Friday, November 5, 2010

The reason

Round 6 - Spring 2037
Kip and Kimber Henderson are 44, Caleb is 16 (Alana Brown is 40, Aidan and Hayden are 3)

All I am and all that I will ever be
Is because of you and I'm proud to say
That you helped make me into what I am today
I applaud you for being so patient with me
All I am and all that I will ever be
Is because of you and I'm proud to say
No one else could do what you have done for me
You mean the world to me, yeah

"We're moving. That's it," Kip said to Caleb.
"Why do we have to move? What's wrong with the house we have now?"
"We're moving for a number of reasons. It's tough for me trying to cross over to the otherside of LaQuest in the mornings to get to school. You know that it's very busy and the traffic is horrible. But the main reason is that we're going to have another baby," Kip said.
"A baby?! You and mom? Gross!" Caleb exclaimed.

They were in fact having a baby! Kimber still couldn't believe it. After years of trying and coming up with nothing, she and Kip had stopped trying to conceive. As soon as they stopped, Kimber found out she was pregnant! She was happy, but also a little worried. She was 44 years old and she knew that this would not be an easy pregnancy. She and Kip had decided to move into a little brownstone in the city. It was closer to both the high school and city hall, which was good for both of them. It also had four rooms which meant that they could still keep Kimber's office while having an extra room for the baby. Caleb would head to LBU soon, but Kimber wanted to keep his room for his visits home. Which he would make. Or Kimber would kill him.

It didn't take them long to sell their old house and soon they were in the new house. They had to sell their SUV since there wasn't really room to have a driveway, but neither of them minded taking public transportation. The high school was close enough that Kip could walk if he was so inclined. It was a bit more noisy than their house by the beach, but Kimber really  liked their new home. And her new office was perfect for writing her novels. She had even finished her newest book, Death Note. Her agent was sure that it would become a best seller.......

They had Alana Brown and her twins Hayden and Aidan over once they were settled in. Kip was a bit concerned with starting all over at their age, but he had to admit that the twins were pretty cute. He just hoped he had the energy to deal with a newborn again. It had been sixteen years since there was one in the house! Kimber looked at Kip with the boys and knew that they would be just fine. Kip was a great dad, and age had nothing to do with it!

Kip loved the rooftop of their new home. They had placed a grill up there and a few chairs and Kip couldn't wait until the summer to start using it. He figured he should do a test run, just to be sure everything was set up the way it needed to be. Plus, how rude would it be of them not to offer Alana and the boys something to eat?

Kimber had forgotten about the horrible morning sickness that came along with being pregnant. She supposed in her want to have another baby, she might have blocked out all the unpleasantness that came along with the territory. It didn't look like she would get to enjoy Kip's hotdogs, if her nausea was any indication!

Alana was happy for her friend. She knew that Kimber had wanted another child for quite a while. But she was not envious of her at all! Getting your only child almost to adulthood and then starting over with another? Alana couldn't imagine it! She was positive that Hayden and Aidan would be her last!

Caleb didn't know how to feel about his parents having another kid. He was just glad that he would be moving out in a year! He had been interning with Mayor Brown and planned to major in political science at LBU. Maybe one day he would have Mayor Brown's job! He had to admit that living in the city was kind of cool. He was much closer to all of his favorite hangouts which cut down on the travel time which gave him more time before it wasn't all bad.........

Another baby.......Kip was terrified of having another kid at his age. But he also knew that it was something that Kimber wanted. And after all she had done for him, after all she had put up with, how could he deny her that? Maybe it would be fine. Maybe they would have the most well-behaved baby in the world......either way, he knew that they could do it, together.......

* The brownstone is one of Carla' thanks Carla :)

*Finally, the ROS pregnancy! Kimber rolled the Oops! Preggy ROS for this round. I really wanted these two to have another baby but it didn't seem like it would happen. I didn't even have to use sim blender to do the pregnancy. The first time they woohoo'd I heard the chimes! I'm hoping this kid will get Kimber's red hair, I'm short on red heads :)

* I moved this family because for some reason, Caleb could not go to school. I went into SimPE and lycanthropy was check as one of his traits.....he's not a werewolf! When I fixed it, it was okay for one day, but the next day there was the same problem and I checked simPE and it was checked again! I thought it was the house, I moved them, and still had the problem. I googled my issue and found this on modthesims, apparently there is a glitch that causes sims that have jewelry on to be counted as lycanthrope instead of as having jewelry. It also fixes other issues, like wonky attraction scores. I haven't had a chance to go back in and see if it fixed it, but I'll let you know. I moved him on to the college bin so I won't know until I move him into a dorm.

* Baby Henderson will be here Winter of 2037.


  1. Hey, I recognise that house! ;) I hope the Hendersons will be very happy there.

    That is awesome that Kimber is finally pregnant! That's a true miracle baby, at 44. When I read it was an ROS, I assumed you'd forced it but it's so cool that it happened naturally. Unbelievable. I can't wait to see Baby Henderson. I'm sure Kip and Caleb will deal just fine. Especially seeing Caleb's going to be out on his own soon anyway.

    Oh, and you know, I downloaded that mod when I saw it, just because it seemed like a useful thing to have but I'd never run into the glitch before that. I'm glad I put the mod in anyway now - sounds very annoying!

  2. Yea, a baby! The house looks great in your hood, I recognized it as soon as I saw it.

  3. What a prefect person to get the ROS roll! I'm happy that they are having another baby, and also hope it has red hair.

    That is an odd glitch, I've never ran into the problem before ether. I hope I remember this if I ever do.

    I recognized the house too! I hope the family is happy there.

  4. I like that house! Really cute. Congrads on the baby! Do you have Inteen? I had the one flavor pak add on, I forget the name, but I know it stops sim teens from going to school once they have 7 or less days left before they become adults. I took it out, now I don't think my preggo teens can go to school, but at least the rest of my teens are in school. See if you have that one in your Inteen folder and remove it.

  5. That's cool that Kip and Kimber got their long awaited second pregnancy even if its later than they expected. Sometimes ROS comes through for Sims.

    Cute brownstone too!

  6. Carla - thanks again for the brownstone :) is a very annoying glitch and I'm hoping that mod takes care of it. I was surprised that they got pregnant on their own too! I was sure that I would have to force it but it worked out by itself.

    Apple Valley - It really adds an urban feel doesn't it?

    Maisie - I was so happy when they rolled the ROS. It seemed that they were never going to have one on their own and I had accepted that Caleb would be an only child......but now he'll have a bro or sis that's about 16 years younger than him!

    Riverdale - I don't have any of the inteen flavor packs installed although I did check into that. I'm hoping this mod can fix the issue :/

    Heredon - ROS really does come through sometimes doesn't it? It really worked out well this time :)


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