?" Kayden asked.
"I don't like her! I should never have even said anything to you!"
"Calm down, I'm just joking around! Geesh, take a chill pill man," Kayden said.

Somehow the boys ended up sitting with Imara during lunch.
"Mind if I take this seat?" Kali asked. 
"Actually, yea. I promised Samara I would save a seat for her," Imara said.
"Well she's not here and I am. Besides, Carl needed to speak with Mr. Henderson and didn't want me around. Samara can sit somewhere else," she said.
"Kali, that's mean! I promised her.........."
"So, you two finally made it up here with us," Kali said completely ignoring Imara's comment.
"Uh, yea. I didn't think you would remember us," Kayden said staring at her.
"It was a small school. Besides, I remember Gallagher here making fun of Imara all the time," Kali said.

"Way to save me a seat, Imara," Samara said when she came in.
"I tried to! Kali wouldn't listen."
"Sorry, I just wanted to catch up with the guys," Kali said smiling.
"Whatever. Guess I'll sit alone," Samara said walking away.

"So Imara, do you still collect all those bugs? Cuz I mean you were like crazy interested in bugs," Gallagher said.
"Dude, what are you doing?" Kayden asked.
"What? I want to know!"

"Is that suppose to be funny?" Imara asked.
"What? No, I was just trying to make some small talk. That isn't bad, is it?" Gallagher said directing the question to Kayden.
"I am SO not getting in this," Kayden said.
"It's none of your business what I do. I'm going to sit with Samara," she said getting up.
"Oh, don't leave Imara. He didn't mean anything by it," Kali said. But Imara left the table anyway.

"What is wrong with you? Why would you bring that up?" Kayden asked.
"I didn't think it was a big deal!" Gallagher said.
"She used to get really upset when you called her bug girl. She's not like Imani, she's a lot more shy," Kali said.
"Well how was I suppose to know that? I'm not a mind reader! Girls.........." Gallagher said with a roll of his eyes.

"Well look who it is. What have I done to earn your presence, your highness?" Samara asked.
"Knock it off. I told Kali I was saving the seat for you, but you know how she can be sometimes."
"That doesn't make it okay. You know she doesn't like me. You didn't tell her that I think Kayden is cute did you?" Samara asked.
"Ew, no! Why would I tell ANYBODY that? Besides, that idiot Gallagher started asking me about my bug collection and I left. So you didn't really have time to come up," Imara said.
"Good. No one needs to know that. Not even Imani."
"Yea, ok."
"I'm serious. NO ONE," Samara said.
"I said I got it!"

"Carl, I'm really concerned about your grades," Kip said.
"I'm not, so you shouldn't be either," Carl said.
"Well I am and you should be! Are your parents aware that you are barely skating by? Because I'm thinking it's time for a meeting with them," Kip said.
"Sure. Good look with catching my FOSTER parents. They're so involved in their own lives, they hardly remember I'm even around," Carl said.
"That's no excuse for not doing your work. You're a smart kid, Carl. Don't waste it."
"I'm not. They aren't going to pay for college. I'm moving out as soon as I turn 16 anyway," Carl said.
"They have scholarships you can get. You don't have to depend on them. I think we need to schedule you an appointment with a counselor."
"For what? I'm not crazy. I don't need a counselor!"
"No one said you were. I just think it would be a good idea if you spoke with someone," Kip said.
"Whatever, man........."

Mrs. Coners had the older students working on paintings that she could showcase at her studio. It would be her first showcase for Picture Perfect and part of the proceeds would go to the school. Christa was just ready to be done with high school so she could go off to college and get away. It was sad, but she really hated the time she spent in her own home. And now her dad was insisting on meeting Bobby since she spent so much time with him. He wouldn't even know about him if her mother hadn't told him. It's not like he paid any attention to her. Why would he when he had the golden twins?

Bobby didn't mind meeting the mayor. Christa had told him all about their rocky relationship so he was a little bit nervous about it. But he really wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend and figured he should at least meet her parents before he did.

Ah, teen angst! How well Kayla remembered those days. It all seemed so silly now that she was an adult and a parent. And she knew it would feel the same way to her students when they got older too.


They were good kids, that much she did know. And they would all find their place just like she and Kenny and the rest of their group did. Well........Slade hadn't, but he was an entirely different story all together!

* The calm before the storm lol. I have SO many little won't be long before the halls are jammed pack and I am not looking forward to it at all lol.

* Gallagher has two bolts with Imara, so I figure he's developing a little crush on her. Kayden has two bolts for Kali as well :). Poor guys. 

* I'm really making up Carl's story as I go along. I figured I would drum up some more business for Gordon while I was at it lol. Carl will definitely cause some trouble I think. Kali really likes him, but he's a romance sim. So while he doesn't have much to choose from now and is therefore behaving himself, uni may be a different story.

* The Brown update will be coming up soon so you'll get to see this meet up between Bobby and Christian......should be interesting lol. 

* I actually have Kip gift the students any crafts they make, so Kayden really will give the twins that brick and Gallagher can give his siblings the robot he crafted. And Kayla has the paintings in her inventory, I plan to do an opening for her gallery, but it won't be until next round.


  1. I can't wait to see the opening for Kayla's art studio and wow, teen angst is putting it mildly, so much drama!

  2. Halloween party! Man, I'm excited for that! I hope Imani's parents let her throw one.

    Awww, I love seeing all these budding teen crushes - it will be interesting to see if anything comes of them. The silly arguments and conflicts are really realistic for this age group too.

    Poor Carl. It doesn't sound like his home life is so great. I hope he reconsiders Kip's advice to talk to a counsellor.

    That's a great idea to have Kip gift the craftables to the students. I never do that!

  3. P-A-R-T-Y- TONIGHT! LOL I always love a good party. So many things happen that you don't expect. So I hope they get to throw one. Can my teens go to your school? Please. Way less drama, and I like it. But I will say, I can't wait until your little ones get bigger so you get even MAOR! drama. LOL Then you can pull your hair out! ;)

  4. Apple Valley - Thank you so much for your great idea, I'm really looking forward to her gallery opening. And I think this will be a fun group of kids, I kinda like the drama sometimes :)

    Carla - I would love to do the party (I didn't know it would get everyone into a frenzy lol) but I can't see Terrence wanting a bunch of teens in his home after what he's been through recently :/. I'm not looking forward to the huge increase I'm going to get, but I do like that I have enough students now to HAVE crushes develop. I just figured the kids should be able to take stuff home. I remember making pillows and stuff in home economics and taking it home. Though it was horribly misshapen, it was mine :)

    Riverdale - I can't really see Terrence allowing a party right now.....maybe next round? Haha, I don't need any more drama than I already have! The adults are the dramatic ones in my hood :)


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