Monday, October 18, 2010


Round 6 - Winter 2036
Gavin Newson is 21, Ginger is 16, Gallagher is 7, Gabriella is 5, Georgia and Garrett are 4 (Caleb Henderson, Ricky Cormier, and Meadow Thayer are 16, Jean Mahesh is 14)

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be

She knew it wasn't right. And she felt horrible about it. But sometimes, she just needed a break. It was tough living in a house with 5 other people, four of which were under the age of ten. She was going insane. So as soon as Gavin got home, she took a cab to The Spot, LaQuest Beach's teen hangout.

It was bad enough that she would be heading off to Brown Tech in another year. She felt a certain amount of guilt, leaving Gavin all alone to handle to Terrible Foursome. But she really wanted to get her cosmetology license. She had even convinced Jessica Picaso to allow her to work in her shop. She wanted a life of her own, was that so wrong? She couldn't wait to graduate. Since she was the only one of her classmates not going to LBU, she was feeling left out. She had even started hanging out with Jean Mahesh, even though she didn't like her very much.......

Caleb was really excited about going to LBU and it was all he talked about. It was all he talked about with MEADOW. It wasn't that Ginger was jealous. Caleb was her friend, which is why he should be talking to HER. Meadow only wanted to go to LBU for a chance to be on the cheerleading squad and for all the boys! She still didn't understand why guys liked her so much.......

Poor Ricky was still in love with her. Meadow simply tolerated Ricky because he was always someone she could count on for any last minute homework assignments or a sucker who would come over and walk her dog when she was too lazy to do it herself. Ricky was in for some major heartbreak at uni and Ginger really hated to see it happen.

She knew that living in one of the small rental houses across from BTU wasn't going to be the same as going to LBU, but she was excited about having her own space. And she knew that she would be at LBU visiting Caleb and he would come see her.......totally platonic, of course.

They were just good friends......and the only reason she wanted to rip Jean's head off for laughing flirtatiously at Caleb's joke was because the girl was being really wasn't that funny of a joke, his jokes never were. And Jean was far too young for Caleb......not that Ginger cared........

Ginger had grown to hate living on base. Fort LaQuest felt like a prison to her, huge red  walls everywhere. But Gavin loved their new home. It was the safest place in LaQuest and the kids could play outside without him worrying someone was going to come snatch them up and run off with them. The walls kept out all the bad.......

The other kids didn't seem to have a problem with it, but Gavin knew that their easy going attitudes wouldn't last. Ginger used to be like that. Now she was this moody, brooding girl walking through the house complaining. He knew their situation wasn't an ideal one, but he thought they were doing pretty good......

He tried to sit down to dinner with all the kids every evening. Well, almost all the kids. Ginger was rarely home for dinner these days. Gavin wasn't her father, he didn't really know what to do for her. He hoped that going off to BTU would give her a new prospective on things. It would be tough, not having her around, but Gavin knew that they would be okay.

He had been seeing Gretchen Chin for a few months now and things were going great. She knew that he had a large family to take care of and it didn't bother her. The kids seemed to like her and Gavin was pretty fond of her himself......

For as long as he could remember, he had been helping take care of the other kids. This was the first time he was actually able to pursue something just for him and it felt really great. He didn't know where things were going with Gretchen, but he was pretty optimistic......

He wasn't the only one feeling the excitement of a first love. She denied it, but Gavin knew that Ginger liked Caleb. It was obvious in the way she talked about him and the little glances she gave him. Unfortunately, he didn't think Caleb looked at her the same way. The big brother in him was both happy and a bit sad by this. He was happy because he really didn't want guys sniffing around his sister.......but he was sad that her feelings weren't reciprocated because he knew it would end up hurting her.......

Among all these other things, Gavin also needed to have a talk with Gallagher. He was not being very nice to the smaller kids. He actually heard him booing at Georgia's attempts at a handstand! And whenever Gavin heard him on the phone with his friend Kayden, he was bad mouthing the other kids at school. Gavin didn't want to see how bad it would be once he was a teen......he needed to put a stop to it now.......

