Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Misguided Ghosts - Part I

Round 6 - Spring 2037 - Blasts from the Past
Elvin de Muse is 44, Vanya is 1 

Now I'm told that this is life
And pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it
Would someone care to classify
Our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on
We are just
Misguided ghosts
Traveling endlessly
The ones we trusted the most
Pushed us far away

It's a weeeee bit long :)

So this was where the great Elvin de Muse, Prince of Vasadori, lived? A tiny house on the beach? How far the mighty had fallen! He knew that Austra had not had a chance to warn Elvin of his presence. He wanted to take him completely by surprise. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his face, couldn’t wait to see the color drain as he realized that the lies he had been living for the past fifty or so years were coming to an end…….

Elvin had never felt better. He and Tess were going strong and were really working on their relationship. He had a beautiful little girl and it was a beautiful day outside and he planned to let Vanya play in the sand after he took her to the potty…….He loved that words like potty had become a large part of his vocabulary……

As Elvin waited on Vanya to finish on her potty, he noticed just how dark it had gotten outside. He knew there wasn’t rain in the forecast…….and he suddenly felt a chill run up his back…..a chill that he had not felt for a very long time…….he left Vanya in her room playing with her toys and headed downstairs…..

And came face to face with the vision that had given him nightmares for most of his life.
“What the hell are you doing here, Gurth? And how the hell were you able to leave Vasadori?” Elvin asked.

“Is that any way to greet an old friend? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost! Hmmmmm……which of your questions shall I answer first? How was I able to leave Vasadori? Surely you know better than to think some silly little enchantment by a group of old fools would keep me! You must have forgotten who I am. As far as what I’m doing here, well that is simple. Ai eis caesi sai vaelas shar air toil,” he said.
“And just what the hell do you think is yours to reclaim? Everyone knows of the prophesy. Vasadori will be ruled by the newborn heir born to a human mother and elven father,” Elvin said.
“Is that right?”

