Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where the lines overlap

Round 6 - Spring 2037 - LBU
Taesha Foster and Gordon Nott are 20

Tracing patterns across a personal map
And making pictures where the lines overlap
Where the lines overlap
No one
Is as lucky as us
We're not at the end but
Oh, we already won
Oh no, no one
Is as lucky as us
Is as lucky as us

Taesha had entered her second trimester and she was getting a little nervous. It had been a tough pregnancy for her and she had missed quite a few days of class. She would be lucky if she didn't have to repeat the semester the way things were going for her.......

Gordon had gotten more excited about the baby as the months went by.
"We still need to get some toys for the nursery," he said.
"We can't afford that right now, Gordon. We had to take out a loan to get this house and buy the baby's necessities. We need to concentrate on paying on our loan so we aren't in so much debt once we graduate."
"We're fine. And I'm going to be working at the new medical center as an intern once I graduate. And you'll get that job with the elementary school. And your parents already said we could stay with them for a while. The baby needs toys," he said.
"It's a baby, Gordon. And I don't even know if I'm going to be able to do an internship at the school once the baby comes and no internship means no job. And I don't want to have to depend on my parents forever," Taesha said.
"You're being too cautious."
"And you're not being cautious enough."

It was a fight they had constantly. Taesha's friend Terri tried to be the mediator for the two.
"He's just an excited new dad. At least he cares and isn't walking around pouting. You're a woman. Part of your job is to keep your man in line. What would they do without us?" Terri asked laughing.
"I know. But I just don't need to have the same conversation all the time. I'm trying to be responsible with our money. I want to get a little house  in Camden one day and that won't happen if we're up to our eyeballs in debt," Taesha said.
"It'll be fine, Tae. Just concentrate on bringing that little one into the world right now. Then you guys can fight about the money."

Gordon's friends also weren't supportive of his frivilous spending.
"You have to think about the future. Are you planning to marry Taesha? Because weddings cost money. And toys aren't important right now. The baby will need diapers and formula and he or she will have doctor's appointments......." Aldon Carter said.
"I don't want to hear this from you too! What? Did you talk to Taesha or something? I just want to buy a few extra things for my kid. Why is everyone making a federal case out of this? I'm the one busting my hump working in the cafe all the time. If I want to buy my kid a few toys, that's what I'm going to do!" Gordon yelled.
"No one is saying that you shouldn't want to buy your child toys. Just be smart about it. That kid is going to be around for the rest of your life. Just take your time, that's all I'm saying," Aldon said.

Taesha couldn't help thinking about her slipping GPA. There were days when she was simply too tired to make the walk to class. It seemed like the baby was zapping all her energy. And eating all her food!

She got up the next morning to get ready for her appointment with her obstetician. She had chosed Dr. Joe Carr to help her with the delivery. Kinsley's husband Kevin was also practicing at the medical center, but Taesha wasn't comfortable with her brother-in-law being down was just too weird.

Taesha had picked a good time to end up knocked up. LaQuest Beach had finally finished its medical center and now its residents could get medical assistance in town. She wished Gordon could come to her appointments but he had class. And she didn't want him skipping out on his classes. It was bad enough that she had to do it!

"Sorry I'm in my street clothes today. I was sleeping when I got a call about an emergency at the hospital and I ran right in," Dr. Carr said.
"Oh it's fine. I undersand."
"So how have you been feeling? We're almost there, aren't we?"
"Yes we are. I'm getting pretty nervous. And I'm constantly tired and hungry," Taesha said.
"Yes, that's perfectly normal. You're sustaining another whole person inside that belly. It takes a lot out of you. Do you have any questions or concerns for me today?" Dr. Carr asked.

"Well.......I watched a video of a looks very painful," Taesha said.
"It can be. I plan to get you here as soon as possible and get you pumped full of pain meds to ease some of the pain."
"Will the medicine hurt the baby?"
"No it's perfectly safe. I told you watching a birth would scare you. It's not something I suggest to first time mothers," Dr. Carr said.
"I just wanted to know what to expect."
"Well now you do," he said laughing.

