Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blasts from the Past

I've had a bunch of side stories sitting in my head for a while now and I've decided to incorporate them into this round. I suppose it will be much like the different chapters that Laura does at Lakeside Heights, although I don't plan for this to be a regular thing. I really just want to flesh out some of my characters a little. I guess that's kinda what she wants to do to :). Anyhow these are situations that couldn't possible just happen in game without my help so it's more of the story telling aspect of my blog. These stories won't affect everyone, but many character's lives are going to change. I'm calling this "Blasts from the Past" because in each situation, these characters will encounter important people from their pasts. I've already began one of the stories with Elvin and Lorelai. These won't be resolved in one round, but they won't drag on either :). So here are the Blasts from the Past:

Elvin de Muse & Lorelai Ellison - Elvin de Muse was once a prince of Vasadori, but his family was not of noble blood. A tragic civil war and nasty betrayal lead to his title of prince. Gurth Vasan, a very angry and very dark elf, wants to reclaim his birth rights and correct old wrongs. Lorelai is simply an innocent bystander that may become caught up in a battle hundreds of years in the making.

DeJuan Foster - DeJuan Foster fell in love with Charday Martin the very moment that he saw her. He knew that she was wild and not really the settling down type, but he couldn't help it. Once Taesha was born, DeJuan wanted to marry Charday and move out of Englewood with her and his daughter. Charday had other plans and had no intentions of living some boring, dull life in the suburbs. She left Englewood and LaQuest Beach and never looked back. DeJuan raised Taesha on his own and didn't date again until he met Donna Johnson. The two fell in love and married, combining their families. Now Charday is back, for reasons unknown.........

Terrence Coners - Terrence thought that marrying Allison Tavem was the greatest thing he could ever do. She was beautiful and sophisticated and made him want to do better. They had Kenny and everything was great. Until Allison decided that Terrence wasn't making enough money to keep her comfortable. So she left him and Kenny, sending divorce papers through the mail. Terrence was crushed and turned to his friend, Tabitha Gunner, for comfort. She helped him deal with his heartache and he helped her realize how beautiful she was, despite her size. Time went on and Terrence and Tabitha fell in love and had a set of twin girls together. Terrence has been featured in the LaQuest Beach Times quite a bit for his work on many of the new buildings in LaQuest Beach and somehow word has gotten back to Allison..........

*I'm actually creating an entire history for Vasadori. It's just for me, just something I've been wanting to do, but I may post it. I've mentioned Terrence and DeJuan's ex's before and I think it's time we met them. I don't have every detail planned out and my sims can still change the story through their actions. I'm interested to see what happens with Terrence's story. Tabitha has this new found confidence in herself and I think Allison may shake that up a bit. And Donna is a very calm woman, but I think she may give Charday a run for her money!

* I'll add a tag to all the entries concerning this stories in case someone wants to just read through them later. I've already created Gurth, Charday, and Allison in bodyshop. Charday and Allison are altered versions of Taesha and Kenny. I wanted there to be some family resemblance since they are suppose to be their mothers. I don't know if any of them will become regular characters at this point.


  1. Taesha and Kenny's mothers are back in town! Drama!

    All three of these blasts from the past sound like they'll be a lot of fun!

  2. Oh, sounds like things are going to get shaken up a bit! :)

  3. Ooh this will be fun!! I'm excited to see all of these!!

  4. Very interesting theme. I love it, all the tense and drama that is going to happen.

  5. Thanks everyone! I wanted shake things up a bit as well as offer a bit of background on some of my characters. I had all of these situations in mind when I created Terrence and DeJuan and I'm excited to get to share a little of it.


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