Having Gretchen around helped him alot. No matter how tense things got or how much pressure he felt on himself having to deal with all of these things at only 21 years old, she eased most of that for him.......he was pretty sure that he was already in love with her.........

It was only at night before she drifted off to sleep that Ginger allowed herself to think about how she MAY have a SMALL crush on Caleb. But she knew he didn't like her that way. Who would want to be with an orphan that lived with five other orphans? She knew that he was going to go off to LBU and meet some idiot in a short skirt and expect Ginger to accept it. And she would, because her friendship with him was worth it.......

Things were still crazy around the house, and they always would be. But Gavin loved his little brothers and sisters and didn't mind the sacrifice. Some people may see their life as hectic and crazy, but he wouldn't change it for the world.

Well, there was one change he hoped to make.......but he would wait a bit longer before making Gretchen his wife.......but it was definitely going to happen.......

* This house is SO much easier to play now that all the kids are in school! I haven't played with the Newsons as much and I plan to fix that. They should be in other people's updates soon. I just kinda forgot about them :/

* Gavin is totally in love with Gretchen :)......I may let her move in once Ginger goes off to school. She's a knowledge sim so I'm not sure if she'll ever roll the want to marry Gavin, but she'll be a big help with the kids. Gallagher is a nice sim but he doesn't act like it! I don't know what's going on with him, but he was mean to all the other kids this time......

* Ginger will be my first sim to go off to Brown Technical College which is located in the main hood. I'm excited to use my more technical majors. She'll get a degree in cosmetology and I plan for her to work in Jessica Picaso's shop and earn a gold talent badge which is what I consider to be their license. She already has an after school job in her shop. More on that in the Picaso update.

* The teens at my teen hangout were drinking non-alchoholic drinks, I assure you :)......And I really love how my base turned out. Right now only the Newsons and Picasos live there, but as more people join the military, the base will become pretty populated. I have Matt Picaso set as the owner of the homes on base using the lot ownership hack since he is the general right now. The rent that Gavin pays goes into the military budget.


  1. Wow, that is such a cool idea for the military base, actually having housing for your Sims. Very clever!

    Gavin and Gretchen are cute. Josie is a Knowledge/Pleasure Sim and she rolled a marriage want for Troy, so Gretchen may roll one too, in time.

    Poor Ginger. She's got to feel so isolated from her peers and it will be even worse when she goes off to Brown while everyone else heads to LBU. I'm sure she'll make more friends once she gets there though and come into her own.

  2. Aww, great story. I love Gavin and his new lady and poor Ginger, I hope she gets over her lack of self esteem-orphans are cool too :)

  3. Aw, poor Ginger. I hope she can become more confident about herself soon. It's not her fault that she's had a hard life and she deserves some happiness.

  4. I like that the rent is going into the military housing! I like the whole set up for the military base.

    I hope things look up for Ginger, and she finds a boy who likes her in return. Can't get 'em all. And it's great that Gavin has Gretchen (lots of G names going on here!), she will be a great resource after Ginger leaves.

  5. Carla - I had to find a way to help the Newsons out! There was no way they would be able to afford to BUY a house and furnish it and I didn't want to take out a big the base was created :). Matt and Jessica Picaso stay in one of the houses next to them. Hopefully Gretchen will roll the want but I'm not too worried about it. I think Ginger will be okay once she has a chance to be out on her own and figure it all out.

    Apple Valley - I agree, orphans are very cool! And she has a pretty close knit family to help her out :)

    Shana - Yea I think Ginger is being her own worse enemy at the moment, but teen angst is bad enough without adding being an orphan on top of it!

    Maisie - I didn't even think about Gretchen's name beginning with a G! Maxis thought it was a good idea to give them all G names which is confusing as crap when I'm writing updates and trying to remember who is who lol. If Gretchen and Gavin have any kids, I'm breaking the cycle! And I don't know what I'll do with the money in the military budget. I don't have that war ROS in my file but maybe it can be used to build an overseas base so my military sims can be stationed in different places like real life. I could send them to the vacation hood for the max amount of time (like 7 days right?) and that could be their tour of duty......something to consider......


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