Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 6 - Winter 2036

Only one birthday this time!

Vanya de Muse is 1 this winter and is looking very much like her mother Tessa. Poppa Elvin is very proud of his little lady!

* I will admit now that Vanya is one of my favorite toddlers ever! She is the complete opposite of her mother with only 1 outgoing point! I'll be interested to see how their relationship develops as she gets older........I think Tessa might not be happy that her daughter is a wallflower......they may have a Tessa/Tabitha type relationship.


  1. Oh, she's so pretty! Sounds like there could be some conflict down the road between Vanya and Tessa though, if they're so different.

  2. Ooh Vanya is quite pretty. I can imagine Elvin being a very doting father for sure. What's her hobby? It'd be perfect if she was a nature sim. I could see her into nature and being with the birds instead of other kids, and that driving Tessa crazy.


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