Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy BELATED Birthday to Ya!

Being the horrible simgod that I am, I completely forgot to include the youngest Newsons in my Fall 2036 birthday post. Terrible, I know! But here they are in all their twindom :)

Georgia Newson is now four years old and is very excited about starting school. She's been cooped up in their tiny home in Fort LaQuest for much too long! She's ready to get out and make some friends. She is a very outgoing and active child.

Her twin brother, Garrett Newson, is much more shy than his sister, but he is also a lot nicer as well! He too is excited about school. The house is always so busy with the six of them living there.

* All of the Newson kids have this weird thing going on with their eyelids which is strange since the only two that are actually related are the twins! And why oh why did Maxis have poor little Gabriella painted up like a hooker? When Georgia aged up, she too was wearing make-up! I think four may be a bit young for pounds of blush and eye shadow :/.....On another note, I think Garrett is going to grow up to be quite the cutie!

* I think I forgot about these two because I haven't played the Newson house much since I only added them in this past round. I'm sure I'll get better into the swing of things. I've updated all their profiles with current pics (quite a job since there are 6 of them!)


  1. Oooh, Garrett especially is totally adorable!

    I once forgot six birthdays! So you know, until you forget seven, you are still less horrible than me!

  2. Super cute! I really like Garrett too!

    WOW Carla on forgetting six birthdays. I've forgotten two pregnancies before, remembered one, then a week later remembered the second. And then just a birthday here and there. So no where near six. I don't think I have the opportunity to forget that many though.

  3. Carla - Geez six?! Haha yes you have me beat!

    Maisie - I think Garrett is cute too! It surprised me because Maxis sims sometimes can be very fugly!


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