"My boyfriend is concerned about not being around once labor starts. If he's at class, will the ambulance be able to bring me from LBU to here?" Taesha asked.
"As long as you call as soon as you start feeling the pains, you should be fine. The ambulance will definitely get you here safely," he said.

"Why hasn't Gordon been in with you for your appointments?" Dr. Carr asked.
"I usually schedule them in the mornings and he has class.  I don't want him missing his classes for this. I can just tell him what goes on. Besides, I think he would probably be uncomfortable with all the uteruses on the wall," Taesha said laughing.
"Okay, just checking. It's important for the father to be involved as much as possible. It wouldn't be a bad idea for him to take one of our daddy classes. It could help him learn what to do if you don't make it to the hospital in time," he said.
"Oh, I'll be here. No way is Gordon delivering my baby!" she said laughing.

"Thank you so much Dr. Carr. This has been really scary, but you've helped ease all my concerns. I can't thank you enough," Taesha said.
"Its no problem, Taesha. I'm just doing my job. You be sure to get plenty of rest and gear up for bringing that little bundle of joy into this world."
"I will. And thanks again," she said leaving.

As she made her way outside to catch a cab back to LBU, she realized how lucky she was. She had one of the best doctors in town performing her delivery and she had a supportive boyfriend. Maybe she was being too hard on Gordon. She just didn't want to be like her mother. That was the last thing in the world she wanted to do.

"So what did he say?" Gordon asked.
"He said everything looks good and that he'll see me at the delivery."
"Well that's great. I can't believe we'll be holding our baby in a few short months. Its so unreal," Gordon said.
"I know. I've been thinking.......maybe it wouldn't hurt to buy a few extra toys."
"Really? You mean it? Because I've been seeing lots of great toys for cheap online," Gordon said.
"How about we look after lunch and maybe order a few?"
"Great! You know we're going to be okay, right Tae? I'm going to make sure of it," he said.
"Yes I know. This wasn't the way we planned for things to go, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love you, baby," she said.
"I love you too."
And she knew that he meant it. Knew that they really were going to be fine.

* So I gave a little glance of my medical center in this one. It's more than just a hospital. I built it (can you believe that? I can't lol) on a 5x3 lot. On the left side I have the doctor offices and the office that Gordon will eventually use once he becomes a psychologist. The chief of staff's office is here too, which is Joe Carr. There's a parking lot and then on the right side is the hospital. There's an emergency room and upstairs are the hospital rooms, nursery, and operating room. There's also a gift shop. Joe Carr and Kevin Knowles are my only doctors right now.

* Taesha made a C this term because she was too tired to attend most of her classes. She almost miscarried (I almost died) but I was able to get her needs back up. Gordon came out this term with an A+, which was good as they used the money to pay on their loan. I had them take out a $5000 loan to rent a house on campus and decorate it.

* Gordon kept talking about toys which inspired the story. I plan for him to work as a psychological assistant for a while and maybe get his doctorate in psychology eventually. Taesha will be teaching at the elementary school to help Lorelai out. I'm excited to see what their baby is going to look like! She's due in the summer.


  1. Aww, they are a cute couple. I hopr Gordon takes the daddy class, at least to meet other fathers.

  2. I'm glad these two seem to be coping with this situation they've been thrust into. It's great that Gordon is so involved and interested too - I think he'll be a good daddy.

  3. It's a tough position to be in put I'm happy Taesha is thinking about the future. Too often people/Sims gets caught up in the here and now and don't think about how choices cause ripple effects.

    It's super cute that Gordon is so invovled though.

  4. I'm glad she didn't miscarry! And that she realized she had a good man, even if he was exuberant about spending money. I hope things work out well for them. Also relieved that she passed, academic probation wouldn't be good. Once the new baby comes, it might take more out of her than the pregnancy, and she doesn't need that added stress.

    Your medical center is looking great! Can't wait to see more of it.


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