"What a delight! Who would have thought the elders would try to keep anything from the mighty prince?" Gurth said.
"What are you talking about?"
"That's what happens when you allow idiots to form a council. The elders really should stick to matters in which they are competent. Dark elf prophecies are written in Sindarin. We both know that the elders are all light elves and only speak Quenya. They misinterpreted it but decoded the correct meaning behind the prophecies a while ago......they didn't share this news with you?" Gurth asked.
"Obviously not! What is your point?"
"The new heir to Vasadori will simply be half human and half elf. It does not matter which parent is which."
"It doesn't matter. I already know that my daughter is not the heir. And I don't care. And I would rather not have this conversation with you here, with Vanya upstairs. We all know how unstable you can be. You will never control Vasadori again, get over it. What's done is done," Elvin said.
"Vanya? I take it you named her after Veryan?" Gurth said distastefully.
"He was her grandfather. Why wouldn't I?"
"Because he was a coward and a traitor, that's why! Or do you not remember how I got this scar on my face?"
"My father did what was best for Vasadori. Alberi was out of control. It is unfortunate that things had to end the way they did," Elvin said.
"And what of my mother? Did she have to be killed as well?"
"You know Falathiel would have attacked. She would not have allowed Alberi to be killed without retribution. It was neccessary to free Vasadori."
"No! It was neccessary to allow your traitor of a father to marry your mother. There was a reason light and dark elves were not to marry. Veryan knew that, knew he was to marry a dark elf. But he just had to have her. And destroy my family in the process," Gurth said.
"If we must do this now, come, sit down."
"Aren't weather tricks a bit below you? You must not have regained all your power back yet," Elvin said.
"Don't be ridiculous. The weather was simply to get your attention. Do you really think I would show back up ill prepared?"
"No, I suppose you wouldn't. Why are you here, Gurth?"
"To finish what I started years ago."
"So you're here to kill me? Is that it? Is it not enough that you took my mother and father from me?" Elvin asked.
"Killing you wouldn't serve my purpose. I want you to suffer. I want what I was cheated out of all those years ago by your selfish father."
"Why do you want me to suffer? Haven't I suffered enough? Veryan and Faelwen were my only family. And you took them from me. We both no longer have parents. What more do you want?"
"You still claim to be prince to Vasadori. Your family blood line is not the royal line of Vasadori. You truly thought that your child would be heir? It's ridiculous. I simply want to restore the correct order of things."
"The elders will never allow you to be king. It will never happen. They will not go against the prophecy," Elvin said.
"They don't have to. I am offering two options. Option one is allowing me to become king and restore Vasadori. I will take a human wife and then my child will be heir."
"And option two?"
"Option two is much more fun. I torture you in a number of various ways and still end up being king. You see I am pretty positive that my bloodline is neccessary for heir. So all I need to do is find me a nice human woman......Tessa seems pretty special......." Gurth said.
"If you even think about touching her I'll...."
"You'll what? We both know you cannot defeat me. The only reason you're still alive is that the elders weakened me with the love of my parents. That will not work this time. This time, I'm going to get everything I want. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. Please, let's do it the hard way," Gurth said.
"Who the hell do you think you're talking to? I'm not the same elf I was the last time you saw me," Elvin said.
"No. You're weaker. Your mother made sure of it when she put all those notions of love in your head. She knew that love is the one emotion that can weaken dark elves. She didn't want your dark side to overcome the light. And so you've never reached your full potential, half breed or not. And now you have the love of Tessa and Vanya weakening you even more. This is a battle you shall not win!"
"You think you're doing me a favor?" Elvin said shoving Gurth.
"I am. I'm giving you an opportunity to live, which will no longer exist if you put your hands on me again," Gurth said.
"Your father was nothing. He was an idiot who got too full of himself. Do you know why my father was able to take Alberi down? Because he was weak. My father did more for Vasadori than yours could ever have dreamed. And you're lucky all he did was give you that scar in your face," Elvin said.
"Insolent bastard! You are your father's son aren't you? My father was weak. And Veryan knew it. But he was not weak in that he was a poor leader. He was weak in his love for me and my mother. And he was weak for thinking a snake like Veryan de Muse could be trusted! It's done! I will take pleasure in taking everything you hold dear from you. I will revel in all your pain!" Gurth exclaimed.
Elvin knew Vanya was upstairs and knew Gurth wasn't beyond hurting her at this point......he had gone too far, pushed too hard......
It was then that he felt it. A slow creeping of enchantment. He could barely breath. Gurth was going to kill him, maybe even kill Vanya........and it was all his fault.....
"I can read the panic on your face. I'm not going to kill you. Not today. I want a slow suffering. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel my wrath. I'd rather not dirty my hands on a half breed mutt. So my dae ohtar will do it for me. You seem to have forgotten what our true roles are. Here, let me remind you," Gurth said.
He had no idea what happened. He just knew that suddenly something was kicking his ass. Gurth really had regained all of his power, and Elvin knew that this was just the beginning. He knew that he was capable of doing alot of damage. So he tried once more to reason with him as he got up off the ground.
"Why can't you just move on? Things have not gone as you would have liked. I understand that. And even if you don't believe it, I never really cared so much about being prince. I would rather have been able to still have my parents. But after you killed them, I felt like I owed it to my father to continue what he started," Elvin said.
"Don't you get it? You should never have tried to finish what he started! His reign began by spilling the blood of my father. Of my mother. And those damn elders sat by and watched it all happen, allowed it because Veryan gave them some power. There is only one way to make this right, and I won't rest until it is," Gurth said.
"It won't bring them back. And I won't allow you to hurt my family. If you try, I'll show you just how wrong you are about my weakness. My love for them is a strength," Elvin said as he prepared to send Gurth back to Vasadori.
"Your mother lied to you. Faelwen told you that to serve her own selfish purposes. But you will find out soon enough. I'll leave today. Only because I choose to go. But you will pay for your family's transgressions. And I will rule over Vasadori one day soon. And none of you can stop me," Gurth said as he disappeared into air.
As Elvin went outside to fix this weather Gurth had ruined, he thought about the fight he was about to face. And he thought about how he would have to once again tell Tessa her life was changing because of him. It felt as if he was destined to be in a perpetual state of wrong where she was concerned........and he had a feeling Gurth was going to use that against him.........
* Sooooo that's Gurth Vasan! I hope none of this was confusing. I tried to explain everything without making it TOO long......but if anything is still unclear, please ask! I divided this into two parts (maybe three) because I knew the meeting between Gurth and Elvin would be pretty long. Now Elvin has to let Tessa in on this new development because this is going to affect both her and Vanya. I know his scar looks ridiculous, but it's the best one I could find for a dark skintone :/ 
* I've come up with a history of Vasadori and will be willing to share it if it will make things clearer. Here's the gist: Alberi Vasan was a dark elf king, Veryan de Muse was his right hand man. Alberi didn't allow the mixing of light and dark elves. Veryan met and fell in love with a light elf and decided to betray Alberi so he could marry her. He killed both Alberi and his wife Falathiel in front of their son Gurth. He also marked him with the scar he has on his face. Veryan married his light elf, Faelwen, and assumed power. He formed the council of elders and ruled for many years. He and Faelwen had Elvin soon after they were wed. Gurth grew up and attacked Vasadori, killing both Veryan and Faelwen. Elvin was spared when the elders stepped in and weakened Gurth with the love of his family. They couldn't destroy him so they banned him to an isolated corner of Vasadori.

* Gurth is an atrociously evil warlock in game, but their alignment doesn't really matter. I have a hack that allows them to cast any spell no matter the alignment and without making those reagents. So he'll be using most of the evil spells. I may even allow that Tabula Rusa (I dunno if that's the correct spelling) to be used. Its the spell that erases all of a Sim's memories......could make things quite interesting..........also, I have Elvin's age posted, but I haven't figured out exactly how elves will age. It won't be the same as humans, so for now, his posted age is the one he uses to blend in.
* More of all of this will come out as the story unfolds. The next part will be about Tessa coming home and Elvin trying to explain why they are all now in danger.


  1. Wow! Gurth is as scary as you said he would be. I guess he would be able to find Elvin, Tessa and Vanya if they moved, right? He seems quite powerful.

    You said elves will age differently to humans - does that include your two little half-elves?

  2. Carla - I'm trying to remain true to the folklore surrounding elves. From what I've read, they grow and change up until age 25 and they stay in that state until soon before their deaths. So basically Elvin and Lorelai and the half elves will look youthful their whole lives :). I think the half elves would gain that aspect, even if they didn't have the powers. I haven't found anything on a definite life span, so I'll have to come up with that. The way I figure it, Elvin and Gurth are pretty old, much older than the 44 years he claims! And yes, I'm afraid Gurth would find them even if they did run :/


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