Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Count on me

Round 6 - Fall 2037 - LBU
Taesha Foster and Gordon Nott are 21, Lyria Nott is 2 months (Donna Foster is 53, Dejuan is 50, Slade Willis, Brian Johnson, and Kenny Coners are 23)

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there, and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there, Cuz that's what friends are suppose to do
Oh yeah

Gordon still couldn't believe that he and Taesha had a baby.......a baby! Lyria was the most important thing in the world to him. Gordon Nott, orphan extraordinaire, was a father.......who would have guessed.......

Taesha said that he held her too much, that he was spoiling her, but how could be not? Everyday with her was more amazing than the next and he looked forward to seeing what new thing she would learn each day.

Finding time to study was pretty hard. It wasn't because Lyria cried, it was because he wanted to constantly hold her. He and Taesha had worked it out so that one of them would be there all the time with Lyria. It meant they didn't get to go out anymore, but that didn't really bother Gordon much.

Taesha's dad and her stepmother Donna came over regularly to see their grandchild. Donna had always wanted to have another baby, but she and DeJuan were never able to conceive. Now she was past the conception age and made peace with her dilemma by doting on her grandchildren.

Gordon and DeJuan were far from friends but were able to have a decent conversation. Gordon was glad because he and Taesha and Lyria were to move in with DeJuan and Donna after graduation and Gordon didn't want any trouble!

Taesha and Donna had grown even closer during her pregnancy. Taesha didn't care for her real mother. Charday Martin was a very selfish woman and Taesha vowed to be a much better mother than she had been. Donna had been more of a mother to her in the few years that she had known her than Charday had her whole life.

She thought it was sweet that her dad was still so in love with Donna. She hoped Gordon and her would be that happy. She had been thinking about marriage alot lately and hoped that Gordon wanted to get married one day after they were settled........

Gordon and Taesha had classes at the same time and had to work it out with their professors so that they could alternate who got to attend class on what day. They couldn't afford to hire a nanny if they hoped to pay off the loan they took out for the house before leaving LBU.

Brian had decided that killing Gordon wouldn't be in Lyria's best interest. He would save that for if he ever decided to break her heart. In the mean time, Brian would enjoy playing with his cute little niece. Even though he and Mindi had broken up due to her obsession with having one, Brian could totally see himself as a dad some years down the road......

Brian, Slade, and Kenny came to visit Taesha and Gordon as much as they could since they couldn't really leave the house.
"I told you Gordon wasn't a bad guy. And you were going to kill him," Kenny said.
"Yes, you were right.......but that doesn't mean I won't kill him if he hurts her. He's out on parole right now," Brian said laughing.

As Gordon listened to Slade and Brian talk about Brian's new single status, he wondered if he would miss being carefree and free to do whatever he wanted. They were talking girls and clubs while he feed his daughter who desperately needed to be changed.......

But as he looked down at Lyria, he knew that his life was just what it was suppose to be.....

* I really hate that Gordon and Taesha have class at the exact same time even though they have different majors! So I let them alternate going to class and the one that stays home just does an assignment.

* These two are really great parents and were constantly wanting to hold Lyria! I plan for them to move in with Donna and DeJuan after they graduate.

* Gordon will of course become a playable sim since he will be living with Taesha and will hopefully marry her one of these days :). They are both knowledge sims so who knows when that will happen!

*It wasn't too bad, having a baby at uni. Still, I hope future uni kids will be a bit more careful lol. Both Taesha and Gordon will be graduating in the Spring 2038


  1. Those two are pros at parenthood...which I'm not sure that finding that out while completing school is the best timing, but things happen :\

  2. Oh, your Gordon is Knowledge? Mine is Family! How funny - I always assumed townies had the same aspirations from game to game!

    Anyway, I'm glad Taesha and Gordon are adapting to life with a baby. Gordon is such a cute dad. Good to see Brian has decided to take it easy on him for now as well!

    I had that problem with schedules with Abigail and Caleb and then again one semester with Finn and Victoria. It was easier to deal with with Caleb, because he wasn't a student. I just had to keep getting him different jobs that didn't conflict with Abigail's class times. That was challenging enough though!


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